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5 Most Outrageous Water-borne Scifi Movies of All Time [Movies]

Science fiction is traditionally the realm of outer space, but a lot of scifi movies have plunged into the other unknown frontier: the ocean. Here are five of the most significant scifi movies focused on the water.

1. Abyss - Written and directed by James Cameron, this 1989 science fiction film is about an oil platform crew hired to recover a lost ship. When they become trapped on the ocean floor, they encounter a new and mysterious alien species. 
2. Waterworld - This 1995 post-apocalyptic scifi movie is set in the distant future where the sea level has risen to cover nearly all the land. The nameless wandering antihero is reluctantly tasked with protecting a little girl who may be the key to finding dry land. Considered a box office bomb at the time of its release, it has gained a cult following.
3. Piranha - Piranha is a 1978 B-movie about a swarm of killer piranhas that attack a summer camp. Genetically engineered to survive in cold water, the piranhas not only left a trail of destruction, but also spawned a string of sequels and recent reboots.
4. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a 1954 adventure film about a ship's crew that discovers a submarine, the Nautilus, run by the mysterious Captain Nemo. This movie is one of the first instances of steampunk.
5. Sphere - A team of scientists assembled by the U.S. Government is sent to examine an enormous spacecraft discovered on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Once there, they discover the spaceship houses a mysterious sphere with devastating power.
What are your favorite movies from this list? What other scifi movies did you like centered around water? 

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  1. The Abyss is so underrated. I really enjoyed that one and the extended edition is the best.

  2. I think I watched the Abyss not long after it came out. I remember it seemed like that and "Leviathan" were released close together and featured similar themes. One of those weird Hollywood coincidences--or is it.

    Anyway, Sphere is probably underrated. I thought it held up pretty well compared to the book. Incidentally my novella "Waking Prometheus" is like an Abyss/Sphere set in space.

  3. I liked Waterworld, not so keen on the others. I see you still have Captcha - hasn't anyone been bugging you about it? The A to Z team like us to turn it off during the Challenge.


  4. Underwater Kingdom is awesome, and Megapiranha. Two very fun flicks.

  5. It took me a long time to get around to Abyss, but it was worth the wait. I'm also, predictably, a fan of Waterworld.

  6. Abyss is a sweet action packed thriller. I must catch the extended edition.

  7. I enjoyed the Abyss, and I actually liked the Waterworld book - even though I think it was a film to book adaptation. I read it before I saw the film, and it was better.

  8. A ridiculously outrageous water movie is "Two-Headed Shark Attack". So bad its pretty good. -George

  9. I liked 20000 Leagues Under the Sea most.

  10. Those were some crazy movies. I haven't seen Piranha but I can imagine it was scary in a silly sort of way.

  11. I saw snippets of these, but none in their entirety. I'd like to watch Abyss and Sphere.


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