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A Contortionist Calls the Sexist 'Broke Back' Pose 'Impossible' [Rant]

A professional stunt coordinator and contortionist says the "Broke Back" pose is impossible to do. So, we can all stop arguing about it.

Above Image: Wonder Woman "Broke Back" Pose

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The "Broke Back" (not Brokeback) pose is the nickname given to the pose that artist's use for female superheroes to accentuate their breasts and butt at the same time. It's pretty sexist, and it looks ridiculous.

My brother listed the 10 Most Ridiculous Broken Back Superheroine Poses but some still insist it's physically possible.

For example, DudeGuy says, "Sorry, I've seen all of these poses in real life. & these aren't even very extreme."

Walter adds, "Who wants a real woman anyway? Love these poses."

So, since my brother and I aren't women or contortionists, let's here from someone that is. Thankfully, Ils rose to the challenge on her blog "Just Sayin'".

Ils has been studying martial arts since she was seven and worked as a fight choreographer for films. She says, "I am, actually, physically capable of posing... if we stuck with just the torso twist and had the arms by the hips instead of up the way they are. It isn’t natural or comfortable of course ... but it is physically possible for me, even with the intense exaggerated curve of the spine and position of the lower half of the body."

To illustrate her point, she adds a picture of her doing an "Extreme Torso Twist." So far, so good. It is physically possible.
She adds, "However, I am unable to imitate Cassie’s full pose. And Wonder Woman’s, considering the even more exaggerated swayback? It isn’t difficult, it isn’t uncomfortable. It is impossible."

So, while some people with enough training and effort can turn their torso completely around, it's impossible to arch their back in that position.

"I guess some people find torso dislocation sexy? I’m not one of those people." Ils says. Neither am I.

Once you get past the mesmerizing sight of a woman's curves (nothing wrong with that) you're left with a painful sense that it's just wrong.

"If a martial artist who is also a contortionist can’t mimic a pose [comic artists] use constantly for female fighters, there might be a problem in, you know, [an artist's] choices on basic anatomy. I can’t be the only one who thinks this."

She's not.
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Do you think these poses are possible? Does it matter? Is it sexy?

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  1. The voting options made me laugh!
    A twisted form isn't necessary for me. They can just stand there and be sexy.

  2. It's a pretty ridiculous pose, but most comic book artists and readers (ahem) probably need the titillation.

  3. That pose is crazy but I'm sure it's possible. Love Star Trek!

  4. The element of comic books that is truly embarrassing.

  5. I guess they distort the male figure, though, too. I know I'm not that flexible.

  6. Finally a definitive answer. Though comic book covers probably won't heed it.

  7. I don't think the truth will ever stop artists from using this pose. It sells comics.

  8. They do Mpax but not in such a ridiculous fashion.

  9. Agreed Alex. Crazy poses aren't necessary to make a woman sexy.

  10. It obviously works Pat, but I just can't believe so many refuse to accept the unreality of it.

  11. I never really thought about the pose, but reading this I can see how it is impossible.


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