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Real, Movie, and TV Robots Converge in GE Commercial [Video]

This commercial by GE called "On the Move" shows a robot invasion, bound for something by GE. It doesn't really have anything to do with GE, but what it does have is a smorgasbord of robots, both fictional and real. Some of the robotic cameos are subtle, some are not. But it's all fun.

For an overview, Business Insider has a good list of many of the robots, which includes the original (or copies of):
  • KITT from Knight Rider
  • Robbie from Forbidden Planet
  • Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • GERTY from Moon
Also clones of Honda's ASIMO and a knock-off of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. Have to say, Data surprised me more than any of them. It looks like it's really Brent Spiner, but I'm shocked at how much he looks like he did way back when. He looks way younger and thinner and with more hair than I've seen him recently, so I'm wondering if it's a mannequin or there was some digital manipulation involved.

What did you think of the commercial? What other robots did you spot?

[Via YouTube]


  1. I love the commercial. For me it's all about Robbie. I'm a sucker for Forbidden Planet..

  2. They probably just used footage from TNG and spliced it into the commercial.

  3. I also saw Johnny Five. Agree with TS - kinda cool.


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