Would you watch Connect Four: The Movie? Want to see clips from two upcoming CW shows? Will DC finally make a Justice League movie? Is there a conspiracy against Latino actors on TV?

Every week we share a few links we found in the blogosphere to get you up to speed.

1. Trivia Question
In the television series Battlestar Galactica (2004), there was a seductive blond Cylon named Number Six (Tricia Helfer). What famous 60's television character was she named after?
(Answer at the end of the post)

2. Motivational Geek Quote
"The best way to find out where you are from is find out where you are going and work backwards." - Doctor Who

3. Links
4. Trivia Answer
Number Six was named after Patrick McGoohan's character in the television series The Prisoner. In a Q&A he said, "Number Six was specifically a homage to 'The Prisoner,' but the rest were assigned their numbers randomly."

Bonus Question: What modeling competition did Helfer win in 1992?

What do you think of this week's news?


jeremy said...

that was the coolest post, ever... so much stuff!

jeremy said...

must have my iron man suit, does it come in a XXL!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lot of news today! I did know The Prisoner. Bummer the guy can't wear his own suit. And DC has insisted they will never make a JLA movie - but they should!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Thanks Jeremy. It was a good week

Maurice Mitchell said...

If hes smart he'll start selling those.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Alex, a JLA movie needs to happen

Michael Offutt said...

There's a ton of stuff going on. I think that Darth Vader would completely own Dr. Who (sorry Dr. Who fans). I didn't know that about Six, but I did enjoy the Prisoner. And I predict the CW's version of Green Arrow will only succeed if they follow the Smallville formula (which I'm sure they will). Lots of angst between the love of Green Arrow's life but they can't be together for seasons and seasons...pop music, and hot hot men.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Michael, the sonic screwdriver can do anything...unless Vader chokes the life out of him.


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