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Peter Weller on 'Robocop': 1987 vs. Today [Movies]

Stumbled across this very interesting Entertainment Weekly interview with Peter Weller on the set of Robocop in 1987. We get to see him being fitted with his costume, explain why he has tissues in his ears, and his thoughts on the movie's message. I thought Weller actually did a pretty good job explaining why the original Robocop stands the test of time as both an action movie and sci-fi commentary.

Now here's today's Peter Weller along with some of the other cast and crew discussing the impact of Robocop, as well as how he worked on movements, the problems with the suits, and why the crew made fun of him.

Thanks to Robocoparchive!

What did you think of the interviews?
[Image Source: YouTube]

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  1. It's one of those movies I'm afraid to watch now, as it probably looks dated.

  2. I wonder if they ever installed that Robocop statue here in Detroit? I should go look for it. Anyway, what happens to that one guy with the toxic waste still freaks me out.


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