French students at the animation company ESMA School of the Arts made a very Pixar-esque short film lampooning the comic book genre. It's about a small-town loser who gains time-stopping superpowers, and becomes the superhero Electroshock to impress a local girl. Unfortunately, things don't go like they do in the comics.

[Via Vimeo via SF Signal via Cartoon Brew]

What did you think of the video?



There are a number of actors who gave incredible performances, but you may have never seen their face. Actors like David Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the Star Wars films, Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2 and Bolaji Badejo who played the "xenomorph" in Alien.

Above Image: Kevin Peter Hall on set as the Predator

One actor that was prolific in the 80's and 90s, is the late Kevin Peter Hall. At 7' 4" tall, he is one of the most imposing character actors ever. In 1987 he got the role of the alien in Predator (1987) and changed the face of cinema. But, we never saw his face, unless you were observant enough to see him piloting the helicopter at the end of the film.

Here's a clip talking about the man and the costume in the behind-the-scenes film "The Making of Predator." If you've never seen Kevin Peter Hall, or want to know how they made the costume, check it out.

There you are. Now, you can now say you met the Predator.  

What do you think of Kevin Peter Hall and the Predator movies? Did you learn anything from the video?

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On October 1st, the WDR Radio Orchestra hid themselves among the crowds and buildings of Cologne's Wallraf Square. The flash mob surprised everyone with a familiar theme song.

[Via YouTube]

What did you think of the video?



I've always loved the sound of the lightsabers in Star Wars. They just sound exactly like what you'd imagine a shimmering beam of energy would be like. Yet I never really thought about what it must have been like to try to come up with a sound for something unlike anything anyone had heard before. That's why I found this video interview with Ben Burtt fascinating, where he explains how he came up with the lightsaber sound, and how he achieved it.

[Via Blastr]

What did you think of the video?
[Image Source: YouTube]

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What if the Avengers existed in the age of dinosaurs? Today, this burning question is answered. Not one, but two artists have created artwork of Marvel's Avengers as dinosaurs. It's an epic battle between two artists with the same awesomely geeky theme, and we're all winners. Let's rumble!

The first round is by David Resto. Here's what he had to say to Smithsonian about his creations:
"For the first round of dinosaurs, The Avengersaurs, I tried to incorporate the [superhero] element into these terrible lizards. Iron Brontosaurus was the first and most random. When I doodled him out from the reference, he already looked like he was taking flight from rockets at his feet. This spawned the rest. The bone shield of a Triceratops for the Captain. The primal anger of a Tyrannosaurus rex and his miniature Compsognathus, Bruce Banner, at his feet. Lastly, the almighty Mjolnir at the base of Ankylothaurus‘ tail in the adaptation to Thor."
Resto's artwork is very stylish with a faux paper look, and broad brushstrokes. While he's a very good artist, he's not a dinosaur expert. He made some mistakes that others have pointed out (like that the Brontosaurus isn't a real species of dinosaur, and the Velociraptor needs feathers), but it's still very cool. Let's take a look:

Iron Brontosaurus
Captain Ameritops

Hulkasaurus Rex

[Flickr via Smithsonian Magazine]

The next batch of prehistoric Avengers were created by famed illustrator and creature designer, Terryl Whitlatch. According to Wookiepedia, "Terryl Whitlatch is an accomplished scientifically and academically-trained illustrator who extensively studied vertebrate zoology and animal anatomy." She worked extensively for LucasArts, where is known most as the artist who designed Jar Jar Binks. But I won't hold that against her. Her dinosaurs have a great detail of anatomical detail, sacrificing some style for accuracy.

