This short film profiles Christopher Dennis, a Superman impersonator who poses for photo ops outside of Mann's Chinese Theater. He clearly has a passion for both Superman and his work as a costumed character.

If you want to see more of Dennis, you should check out Confessions of a Superhero, where he and three other street performers were profiled.
[Via Vimeo via SF Signal]
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Maurice Mitchell said...

i enjoyed the first film he was in... and it's nice to see he as now added the padding to bring it all together. thanks for sharing the story. someday i might share my collection of superman stuff..

Maurice Mitchell said...

That is pretty cool....whatevermakes you happy - right?

Maurice Mitchell said...

Will have to go watch it on Vimeo - the video won't pull up here. Tried it on both computers and my iPad. Sorry!

Nigel Mitchell said...

Yeah, Jeremy, he needed the padding. Or working out

Nigel Mitchell said...

Agreed, Natasha. Not something I would do, but he clearly enjoys it


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