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SMALLVILLE's Cyborg Lee Thompson Young is Dead

I wasn't a huge fan of Smallville, but I did appreciate the way they handled some of the iconic DC heroes in teen form. One impressive interpretation was Cyborg, played by Lee Thompson Young. There haven't been very many black superheroes on television, so Cyborg was welcome. That's why I was sad to hear Young died of an apparent suicide this week.

Young was better known for his role as the title character on the Disney Channel's The Famous Jett Jackson and as Chris Comer in Friday Night Lights. He portrayed Boston police detective Barry Frost on the TNT police drama series Rizzoli and Isles, which has suspended production.

Happy Trails, Young.


  1. I knew of him from The Famous Jett Jackson (though I never watched the show) and Rizzoli & Isles. Never even knew he was on Smallville. Very sad though.

  2. I read that yesterday at Ms. Mariah's site. That is so tragic.

  3. sad day... it's maddening that he could not reach out to someone.


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