This is what she had to say about creating the Dino-Avengers:
“Everybody loves dinosaurs, from kids to the most sincere graphic novel devotee. So...I thought it would be fun to do comic book superheroes as Dinosaurs, especially in light of the Avengers movie that will be released shortly. As a child, I both enjoyed playing with my sets of plastic dinosaurs, and watching (later reading) the televised Marvel Hero cartoon series from the 1960’s. It was fun deciding what dinosaurs should be what characters. I ended up with an Ankylosaur as Iron Man (a no-brainer, as this animal is naturally armored), a Parasaurolophus as Captain America, just because I thought with that crest it would look really funny, a Triceratops as Thor, especially since when it grows up it is actually a Torosaurus, hence 'Thor'-osaurus, and a T-rex as the Hulk so I could give it really muscularly odd little arms...It’s a breath of fresh air to do fan art, and any excuse to draw dinosaurs is a good one!”

Click below to enlarge:

What do you think of the Dino-Avengers?
[Image Source: TOR]

[via Technabob via Gamma Squad via The Mary Sue via TOR]

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Marvel has released Iron Man 3's first official trailer. Let's break it down. First, let's watch the trailer.

1. Iron Man 3 Has a Vision - I enjoyed Iron Man 2 quite a lot, but I have to admit it didn't seem to have a purpose, other than putting Iron Man on the screen for a second time. It threw some cool stuff at us, but where was the story going? Nowhere, really. In the end, it seemed like it was just an excuse forRobert Downey, Jr., Gweneth Paltrow, and Don Cheadle to goof around. Iron Man 3 seems to have a vision - making Tony Stark as miserable as possible.

2. The Rocket-Powered Glove - See that glove that jumped off the desk onto Stark's hand? Okay, that was cool. Maybe we'll get to see his armor put itself on, similar to the experimental self-propelled armor in The Avengers.

3. Pepper Potts is in Trouble - So yeah, Pepper got in trouble in the first two movies. We saw her get chased by a giant robot, get almost cut in half in a car, and all sorts of other peril. But getting caught in a huge explosion with Tony? Having an Iron Man armor land on top of her...in bed? Wow. I'm really nervous for her in this movie.

4. The Fallout From Avengers - We hear Stark talking about "New York" and how he's had trouble coping. Clearly, he's referring to the alien invasion from The Avengers, and it's nice to see them continuing that story in Iron Man 3. Stark has always been cool and calm under pressure, but apparently launching a nuke into space, passing out, and falling to almost certain death has punctured his bravado.

5. The Mandarin - At long last, we get to see Iron Man's archnemesis from the comics, the Mandarin. It's hard to say how good it's going to be, since we just barely get a glimpse of him, but the voice over is impressive. We truly get a sense of a powerful enemy with a messianic vision. And the ten rings! But are they just rings or the superpowered rings like the comics?


6. Iron Man Goes Chris Nolan - It's interesting to see the parallels between Iron Man 3 and Chris Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, just from the trailer. We see the destruction of Tony Stark's home (just like the destruction of Bruce Wayne's home in Batman Begins), the destruction of Stark's other Iron Man armor (like the destruction of the Tumbler in The Dark Knight), and a villain who seems to have sweeping power and vision dedicated to a very personal level of destruction for the hero (like Bane in Dark Knight Rises). It seems that Marvel is trying to reach for a higher level of comic book movie, which is good for everyone.

7. The Shadows on the Wall - We see the shadows of people burned into walls. Commonly seen in a neutron bomb explosion. Reading into it too much? Maybe. But it certainly doesn't look good.

8. Iron Man Armor Has a Mind of Its Own - Numerous scenes show Iron Man's armor moving on its own, even fighting him. In the comics, Justin Hammer has taken over Iron Man's armor to control it remotely. We've also seen his armor take on artificial intelligence and wreak havoc on its own. Which is the case in Iron Man 3? I think it's likely to be the Mandarin controlling it remotely.

9. Stark Dragging His Armor - We also end with the scene of Tony Stark having to drag his armor along the ground. That's just...sad. His armor's power was always "at critical levels" in the previous movies, but it looks like in this one, it actually runs out.

Now let's see how long we have to wait until...April 2013?! But I want it now! (sigh) We have a long road ahead of us, people.

