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A Day in the Life of a Professional Superman [Video]

This short film profiles Christopher Dennis, a Superman impersonator who poses for photo ops outside of Mann's Chinese Theater. He clearly has a passion for both Superman and his work as a costumed character.

If you want to see more of Dennis, you should check out Confessions of a Superhero, where he and three other street performers were profiled.
[Via Vimeo via SF Signal]


  1. i enjoyed the first film he was in... and it's nice to see he as now added the padding to bring it all together. thanks for sharing the story. someday i might share my collection of superman stuff..

  2. That is pretty cool....whatevermakes you happy - right?

  3. Will have to go watch it on Vimeo - the video won't pull up here. Tried it on both computers and my iPad. Sorry!

  4. Yeah, Jeremy, he needed the padding. Or working out

  5. Agreed, Natasha. Not something I would do, but he clearly enjoys it


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