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Steampunk X-Men Costuming [Costumes]

This group appeared at DragonCon 2009 as the steampunk X-Men. From left to right, they are Wolverine, Professor X, Rogue, and Gambit. Apparently, they won Best Literary Adaptation at the Friday Night Costume Contest. And the wheelchair was motorized, glowed in the back, made sounds, and puffed steam. Awesome.

[Via Flickr (smeeonrwillia532) via steampunkcostume]

What do you think of the costumes?

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  1. Not bad costumes!

  2. In love with the Gambit! However the rogue looks more like a Jean Grey to me

  3. That doesn't look so different from the original X-Club, before they made a bad mini-series out of it.

  4. She does look like Jean Gray, Natasha, especially with the green outfit and Rogue usually wears more. But she's supposed to be Rogue

  5. Yeah I noticed the white streak is there just bunched up - took a minute and enlarging the picture to see it....costumes always look better in person anyways....They are way better then I could do LOL

  6. Every single character is looking wonderful in these steampunk costumes.


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