[Via Slice of Scifi]

What did you think of the trailer? What did you notice? Are you more or less excited about the movie?
[Image Source: YouTube]

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In 1990, Virgin Games created the first videogame based on Monty Python's Flying Circus, a platform game for 8-bit computers. While the game itself was a clever bit of nonsense based on the show where you played Gumby and traveled through pipes and clouds, threw fish, and collected cans of spam, the manual itself was the best part. Over forty pages long, I would estimate only about four or five pages are dedicated to the actual game. The rest of it consists of in-jokes, original Pythonesque humor, and references to the show in a crazy compendium of fun. I recently found my copy, and I'm providing it here for your enjoyment. Check out the album below. If you want to expand one of the pages to read it better, just click on the gear on the upper left and choose "view full resolution":

UPDATE: Added instructions

You can also download a PDF of the manual at http://www.mkanderson.com/portal/archives/2301
If you want to see the game, you can watch a video of gameplay on YouTube.

What do you think of the manual?
[Image Source: Virgin]

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Will Wolverine go gangnam style? What do the Sith carry on camping trips? What towed the space shuttle across the 405? Find out in this week's geek bits...
Wolverine, Gangnam Style [via Twitter via Splash Page]
No, this is not photoshopped. Korean pop sensation PSY showed up at the set of The Wolverine, and convinced Hugh Jackman to go "gangnam style."
Does this make Hugh Jackman more or less cool?

Sith Army Knife [via Facebook]

Oh Myyy...George Takei Has a New Book
George Takei has gone from an actor who played a secondary role on Star Trek to a pop culture sensation all his own with his appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Since then, he's gained fame online through his engagement with the fans, and his Facebook page which has become the place to find funny, geeky images. Now he's created his own memoir of his experiences in a new ebook. The awesomely appropriate titled Oh Myyy is a collection of essays and reflections on his newfound fame.
Would you read Oh Myyy?

Space Shuttle Towed By Toyota Tundra [via Space.com]
The space shuttle Endeavour is on its way to its permanent home at the California Science Center, and NASA is driving it there in a modified transporter. Most of the trip, the transporter is towing it via four computer-controlled self-propelled vehicle, but Toyota sent a Tundra to tow the shuttle across a bridge on the 405 Los Angeles freeway. Normally, I would ignore such a blatant publicity stunt, but if it draws attention to the space program and (in my mind) the tragic grounding of the Space Shuttle fleet, I'm all for it. You can watch the video of it at Motortrend. Oh, and in case you're wondering how they did it? Jalopnik has you covered.

The Return of Agent Coulson [via Marvel via Slashfilm]
(WARNING: The following is a spoiler for the movie The Avengers, if you haven't seen it.) So the big news, if you haven't heard, is that S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Phil Coulson will be returning from the dead on the upcoming Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show. Not only will he be a regular character, but Clark Gregg is a co-writer on the show. No details, though, on how he'll be brought back, but I'd even take a zombie Coulson.
Are you excited about the return of Agent Coulson?

What do you think about the geek bits?

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Wired Magazine asked some of the leading writers in scifi, fantasy, and horror to create stories in just six words. The results are awesome, and here are the ten best.

1. Epitaph: Foolish humans, never escaped Earth. - Vernor Vinge
2. It cost too much, staying human. - Bruce Sterling
3. Computer, did we bring batteries? Computer? - Eileen Gunn
4. The baby’s blood type? Human, mostly. - Orson Scott Card
5. Kirby had never eaten toes before. - Kevin Smith
6. Husband, transgenic mistress; wife: “You cow!” - Paul Di Filippo
7. Epitaph: He shouldn't have fed it. - Brian Herbert
8. Dinosaurs return. Want their oil back. - David Brin
9. Machine. Unexpectedly, I’d invented a time - Alan Moore
10. Lie detector eyeglasses perfected: Civilization collapses. - Richard Powers
And here are my own humble submissions:

"The time machine works," said Hitler. - Nigel G. Mitchell
The monster is right behind you. - Nigel G. Mitchell

Check out my scifi thriller, Dead Links at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009VPRCI8/ UPDATE: The original draft was deleted, this is the new version.

