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Where's The Best Sci-Fi Place To Live When The World Ends? [Poll]

So, supposedly, the Mayan calendar says world ends tomorrow. It's a pretty common theme in science-fiction.

Above Image: Earth 2 (1994) Wright Morris, Antonio Sabàto, Jr., Debrah Farentino, Rebecca Gayheart Bess Martin, J. Madison,  Clancy Brown 

Instead of focusing on the negative. Why not focus on the positive? Once the world ends, where does everyone live? There are some pretty cool options.

Here are some of the best places to live when the world ends. Which do you feel is the best place to live?

Travel Through Time
Instead of going to another world, why not travel  through history? In the television show Terra Nova people fled our polluted world into the age of the dinosaurs. In the movie Millennium (1989) time travelers went into the past and saved people from death to live in the polluted future. I guess there's no point to going to live in 1985, although the music is cool.

On Spaceships
If all the humans are driven off the Earth where do we go? Battlestar Galactica (2004) suggests we all live in spaceships drifting through the stars. It's not a bad way to live until cabin fever hits. It all depends on how big a ship you live in. Location. Location. Location.

Solar System
If the Earth goes belly up, why not travel to another solar system? In the TV series Firefly (2002) people travel to another solar system, terraform planets and make a new life. This is a common theme and many films and shows, including Earth 2 (1994), have us living on another planet. It would all depend on how good the terraforming is though. Mars has some really rough summers.

Live in Virtual Reality
Maybe you don't want to go anywhere when the world ends. Maybe you want to live in a computer world. In the movie The Matrix (1999), after losing a bitter war against machines, humans spend their lives in a computer simulation of reality. Would you take the blue pill or the red pill?

Live at Sea 
Sometimes the end of the world is just the end of dry land. In the movie Waterworld (1995) people live on giant floating cities. In 2012 (2009), human live in giant floating ships to wait out the flooding. Not a bad way to live, but make sure you don't get sea sick.

Live in the Air
In next year's film Oblivion (2013), the remnants of humanity live in the sky. As long as you're not afraid of heights, it's a pretty good deal. The views are great. Just make sure you get first class tickets.

Live Underground
If there's nowhere to live on land, maybe you can live underground. In the Matrix trilogy all the people that weren't turned into Duracell batteries live in underground cities. The food's not great, but the raves are "off the chain."

Using the poll below, or the comments, tell us your answer:

Where would you like to live if the world ended in a science-fiction way?
[Image Source: Midnight Review]

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  1. I'm all for hopping on the Serenity and heading out to space!

  2. Unfortunately most of those are not feasible at this time so if the world ends tomorrow we are fracked. I'd end up like one of those people in the Twilight Zone episode where a doctor builds a bomb shelter and when the sirens go off everyone wants to pack in there except they can't because they'd all die of a lack of oxygen and he screams at them that they should have planned for this instead of having block parties and stuff. The classic ant and the grasshopper scenario. Maybe I'll just find a bank vault to hide out in as the bombs start dropping.

  3. Live at sea! And hope those arks are ready and they just haven't told us yet. Or at least provide video feed to watch the lucky few survive...


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