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You Won't Believe This 90s X-MEN Cartoon Theme Played on a Piano

This is awesome! You won't believe hearing my favorite X-Men theme song played on the piano!

Above Image: BrasilianMusician playing 90s X-Men theme song

BrasilianMusician, a professional piano player, plays retro music and tackled the theme song to X-Men.

The theme song to 1992's TV show X-Men, or X-Men: the Animated Series, is one of my favorite animated theme songs. It's hip, poppy and has a great backbeat.

If you've never seen the show, then skip to the second video and watch it first, otherwise, set your faces to "stun".

Here's the original show's opening.

I've always wanted to ask, but doesn't that song sound an awful lot like Whitney Houston's "I'm your Baby tonight"?  Maybe it's just me.
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What do you think of the video? Have you ever seen the show?
[Image Source: YouTube]

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  1. That's a really fast beat - he kept up very well.

  2. That's really cool! I love the piano rendition.

  3. He could've done better by slowing it down a little. Could have been very exquisite.

  4. Tony, that's a great idea. He could have done a slower version, but that's the same speed the original is. Maybe he can do another one.

  5. I've played piano before and that's the first thing I thought of! He did a great job keeping the pace.


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