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Geek Bits: The Greatest Avengers Cosplay Ever and More [Links]

Patrick Stewart enjoys his "first" slice of pizza at 72

What are the new robots in Transformers 4? Who just joined Facebook? Why was Jaden Smith dressed up as Iron Man?

Much like Patrick Stewart who decided to try something new and eat a slice of New York pizza, we're on Facebook! If you like our blog, why not like our "The Geek Twins" Facebook page! I'm still learning my way around, so it'll be pretty lame for a while. We'd love you to check it out and let us know what you think.

The 10 Geekiest bits of the Internet this week.

10. Minnesota man strikes comic-book gold when he finds a copy of Action Comics #1 (the first appearance of Superman) in the walls of an abandoned house he bought. Unfortunately, his aunt grabbed the comic and the cover got ripped dropping the value from $2.16 million to $137,000 on ComicsConnect.com

9. space1970 by Christopher Mills found an unused poster for Star Wars that's a lot like American Grafitti.
Star Wars poster

8. Rumor: New Characters for Transformers 4 via Transformers Live Action Movie Blog (TFLAMB)

7. Everything Wrong with Star Trek Into Darkness FAQ Style via Star Trek Movie Blog

6. MPax shares some inspiring Astronomy pictures

5. Vixen Vintage shows off an amazing retro style Supergirl costume via iZombie

4. Melissa shares her thoughts on Star Trek: Into Darkness via Melissa

3. In two weeks 'Pacific Rim' opens and we get a spotlight on the Monsters of Pacific Rim from Empire via Never Mind Pop Film

2. For some reason 14-year-old Jaden Smith felt he needed to dress as Iron Man to take his girlfriend shopping. via io9
Jaden Iron Man

1. Avengers Cosplay...All of them. via /Film and The Mary Sue

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  1. Jeremy's photo redux was cool.
    Like the sports car.
    Look forward to the spotlight on Pacific Rim!!

  2. thanks for the shout out, i love super-girl and she is very lovely [with respect]... will smith has created robot kids, they are going to snap... oh wait. patrick stewart is funny, though i am glad pizza was there... the question what might have said to that slice... before eating it [in a captain picard sort-of way]?

    ps. i will follow your page.

  3. My question in the Patrick Stewart photo is why he's wearing a Montreal Canadiens hat. He seems like such a cool guy that it's hard to believe he's never eaten pizza before now.

  4. Captain do you want some pizza?
    "Make it so Number One."


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