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Geek Bits: Sharknado Hair, Upcoming DOCTOR WHO Reveal and More

 Sharknado Hair (via Neatorama)
Melissa pointed us to this awesome Sharknado hairdo at San Diego Comic Con 2013!

Who are the five types of "Nerdy Girls?" What made Netflix pull Star Trek III: The Search For Spock? How should blog comments be responded to? Why do mockbusters use the letters A, B, C or D in the title?

Find out in this week's top ten "Geekiest Bits" of the Internet.


I stopped by Spunk on a Stick's blog and read How to Identify a Popular Blog for a Blog Tour. It's a good read although it's not completely accurate since it's all based on "perception," but it made me think about my commenting style.

Guest writer Michael Di Gesu said, "A large number of comments indicates not only are people reading, they are interacting. Be sure to pull up the actual comment thread though. Some people reply to each comment, thus doubling the comment count."

While I think everyone deserves to be responded to individually, I recognize it can be confusing to people counting the number of comments to get an "accurate" count. I know some popular bloggers respond to multiple commenters in single comments. I've thought about doing that, but it seems confusing to me, especially when the original comment is detailed. So, maybe it's confusing either way.

What do you think? Does every comment deserve an individual response or should they be responded to in groups?


10. ‘Doctor Who’: BBC to Announce Twelfth Doctor During Live Broadcast (via Screen Rant)
I've been waiting a long time for this, but we finally get to find out who's playing the next lead actor in Doctor Who!
"The network is set to announce the name of the next Doctor in a 30-minute long broadcast this Sunday afternoon in front of a live studio audience. The special, titled Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, will be hosted by UK TV presenter Zoe Ball and will air live @2PM eastern time on BBC America and on BBC One"

I'm betting it'll be another mid-20s male actor, but who knows?

9. Why Do A Lot of Mockbuster Titles Begin With The Letters A, B, C or D? (via /Film)
"Gizmodo found this chart produced by Quartz which seems to show that a lot of people end up watching a movie in the first couple pages of the on demand listing, in the letters A, B, C, and D" Frankly, I question this since the most popular films don't start with any of those letters. But it's fun to think about with films like American Battleship and Almighty Thor.

8. ‘Star Trek III: The Search For Spock’ Removed From Netflix Due To Klingon Translation Errors (via ScienceFiction.com) The online streaming service Netflix sent out a tweet this week.

7. Screen Rant asks "Pacific Rim: Could Still Get a Sequel – But Does It Even Need One?"
I say yes.

6. Never Mind Pop Film calls 2013: The Year of the Sequel

5. Can Falling Skies be saved? (via io9)
For the twenty of you that watch the show it's a good question. I enjoy the show, but it's been a hit-or-miss season.
"This season of Falling Skies has been frustrating. The storylines have felt sillier and more random, and outings like last week's "extended dream sequence" romp haven't helped. But the show's getting a brand new writing staff next season, and last night's episode showcased the main reason it deserves another shot: the rock-solid cast."

4. S.H.I.E.L.D. vs K.I.T.T. (via Being Retro)

3. "The Simpsons" Creators Announce "Futurama" Crossover (Comic Book Resources)

2. THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE - Wetsuit Uniform Posters (via GeekTyrant)

1. How to identify the 5 Types of Nerdy Girls (Part one of three) (via Black Nerd Girl)
A very clever and funny piece about different female nerd personality types like The Recluse, The Bookworm, The Soul Sista and The Feminist.



  • Superman #1 New 52
    The new costume is more like armor than a costume.  The story was weak since it was mostly set up for him quitting the Daily Planet and becoming a blogger which probably sounds hip and cool. You know. For the "young people." It's not a great start for Superman, but it was well written.
    (Not Recommended)


  • The Wolverine (2013)
    I missed opening weekend again, but here's a round up of reviews of The Wolverine (2013) from around the blogosphere
    • Closet Geek Gurl
      "It wasn't all bad. I got to enjoy Logan for the things I love about him. He's really my ideal guy. That's probably why I like his character so much. They sprinkled some subtle metaphors in there, for anyone paying attention; which I thought was nice. The battle scenes were well planned and choreographed. There are some strong female roles in this flick, which should please my feminist geek girls out there. #GirlPower"
    • Alex J. Cavanaugh
      "The overall tone was just too dark. It wasn’t really enjoyable. I’ve never read the comics, but I bet Wolverine has a nemesis that would’ve been more interesting. On the plus side, the Japan setting is cool and the character of Yukio kicks butt. I walked out of the theater thinking it was at least decent, but the more I thought about it, the less I liked this film."
    • All Things X
      "This film, however, was not a disappointment at all but as I left the theater I didn't find any reason to go gaga over it & rate it higher. All I can say is that if they continue in this direction in the same way it can only go up from here for future Wolverine & X-Men movies."

What did you think of this week's links?

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  1. Thanks for quoting me!
    The Sharknado hairdo is hysterical.

    I reply in batches, but that's just my style. My comment box is long enough.
    I wonder if that ABCD rule applies to books? If it does, that might explain a few things.

