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'Worst Crew in the Galaxy' Returning Soon and We Couldn't Be Happier

Captain Sunstrike's (Adam Rini) noble battle style
Voyage Trekkers season two is on it's way and I can't wait. Last year, the webseries Voyage Trekkers blew me away with it's smart writing brilliant acting and social commentary. It turned everything we knew about space travel upside-down and on it's head. I laughed through the whole season.
When I interviewed Nathan Blackwell he said they might not have a season two without funding and that made me sad. Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of the whole crew, they're coming together to bring us more of the "worst crew in the galaxy."

I guarantee that, when the first episode airs, I'll be the first to watch it and share it with you guys. Till then, here's the official press release.
Production Begins On Season 2 of Award Winning Web Series Voyage Trekkers
May 1, 2012 Phoenix, AZ  
Squishy Studios and Inside Creative Minds Media bring you the continuing (mis)adventures of the worst crew in the galaxy as Adam Rini, Logan Blackwell and Gabrielle Van Buren return as Captain Sunstrike, Commander Powell and Doctor Rena in Season 2 of the popular retro sci-fi comedy web series.

Season 1 introduced us to the voyages that "don't make the Captain's Log" as we followed the crew through blundered diplomatic missions, rescues, and space battles. With thirty thousand starships in the Galactic Union one of them has to be the worst.

Writer/Director Nathan Blackwell has some surprises in store for the upcoming season: "Villains will return, we'll be introduced to more crew members of Starship Remarkable, and we'll meet the Admiral that has to put up with their mistakes. We'll also be introduced to Sunstrike's main rival and see how the rest of the Galactic Union views our crew."

"Many of the installments will be episodic, but like Star Trek: The Next Generation, we'll also introduce progressing story lines as well. And we've finally found a way to top our Choose Your Own Adventure ending to Season 1!"

Follow the production from beginning to release of Season 2 at Voyage Trekkers official website http://www.voyagetrekkers.com
"If you enjoy the movie Galaxy Quest, you'll love this hilarious Voyage Trekkers web series." -The Official Twitter for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update (@SNLUpdate)
Squishy Studios www.squishystudios.com

Voyage Trekkers Links Official Site – http://www.voyagetrekkers.com
Voyage Trekkers on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/Squishyshark
Squishy Studios Blog - http://squishystudios.wordpress.com/

About Squishy Studios
Squishy Studios is a Phoenix-based movie production company created by Nathan Blackwell whose stories are populated by such characters as space lizard men, gentleman super spies, ninjas, face-melting nazis, suburban mad scientists, melodramatic role-playing nerds, magiccasting teenagers, and, of course, zombies. http://www.squishystudios.com/

About Inside Creative Minds Media
Inside Creative Minds is dedicated to promoting and showcasing the work, knowledge, passion and talent of the people engaged in a broad range of creative endeavors throughout the Valley. http://www.phoenixartspace.com/icm/

Have you seen Voyage Trekkers? Do you like watching parodies?
[Image Source: squishystudios.wordpress.com]
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