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Watch Aliens vs. Machines in "R'Ha" [Video]

We've seen the war between humans and robotic forces in Space: Above and Beyond, The Matrix, and the Terminator franchise. But what about aliens versus machines? This short film depicts a scene in an alien war against its own mechanical creations. And the most amazing part is that R'ha was written, directed, and animated by one man, 22-year old film student Kaleb Lechowski. And he did it in seven months. He's already working on expanding it into a feature film, which I would pay to see. Something tells me Hollywood will be knocking on his door before he graduates.

[Via Kaleb Lechowski via Vimeo via Geek Tyrant via Winextra]

What did you think of the video? Would you want to see R'ha as a feature film?
[Image Source: Uproxx]

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  1. Saw that one recently - just amazing. And he's a student!! Whoa...

  2. I'd watch R'ha as a feature film. It's certainly high-quality.

  3. I watched this a while ago. Loved it. Watched it three times. I hope this gets made into a feature film. It deserves it.

    Space: Above and Beyond was great ("Shuffle up the Wild Cards and deal'em. 'Abandon All Hope' my ass.) I watched every episode of that when it originally aired. Loved that show. http://film-book.com/tv-programs-that-deserved-better-space-above-and-beyond/

  4. When I saw the Trailer, I got a really good feeling in the stomach.
    Got that feeling I get when I watch Lord of the ring, Terminator, Alien 1.2 ..... Prometheus.
    This feels really good

  5. Yes I would watch R'ha aliens vs machines as a feature film

  6. Christopher BrowneJune 29, 2014 at 3:35 PM

    Yes, Great trailer for R'ha aliens vs machines. Makes me want to watch it!!! Hope this gets made into a full length film.

  7. yes yes yes yes !!!!!!!! i would !!!!


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