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See "Michael Jackson the Ewok" in Mike Leavitt's STAR WARS Mash-up Action Figures [Images]

Mike Leavitt "A Mirror Entrance in the Secret" (2013) Michael Jackson Ewok

Have you ever wondered what the late Michael Jackson would have looked like as an Ewok? Your wish has been granted!

The actors in Star Wars are iconic, but sculptor Mike Leavitt has brilliantly taken those characters and turned them on their ear by combining them with famous people living and dead. He carved 18 articulated action figures with some really amazing detail. Here are some of my favorites.

Mohandas Gandhi \ Yoda

Abraham Lincoln \ Han Solo

Steve Jobs \ C-3PO

Michael Jackson \ Wicket the Ewok

Charles Darwin \ Chewbacca

Albert Einstein \ R2-D2
Mike Tyson \ Darth Maul
Nelson Mandela \ Obi-Wan Kenobi

Visit his online gallery IntuitionKitchenProductions.com to see his stunning pieces and thoughtful explanations of what Michael Jackson and Ewoks have in common.

Here's how he describes the exhibit:  "'Empire Peaks' is an entirely new set of collectible statuary debuting at Jonathan LeVine Saturday November 23, 2013. The new series is composed of 5-part articulating pieces ranging in height from 12″ (30 cm) to 36″ (1 meter), sculpted in carved wood and polymer clay. The November 23, 7-9pm is completely open to the public. I’ll be personally in attendance so come say hi." - Mike Leavitt

Via Neatorama

What do you think of the figures? Which is your favorite? What do you think Jackson-Wicket sounds like when he sings?

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  1. Most of those are eerily inspired!

  2. The Mike Tyson \ Darth Maul is a nice touch.
    Darwin looks sad.

  3. They're pretty inspired Tony. I never would have thought of Mandela as Obi-Wan.

  4. I'll bet a "yub yub" Smooth Criminal would be smooth Pat.

  5. He can give the Gettysburg address in 1.2 parsecs Alex!

  6. Those are awesome and he figured out great people for the mashups. Abe certainly elevates Han from a scruffy nerfherder.

  7. Those are amazing. Every last one. I'd love to have some of those on my desk.

  8. Haha. AbraHan is easily my fave.

  9. Leavitt's explanations of why he chose each one make a lot of sense.

  10. It does Mark. Even the more bizarre ones seem completely logical when he breaks it down. What an artist.

  11. DidntPullOutInTimeCopFebruary 11, 2014 at 1:07 PM

    R2-Einstein, I want that one! (who am I kidding, want them all)


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