What do you think of the stories? Which one was your favorite? Do you have a six-word story to share? Let us know in the comments.


Maybe you're tired of "Call Me Maybe" parodies, but I'm not. Especially when it involves Robin, er, Officer Blake from The Dark Knight Rises serenading Bruce Wayne into becoming Batman again. And then Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, and Bane join in. Check out wekejay's hilarious parody below.

What did you think of the video?

[Image Source: YouTube]
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With the recent Batman vs. Wolverine video, the debate in the YouTube comments revolved around fans who said simply, "No one can kill Wolverine." Well, that's not true. At all. In Days of Future Past, a Sentinel incinerated a future version of Wolverine with a single energy blast. In Enemy of the State, Wolverine is killed by Kitty Pryde phasing into his skull and destroying his brain. But since those were alternate realities, let's assume the "real" Wolverine can't be killed those ways. That still leaves us eight more ways to kill Wolverine, but there's some points that need to be addressed first.

The idea of killing Wolverine is a surprisingly controversial topic. The biggest problem is that the comics have gone crazy with his powers. It's not enough that he can heal quickly. Wolverine heals so fast and completely that it's like he's not hurt at all. It's not enough that he has a reinforced skeleton. He has a skeleton that simply cannot be damaged in any way. They've basically made him indestructible, but have gone way beyond logic and consistency. That's why we're setting some ground rules. Wolverine has to follow the basic laws of physics and biology. His defenses are an adamantium (allegedly indestructible) skeleton, and rapid healing. Other than that, he's a normal human being with the same weaknesses as everyone else. So let's start with number 8...

8. Drown Him - One way to kill him would be to lock Wolverine in a tank of water or throw him into the ocean, and chain him up so he can't get out. Even with his healing and adamantium bones, Wolverine is still a human with internal organs like lungs. Lungs can't "heal" a lack of oxygen. His body would try to heal the dying cells, but the new cells would also die of oxygen starvation. Deprived of oxygen, Wolverine's brain would shut down in minutes. Can Wolverine's brain repair itself? Possibly. So let's add on the cardiac arrest that would follow from the increased stress on his heart. With his brain dead, lungs starved, and his heart no longer pumping blood, his body would be dead. His healing factor can't work after death. If it does, then it's not "healing," it's magic. Besides, Wolverine admitted that drowning is one way to kill him in Wolverine during a fight with Tiger Shark, and he said again in Weapon X: The Adamantium Men.

7. Incinerate Him - The next easiest way to kill Wolverine would be to subject him to extreme heat and incinerate him. A lot of fans try to debunk that idea by pointing to the fact that Wolverine's survived a nuclear blast many times in the comics. In Venom #9, Wolverine completely heals from a nuclear bomb blast that destroys a village. Same thing happens in Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. Yet those comics can't be canon - it makes no sense. Wolverine heals quickly, but he's not immune to heat or radiation. The extreme heat of a nuke would incinerate his flesh, and the radiation would penetrate his adamantium bones to destroy his bone marrow, all within a fraction of a second. Before Wolverine could even blink, he would be nothing but a pile of metal bones. With nothing to regenerate, Wolverine would surely be dead.

6. Starve Him - This is another idea based on the fact that Wolverine still has internal organs that have to function. Again, you can't "heal" not having food. This is apparently a controversial topic, because in one comic, Wolverine survived starvation by eating himself. That's impossible. It's the law of conservation; Wolverine can't take in more energy from his body than he puts into it. The energy he gained from his own flesh would be negated by the energy being consumed by his rapid healing.  There's also the fact that matter cannot be created or destroyed. Where would Wolverine get the extra mass to create new cells if he's eating the old ones? Eventually, Wolverine runs out of energy and his healing factor weakens to the point where it stops working, and he dies. Okay, that was really nasty...let's talk about something easier to stomach, like...

