Artist Chris Haley and colorist Daniel Butler, the same team that brought you the Avengers' goofiest costumes, created the gender reversed version of the Avengers for Comics Alliance. Click to enlarge...

The best part of this poster is that almost all the characters are real superheroines in the Marvel Universe, not just female versions of the existing heroes. They are:
  • She-Hulk - An Amazonian woman transformed into a Hulk, thanks to a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner (Hulk).
  • Hawkeye II - Katherine Bishop, a young woman who adopts the Hawkeye identity for the Young Avengers.(Hawkeye)
  • Rescue - When Tony Stark's personal assistant "Pepper" Potts adopts her own superheroine identity, she finds that Tony Stark has created a non-lethal suit of armor codenamed Rescue just for her. (Iron Man)
  • Maria Hill - A high-ranking SHIELD agent, Maria Hill was temporarily assigned the role of Executive Director when Nick Fury was replaced after a scandal. (female Nick Fury)
  • American Dream - In the near future of the current Marvel timeline, a tour guide of the Avengers Mansion named Shannon Carter trains herself to adopt a new patriotic identity fighting crime. (female Captain America)
  • Thor Girl - A goddess from Asgard named Tarene who adopts the identity Thor Girl to help the thunder god in battle (female Thor)
The only made up character is Dead Husband, the reverse of the Black Widow. Get it?

[Via Comics Alliance]

What do you think of Earth's Mightiest Women?

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I could live with it!

Tony Laplume, Sith Architect said...

I love Kate Bishop. Actually, I love all of the Young Avengers.

M Pax said...

More women!

Talli Roland said...

Love the strong women!

Arlee Bird said...

the world may soon by populated by super heroes.


Tossing It Out

Arlee Bird said...

I wonder why when I leave a comment on your site I see a message that comment is hidden due to abuse reports. What's that about?


Tossing It Out

c said...

Im a big Amazing fan ( though I like DC galaxy better). The hulk , being real to his characteristics, created the dark-colored widow. How did he, by the end of the Avengers film begin purchases from Leader The united states.

Lydia K said...

The dead husband thing had me puzzled until you explained it!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Sorry Arlee. The system flags comments with links in them. I've white listed your name, so it shouldn't happen again. Thanks for letting is know!

monkeymigraine said...

That's weird. We'll have to fix that

monkeymigraine said...

Never heard of them until I wrote this

monkeymigraine said...

I'm guessing there's an error in translation

Nigel Mitchell said...

The females rock

Nigel Mitchell said...

Took me a while too


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