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Everything Wrong With BACK TO THE FUTURE in 8 Minutes or Less

Cinemasins strikes again, this time with "Everything Wrong With Back to the Future in 8 Minutes or Less." Watch a collection of nitpicks, production goofs, and logical errors with this beloved time travel movie. I've seen this movie a billion times, and I admit, I've never noticed some of these.

Did you catch all of these? What other goofs are in BTF?

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  1. That was a good point about the doors on the car and opening them in the truck.
    I'm probably the only one in the world, but I thought the Back to the Future series was just all right.

  2. HA! Cinemasins have always had a way of making movies, no matter how beloved or well done, seem like they were done by amateurs.

  3. I'm sure I missed all of those.

  4. it's okay, i went in time and fixed the mistakes... i have two or three left to go...

  5. I'd go with Aisha Tyler if for no other reason than geek cred (plus she's pretty hot)

  6. it cannot be understated; there is NOTHING wrong with bttf (except possibly the creepy kid in the end)

  7. Wait... so the first 2 women are NOT, in fact, THE SAME PERSON???

    I've been living an illusion.


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