5. Cut Off His Head - Professor Xavier himself suggested decapitation, and are you gonna argue with him? Didn't think so. Of course, the problem with cutting off his head is Wolverine's adamantium spine. But not really, because there's one gaping flaw in his spine: the joints. Wolverine doesn't have a solid metal spine, otherwise he wouldn't be able to bend over or turn his head. The joints connecting Wolverine's vertebrae have to be soft tissue, so any sharp blade could cut between the vertebrae and sever his head. Then all you need to do is keep his head away from his body. Without his head, Wolverine's body can't function, and he can't grow a new head (Wolverine's a healer, not a starfish). Without his body, Wolverine's head has no lungs to breathe. Let's be generous and give him five minutes for his brain to die from lack of oxygen.

I know, I know. In Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, they cut off his head, and he survived. In that comic, Wolverine also developed the previously unknown ability to breathe through his face, so let's just say that wasn't canon and move on.

4. Drown Him in Acid - Just like we can imagine a metal that can't be destroyed, let's imagine an acid that can eat through anything. We drop Wolverine into the acid bath and don't let him get out, so the acid dissolves his flesh faster than he can grow it back. Eventually, it eats away so much that there's nothing left to heal. I know what the fanboys are thinking: "Nuh-uh! The acid can't eat through Wolverine's skeleton! It's indestructible! So once he gets out of the acid, he just grows back from his bone marrow." His adamantium skeleton is indestructible, but it's not completely solid. It can't be. Bones serve an important purpose by creating blood cells in the marrow. If Wolverine's bones were completely sealed in adamantium, then new blood cells would never escape into his bloodstream. No matter how quickly he heals, he'd never be able to replace his blood, leading to anemia and death. That means the adamantium (at the very least) has to have microscopic holes in it to allow blood cells to escape. The acid bath can get in that way and dissolve him completely, leaving nothing but a hollow, metal skeleton.

3. Stop His Healing Factor - The healing factor is the big thing everyone points to for the invulnerability of Wolverine. It means there's presumably nothing you can do to him that can't be fixed in minutes or even seconds. In the comics, he's been reduced to bones and grown back. So, fine. Just take his healing factor away. In X-Men #5, Cyclops injected Wolverine with microscopic robots that shut off his healing factor. That works, but you can also expose him to a radioactive material like carbonadium that weakens his healing. Or expose him to a power-canceling mutant like Leech. Or cut him with the Muramasa Blade that negates healing. Or just subject him to so much damage for such a long period of time that his healing can't keep up and burns out. Without his healing factor, a flamethrower could take him out.

2. Throw Wolverine Up Against His Nemesis - With everything they've thrown at Wolverine in the comics, it gets pretty ridiculous. In Uncanny X-Men Annual #11, Wolverine grew his entire body back from a single drop of blood. If you're going to imagine that extreme a scenario, then let's just imagine Wolverine going up against a new supervillain, Wolverine-Killer. Wolverine-Killer is a mutant whose only power is that he can instantly kill Wolverine, permanently and completely, just by thinking about him. That would be a short fight.

1. Make Wolverine Unpopular - Ultimately, the real reason Wolverine is so powerful is that the fans want him to be the ultimate bad-axe. There are other mutants who should be just as (if not more) powerful, but they don't get the press. For example, nobody argues that Rogue is the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe, even though she theoretically has access to every mutant power in existence. That's because she's not that popular. So the best way to kill Wolverine would be to cancel his comic books, movies, and TV appearances. Much like Tinker Bell needs people to believe in her, Wolverine needs fanboys geeking out over how cool he is to survive. Once his popularity drops, Wolverine would be pitted against the next most popular superhero, who quickly and easily kills Wolverine, just to show how powerful he is.

In researching this article, I found a lot of great info, and I'd like to thank the users in the following discussions:
Comicvine: Has Wolverine Ever Been Decapitated?
A How-to Guide on Killing Wolverine of the X-Men
Escapist Magazine Forums: Ways to kill Wolverine
Stackexchange: How to kill Wolverine
Killermovies: Can Wolverine Die?
Marvel: Can You Kill Wolverine By Drowning Him?
The Asylum: Could Wolverine Starve to Death?
Comic Collector: Can Wolverine Drown?

