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The Gender Reversed Justice League [Image]

There's a Internet rule called Rule 63 that states that for every character, there's a version of the opposite gender. In other words, people like to turn male characters into women, and vice versa. The latest example of that is a group of cosplayers who decided to portay the Justice League with their genders swapped. The results were pretty cool, so cool that artist Yasmin Liang drew a comic version. Click to enlarge...
Aqualass, Martian Womanhunter, Green Lantern, Wonder Lad, Superma'am, Batma'am, Flash, Vixen, Plastic Ma'am
What do you think of the Gender Bent Justice League?
[Via io9 via GeekArt via Yasmin Liang]


  1. They certainly look better than when the guys from Big Bang Theory dressed as women superheroes! 

  2. Aqualass looks like shes got something on their mind. 'You sure you wanna play with me?'  

  3. She does look pretty tough

  4. LOL, missed that episode. Sounds like I missed out


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