In Marvel and DC, there are two major superheroes who are constantly compared: Batman and Iron Man. There are obvious parallels. Both rely on their suits rather than superpowers: Both are technical geniuses. Both are rich. So who's the best armored superhero? These two videos try to answer the question.



What do you think? Who's the best armored superhero?

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Pat Dilloway said...

Stark has more firepower with the repulsors but Batman has more agility and cunning. Also he's got ninja training.

MedeiaSharif said...

I simply cannot choose. They're equal in my eyes.

Nisse Söderström said...

Batman would be able to sneak up on stark and snap his neck without stark ever noticing. The key lies in his stealth, something Batman mastered to such perfection he is even able to fool the entire justice league, including Superman.

Batman has on occasion to snuck into the Watchtower and remained out of notice from everyone on hours at time. Using cleaver gadgets he masked his the sound of his heartbeat to hide it for Superman's hearing, and also used mind control to lower the microwaves emitted from his brains (something Superman also otherwise would have picked up on). I sure hope they take this into account when they do the movie next year...

Anyhow; here are links to the pages of the JL comics where the Bat shines:



dwer said...

Batman is NOT an "armored hero". He has his gadgets, but he relies on his strength, his wits, and his brain.

Carmen Damocles said...

I agree with their being equal. They each have their strengths and reliances on gadgets. They're metaphors for real-life tycoons, though.


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