Which would be your method of killing Wolverine? Do you still think he can't be killed? Let us know in the comments.
[Image Source: Alphacoders]
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I tried to give Revolution a chance. I really did. I thought the pilot was a bit dull and the setting wasn't that original, but I could see potential. The anti-hero status of one of the main characters, Miles Matheson, is interesting. The idea of a world plunged into the Dark Ages is intriguing. Also, I love Giancarlo Esposito.

The thing that bothered me the most was the whole "no technology" idea. I'm supposed to believe that all technology just suddenly shut down and won't come back on. "But," I thought, "why don't they just make new batteries and engines?" The show replied, "No new technology like engines or even batteries work. The very laws of physics have been altered." But guns still work. Okay. At first, I thought the show's creators were just ignorant of the implications of the premise, and I wanted to cut them some slack. But then I saw the commercial for the next episode. Now I have to believe the writers are either complete morons or (more likely) they have just given up on trying to maintain the premise.

 UPDATE: NBC has removed the video, so I'll just explain that it shows our intrepid heroes racing to stop a militia-run train.

A train. Let's think about this for a moment. What does this train look like it runs on? Steam. That means it uses a steam engine. Do you know what else you could run on a steam engine? Cars. Lights. Power plants. EVERYTHING. This episode should be about the whole world gathering around the train and saying, "My God, they have a working train! Human civilization is saved! Let's hook a belt to it and start powering the nearest hospital!" Instead, apparently our heroes are trying to stop it. Maybe the show will come up with an explanation why they can run a freaking train, but not a car. If so, I'll give it a break. But judging by past experience, I would say not.

I can forgive a science-fiction show for having bad dialogue (like Sliders), having a low production budget (like Red Dwarf), and even bad actors. I'll forgive almost anything as long as the premise is sound and well-executed. But if there's one thing I refuse to support, it's a sci-fi show that doesn't try to get the science right. I am officially dropping Revolution. If I'm wrong, somebody who watches the show let me know.

Will you keep watching Revolution? Can you see how a train would fit into the show's mythology? Let us know in the comments.

[Image Source: NBC]

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Super Mario Bros is a classic videogame from the 80's that revolutionized the platform genre. Since then, videogames have changed a lot with different priorities. Game designer Zack Hiwiller asked the question, what would happen if it had been created today? Here's the result. Having played a lot of Android games lately, I would say it's more like "what if Mario was remade as a 'free-to-play' mobile game." Click the arrows to cycle through the images:

What do you think? How else have videogames changed since Super Mario?

[Via hiwiller via reddit]

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What would be the gender-bent Disney version of Doctor Who? Will you get to see Mockingbird Lane? Does Marvel own the Avengers? Who is Anakin Skywalker's real father? All this and more in today's Geek Bits...

Disney Princesses as Doctor Who...Princess Who? [Via Nerdapproved]
Full - click to enlarge

Stan Lee Company Claims Disney Doesn't Own Marvel Superheroes
In a potentially groundbreaking lawsuit that could end up costing billions of dollars, Stan Lee Media, Inc. is suing Disney, claiming that it doesn't own the rights to any of Marvel's superheroes. That includes Iron Man, Spiderman, the Avengers...pretty much any of the heroes Disney has licensed. In 1998, Stan Lee signed over all the rights to his superhero creations to Marvel in exchange for stock options. Disney, in turn, bought Marvel in 2009. However, SLMI is claiming that Stan Lee himself didn't own the rights to the characters:
Oddly, in November, 1998, Stan Lee signed a written agreement with Marvel Enterprises, Inc. in which he purportedly assigned to Marvel the rights to the Characters. However, Lee no longer owned those rights since they had been assigned to SLEI previously. Accordingly, the Marvel agreement actually assigned nothing
In case you're wondering (like I did) why Stan Lee Media has the rights, and Stan Lee the Man doesn't, it turns out that SLMI is an Internet production company that Lee tried making new ventures with but cut ties with years ago - they just kept his name. This could be huge if SLMI wins, because it would mean Disney would give up the profits to not only Marvel's toys, videogames, and clothing, but also the movie profits, including The Avengers.
Oddsmakers: What are the odds that Disney will lose this lawsuit?

