Star Wars is uplifting and has made millions happy, but now James Hance has managed to make the movie even more uplifting.

Check out his amazingly uplifting mash-ups with Disney, Pixar and Winnie the Poo.
"A Tatooine Explorer Is A Friend To All!" by James Hance

"Home" by James Hance

"Someone who loves you." by James Hance

"We'll be alright" by James Hance

"Always thinking with your stomach." by James Hance

Make sure you see the rest of his work and buy prints of his awesome work here JamesHance.com

What do you think of his paitings? Do you have a favorite?
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Pat Dilloway said...

Those are neat. Maybe they can make some Star Wars/Disney picture books I can buy for my nieces.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They just improved Up!

Tony Laplume said...

Still haven't seen Up.

MPax said...

Those are great. I loved Winnie as a kid... OK, I still do.

Maurice Mitchell said...

That's a great idea Pat. Maybe LucasFilm could hire him.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Taking it to another level Alex

Maurice Mitchell said...

Its worth watching Tony. Good but not great.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Thats my favorite too Jeremy

Maurice Mitchell said...

He's great. I've actually grown to love him more thanks to my son MPax


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