Pixar has a distinctive style that's ripe for parody. Numerous artists have taken the Pixar style to various properties, but none more successfully than Phil Postma. He's tackled the Avengers and Star Trek. This time, he's taken the Pixar treatment to Star Wars. What would happen if they remade the original trilogy? This would be the trading card series.

What do you think of the trading cards? Would you watch a Pixar Star Wars Trilogy?

[Via minionfactory.blogspot.co.uk]
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Shane said...

Leia looks hot in a metal bikini EVEN AS A PIXAR CREATION. Damn.


Fitting since Pixar was birthed from Lucasfilm.

I love the expressions on all their faces. They all look rather peeved.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They actually wouldn't do too bad of a job with it.

Colin Biggs said...

Maybe they could so Episode VII instead,

3guys1movie said...

So glad this has not happened... yet

MarkM said...

I'd be all for Pixar giving the franchise a shot.

jeremy [retro] said...

it cannot, i have my stored memories of slave leia in a good place... and she is not animated!


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