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5 Awesome Videos of "Live" Robot Dinosaurs [Video]

I'm a huge fan of the BBCs Walking with Dinosaurs series. Its combination of live animatronics, CGI, and real environments really combine to bring dinosaurs to life. Well, it turns out that they turned the mini-series into Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular, a live stage show featuring animatronic dinosaurs on stage. To promote the show, they've taken the dinosaurs out onto the road to spectacular results. Other than the obvious human legs showing, the effect is amazing. Here are five of the best videos of these thrilling creations.

1. This one is an Australian news clip about a high school that was visited by a baby T-Rex.

 2. Here's a clip where they took two Raptors to a mall and let some kids hold their "leashes"

3. The Queensland Museum of Natural History in Brisbane hosted some of the dinosaurs on its re-opening:

4. Urban Rush ran a piece on the show's visit to New York:

5. A behind-the-scenes look at the Arena Spectacular that also shows the full dinosaurs on the stage

What did you think of the dinosaurs? Would you go to the Arena show?

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    1. They are just amazing! Be cool to see in person.

    2. My kid loves this series! I think it's great, and so educational. :)


    Thanks for commenting!.