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Caption This: Judge Dredd and His 'Twin" [Poll]

Judge Dredd (1995) Rico (Armand Assante Jr.) talking to his "twin" brother Judge Dredd (Sylvester Stallone)

Do you think you're funny? Why not add a caption to this picture? How would you describe this scene? What do you think they're saying?

If you don't feel like making up a caption you can still join in. Just use the voting buttons to vote up your favorite caption. Let's vote to see who can come up with the best caption! Click the little arrow next to the comment. Yes, you can vote up your own if you'd like.

All the captions two weeks ago for "Spock Meets Little Fan" were sidesplitting, but the one you voted for was Tony's: "It seems obvious, but I'm still going there: 'I shall call you Mini Me'"

Come back next week for the bi-weekly poll, and come back in two weeks for the next "Caption This!"

 Do you have an idea for a poll, or have you seen a picture that needs a funny caption? Send it to us using our contact form or email us at geektwins(at)gmail.com!

What caption would you give this picture?
[Image Source:imdb ]

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  1. Dredd: Look, in my pocket, it's this thing of Tic-Tacs. Take as many as you like.

  2. Whaddya mean we don't look anything alike?

  3. Don't Kiss the Italian Stallion!!

  4. Shane took mine!
    Although the line from the Golden Child is "In my pocket there's a whole thing of Tic-Tacs. Take as many as you like, please."
    Yeah, I've watched it a few times...

  5. where is your other hand...

    between to soft pillows...
    those aren't pillows...

  6. "Which one of us is my mother going to shoot again?"

  7. Why don't you ask her out?


    You know, on a date, to eat food.

  8. Do you want to hear what happens to your face later?

  9. If I said I was madly in love with you you'd know I was lying!

  10. See what happens when you take your helmet off? Urban didn't get a gash like that!

  11. Wait a minute! You're that guy who played Rocky? Seriously?


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