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'Gotham High' is Christopher Nolan Meets John Hughes [Video]

What if Christopher Nolan directed a prequel to his Dark Knight trilogy? And what if it was a teen comedy? 10 Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls, The Princess Diaries, Bronson, Powder, Thank You For Smoking, and many more get mashed up in this trailer for a teen movie set in a Gotham City high school. See the Joker, Two-Face, the Scarecrow, and Catwoman before they grew up and became angsty super-people. OMG!*

*You have no idea how much I hated writing that.

BONUS: Actually, this trailer is not as crazy as it might seem. Screenrant featured some of the concept art for the real Gotham High animated series that was being developed, but ultimately scrapped, by DC. Looks pretty good, actually.

What did you think of 'Gotham High?' Can you name all the movies that made an appearance?

Via movieclipsTRAILERS via Geeks are Sexy

[Image Source: YouTube]

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  1. Not into the teen stuff though. Too much angst.


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