Many think Master Yoda had the best lines in Star Wars, but they're wrong. Chewbacca had the best lines.

Above Image: Star Wars Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford)

Sure, he doesn't talk, but we can understand what he says thanks to context and body language. He's full of wit and wisdom.

That's why my favorite alien is Chewbacca. These are my favorite quotes from him.

Translation: " I'm not entering there! It smells like the excrement of a Bantha!"
Imagine how many people lived on the Death Star floating in space for months. Now imagine how much waste they would produce. Now imagine how it would smell. Chewbacca explains how bad it smelled in one short phrase.

Translation: "My friend Han! How can you exclude me from the adventure! The Millennium Falcon's Hyperspace drive will need to be calibrated for this mission. I must accompany you!"
Chewbacca was originally based on George Lucas' dog, so it's no surprise that he is a loyal companion. When Han Solo was promoted to captain, he was sent on a dangerous mission. The first to volunteer was his friend Chewbacca. Solo can always count on his loyal friend and this showed his enduring loyalty. Chewbacca is a man of few words.

Translation: "Han, my friend. It appears your characteristic bravado has been usurped by a superior male!"
Han Solo acts like the world's greatest ladies man, but Chewbacca knew the truth. Solo was too soft hearted to be a lady killer. That was why it was hilarious to him to have sweet and simple Luke Skywalker get a kiss from Princess Leia before him. Chewbacca has a great sense of humor and couldn't resist a jab at his old friend.

Translation: "Sir, I must protest playing this gentleman' game in such a unsportsman like manner. It offends me to have to play against a computer! I am quite cross!"
Chewbacca is a good sport, but preferred to play against people. He was losing his temper, which is not a good thing when you're over six feet tall and super strong. Han have good advice: "Let the Wookie win."

Translation: "Han Solo and associates! It is that scoundrel Darth Vader! I will smite him!"
When Luke and the others are tricked by Lando at Cloud City and find Death Vader waiting for them Chewbacca is the first to speak up. He gives a warning and a threat in the same phrase.

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Do you have a favorite Chewbacca moment? Who's your favorite alien?

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Maurice Mitchell said...

Good choice! Been having fun with the blogfest today. Thanks for hosting, guys.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Chewy's one of the greats! :D Love him and his--er, lines. :D

Maurice Mitchell said...

Everybody loves a walking carpet! Interesting to see their backstory in the prequels.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Chewbacca is quite a bit more eloquent than I imagined, being a rogue and all. But we all know Chewbacca was the straight man to Han's hotshot anyway. Still, very clever, very funny.
Shaun @ ComicsTheory

Mark Means said...

You know, now it all makes sense!!

Great pick and thanks for hosting this fun hop :)

Maurice Mitchell said...

Chewy almost took the spot on my blog, but alas, he just didn't couldn't hold on to it. He's definitely one of the most iconic aliens ever created though. As I said over on my site, I practice my own version of wookie speech every morning as I get out of bed!

Maurice Mitchell said...

who doesn't love a wookie...

Maurice Mitchell said...

This bloghop was so much fun. I'm glad I participated. Thanks for hosting.
And what a great pick. Chewbacca is a legend!

Maurice Mitchell said...

I mentioned Chewy in my hop post too. Lovin this hop. Hope you get to read about my fav. Julie @ http://icreatepurtythangs.blogspot.com

Maurice Mitchell said...

Chewy's a got allot in common with Morn from DS9! Hair and speaking aren't his strong suits, LOL.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Forgot to mention that I am now following your site. Hope you enjoy mine enough to follow back.

Maurice Mitchell said...

One of my favorite Chewy quotes is 'Arrrrrghhhh. Arg', meaning: 'Luke. Don't believe that ugly bugger. I'm your father.'

Maurice Mitchell said...

Chewy did have great lines. :) Happy Martain day!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Can't wait to see Peter Mayhew at Denver Comicon!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Those are great quotes. :)

Thanks for hosting the blogfest!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

What a shame no votes for Jar Jar Binks (so far...) This is really funny. I'm wondering though how many takes they needed or if Chewie ever fluffed his lines...

Maurice Mitchell said...

Bummer, number six on the list is an ad site. Always someone!

Maurice Mitchell said...

haha....love the translations!! Great choice. :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

Chewie quotes? This makes me smile!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Sorry I'm so late with my post - a whole day late, so I deserve that red x by my name. (The red letter of shame) Love Chewbacca! Great translations!

Maurice Mitchell said...

This was cute, who knew Chewbacca was actually so well spoken.

rockbd said...

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