    Search for Spock removed for Vulcan and Klingon dialogue - that is just too funny.

  2. That hair is too much! haha

    Honestly I don't care if Pacific Rim gets a sequel. The film is great but I don't think every film needs one. I'm just glad the international numbers have boosted the film way up. It deserves some love. Even if it'll have to wait to become a cult hit stateside. And, I'm always glad to see GDT get a boost.

    I used to be much better at returning comments, but I just got out of the habit. I need to get back into the habit as it really is part of what makes blogging fun. I prefer the individual commenting as opposed to the giant amalgam. But then I don't have a hundred people commenting so that probably makes it easier.

    As far as the announcement for the next Doctor, well, you know it's me obviously. lol

  3. Action Comics had it all over Superman for the New 52, though they've changed writers and stuff so maybe by now that's changed. You have to appreciate the commitment to the bit to wear that Sharknado hair for hours on end.

  4. nice post... lots of good information... i cannot speak klingon either. thanks for the shout out...

  5. I didn't expect a mention here, especially as I don't post geeky stuff. (Unless it's Cthulhu.)
    The Disqus comment box is set up for personalized replies. How you reply isn't an issue unless you never reply. People just need to be aware of how a blogger replies. Don't change yours unless you really want to.

  6. Love the SharkNado hair. Syfy posted T-shirts the other day on Twitter. I want one. Writers comment, others don't. It's an indication the blogger is active in social media and networking. Which is something one wants when promoting.

  7. The whole Star Trek III thing is hysterical. As is the sharknado hairdo. Great links! I enjoyed them all! :D

  8. Thank you so much for the shout out. I knew that was rockin hair and had to share it with my fave geeks.

  9. @Melissa Thanks for sharing! We'll figure out that Facebook page thing.

    @Liesel It is! I can't wait for it to come back on Netflix and watch it.

    @MPax I didn't know they're selling t-shirts!

    @Jeremy I don't speak Klingon either, so the translation won't help me either.

    @Alex Cassastar starts with C! That explains everything. ;)

  10. I love to comment, to let the bloggers know I am reading. Sometimes I don't have time to comment, or I just can't think of anything clever to say. With that being said...let my ADHD begin! I can't wait for the 12th Doctor announcement. The Wolverine has a fast beginning slow middle and semi-fast ending. The best part other than his occasional comedic one liners was the ending setting up X-Men: Days of Future Past.

  11. Even if a sequel to Pacific Rim doesn't happen, it's sure to be a cult classic TS. In fact, it might become more popular if its the only one. We'll see.

    Of course you're the next Doctor TS. I just didn't want to spoil it before the BBC. ;)

  12. Thanks L. I visit even if I don't always comment. :)

    Disqus is a game changer, so I'm not sure of it fits. But I'll give it a try for a week.

  13. It's a big deal to Who fans Pat, but yeah, the suspense is killing me. I never thought about how heavy that thing is.

  14. Doh! Spoiler David! I always appreciate your comments Man. I can't thank you enough for your support.

  15. I'm going to check out the nerdy girls link.

    That hat looks heavy and stifling.

    I tried replying to every comment and now i only do so if someone leaves a question for me. It gets confusing and I don't want to leave anyone out. I comment back all the time, though.

  16. What I do is I encourage people to leave their comments one letter at a time

    Or if I really want to pump up a post, I'll open comments to anyone so that I can get 553 comments saying how they "Really like post this have tried shampoo mail order" followed by links to porn and gambling sites. That's really a timesaver because then I don't need to google those sites myself. I mean NOT THAT I WOULD EVER... oh, who am I kidding?

    Also: i get, like, TWO comments, per blog, PER YEAR, and I wouldn't even get that if I didn't guilt trip PT into commenting occasionally, so I'm not really in a position to know. Make that "care." I'm not really in a position to 'care.'

    As for the rest of the post: I came for the Sharknado hair, and found that by the time I got to the comments, Sharknado had come all the way around for me to where I'm sick of it now. But I am thinking of starting up a "-- Nado" Tumblr where people can create their own "-- Nado" things. My top ten "-- Nados?"

    1. "CapnCrunchNado."

    2. "RebeccaBlackNado." Remember her! OH HOW WE USED TO HATE HER, THAT POOR GIRL. She deserves this. I kind of liked that song.

    3. "Hillarnado2016." You KNOW you'd vote for it.

    4. AvalancheNado. Just what it sounds like!

    5. EliManningLookingAtThingsNado. I mean, this IS supposed to be on Tumblr, right?

    6. BabyPenguinNado. SO cute you've got to see th- OHMYGOD IT DESTROYED THE CITY1

    7. GIFNado: not actually dangerous, it just keeps approaching and then starts over, and it takes you three minutes to realize you'll never actually see the boob pop out.

    8. Karaokenado: join the fun! C'mon, get a beer or two in you and nobody'll even notice if you're not any good. (Monday nights are ladynado nights!)

    9. Avocadonado. (This line sponsored by Subway.)

    10. Semicolonado: you never knew how to use them properly, and now they're back for their revenge!

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