Anyone who watches Futurama has pondered the question, will Fry and Leela ever get together? If so, what would their children look like? One illustrator who calls herself, uh, Doodiescoop (Reddit, natch) took it upon herself to get the answer. The answer is, like this:

What do you think of Fry and Leela's kids?

[Via Reddit via Buzzfeed]

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AlexJCavanaugh said...

The girl looks a little like Lisa Simpson.

M Pax said...

Cute. It'd be funny if they threw in some Binder.

Nigel Mitchell said...

Yeah, she does. Maybe she used Lisa as a reference to capture Groening's style

Nigel Mitchell said...

Even funnier would be how Bender reproduced with Leela or Fry in the first place!

Thalia said...

Aww they're so cute! I love the little girl's Bender outfit!


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