Since many people are busy today I'm making this week's poll a quickie. This poster was designed by Daniel Nyari http://iamdany.com/Famous-Weapons

If you get stuck, the answer is at the end of the poster.

How many of these famous movie and video game weapons do you recognize?
[Image Source: http://iamdany.com]

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George Beremov said...

About ten. maybe fifteen.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Good one Geek Soul Brother. I got 22 on my first try.

Geek Soul Brother said...

17 Weapons

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

About half...

Hank Murphy said...

Tetris blocks (why is that a weapon, no idea)
Green Lantern ring
The one ring
A dragon ball (I think)
Noisy Cricket
Turtle shell from Mario
Bomb from Spy vs Spy (and a dozen other things)
Walther PPK (sp?)
Sands of Time dagger
Freddy's glove
Infinity Gauntlet
Laura Crofts Guns
? on the red crowbar
Hammer from a video game but I can't remember which?
Thor's Hammer
? black shield
? gun
? fire extinguisher
Various Asian weapons I think from Kill Bill
Ash's chainsaw
Jedi Light saber
Sith Light saber
Cricket bat from Shawn of the Dead
Captain America's shield
Sword of Eternia
Sword of Thundaira(sp?)
? on sword beside Excalibur
? on chained daggers
Proton accelerator
That flat cleaver like sword is very familiar but I can't place it
? on gun with blade
? on shield
A katana
? on blade with eye


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