"Munsters" Reboot to Air on October 26
As we previously reported, NBC passed on the Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane, but we'll still get to see it. The series was intended to be a dramatic take on the original comedy, showing a family of man-eating monsters living in surburbia. To recoup some of the costs from the production, NBC plans to air Mockingbird Lane's pilot as a one-hour special on October 26.
Will you be watching Mockingbird Lane?

Jedi Weight Lifting - [Via Amanda Blain]

'Chronicle 2' Script is Done, but FOX Hated It
I recently reviewed Chronicle, and thought it was pretty good. I'm looking forward to the sequel...or I was, until I read this. It seems the original screenwriter John  Max Landis' script for Chronicle 2 follows the original faithfully, but took the series into a new direction. It would involve the survivor from the first movie facing off against a real supervillain, while dealing with the fallout from the Seattle disaster. It's described as amazing, but FOX hates it. They want a new script more like the original. Frankly, I think trying to make a clone of the original would be a mistake. I thought Chronicle was good, but stretched the "found footage" format and low-budget to its limit.
Do you think a sequel should stick to the small-scale of Chronicle or go bigger?

Senator Palpatine is Anakin's Father
I recently read something shocking in The Secret History of Star Wars. Something that's been speculated was allegedly spelled out clearly in the original script for Revenge of the Sith. In the scene where Palpatine attempted to turn Anakin, Palpatine originally explained how he used midichlorians to create life specifically, to create Anakin. So Anakin wasn't born as a Christ-like figure from the Force - Senator Palpatine is Anakin's father.
Do you think Sith would have been better or worse if Lucas had kept this in?

If Mario Bros was a first-person shooter

UPDATE: Fixed typos and Max Landis' name

What do you think of today's round-up?

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One of the most enduring traditions of Doctor Who are his companions. That's the name fans have given for the Doctor's ever-present sidekicks. They serve as a counter-balance to the Doctor, as adventurers who can do the action that the Doctor can't, as a pair of new eyes, as a sounding board for the Doctor to reflect, as an excuse for exposition, as variety from the Doctor's eccentric ways, and sometimes (for male and female viewers) just plain eye-candy. The companions have varied wildly, including women, men, aliens, and even a robot. There have been companions from the past, present, and future. This infographic from The Daily Mirror  presents a great overview and interesting facts about these indelible characters. Click to enlarge:

[TGdaily via The Daily Mirror]

What did you think of the infographic?
[Image Source: mirror.co.uk]
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The red shirts of Star Trek have always been a disposable lot, and we didn't really get to know them on the show before they get incinerated or eaten or turned into crystal. That's why a new webseries Better Off Red could be a real breakthrough for Star Trek fans. Mike Holmes, Steve Liskiewicz, and Buckly Stephens are three Ohio State University graduates in New York City who are active in the improv and theater community. They're also fellow geeks who want to create Better Off Red, a comedy series revolving around security officers on a Star Trek-like starship. The potential for laughs is huge here, folks. Here's the description from their Indiegogo page:
Better Off Red is a love letter to Action/Adventure and Sci-Fi fans, viewed through a humorous lens. Though other sci-fi franchises enjoy a healthy fanbase of comedy parodies, Star Trek has been somewhat lacking. However, you don't have be a Star Trek fan to appreciate the humor and fun of the show. There are plenty of inside references for Trek fans to enjoy, but the series is a standalone comedy meant to make everybody laugh.
Here's a mini-episode promo video to see what they can do. If they get the money they need, they can get the costumes, sets, props, and other equipment to make it real.

You can find out more on Facebook, and help fund it at Indiegogo.

What do you think of the project? Would you watch Better Off Red?
[Image Source: Facebook]
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