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If the Trailer for 'Star Trek' Was Honest [Movies]

As we all get ready to see the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie next week, Screenjunkies has added to their honest trailer series with one for the original Star Trek from 2009. Thankfully, this is more of a gentle ribbing than a savage teardown. Although they, as usual, make some good points. Like why didn't the Romulans try to stop the destruction of Romulus in the first place instead of waiting around for 25 years to grab Spock? And how exactly did Scotty end up a Starfleet engineer, anyway? And of course, lens flares...

What did you think of the trailer? Did they make any good points or was it just nitpicks? What else should Star Trek be honest about?

[Via YouTube]

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  1. The reason why Spock was an old dude in Nero's timeline and a young dude in the timeline he created was because...there was a huge chunk of time between the two of them. This was just one of the glaring weird observations from this one.

  2. I liked the original Star Trek TV show; however, I've never gotten into any of the movies.


  3. I loved the monsters from the reboot movie which spooked me a lot. I hope Abrams can do it again.


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