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Men Geeks Love: David Tennant [Hunks]

Welcome back to our continuing series of profiles of men and women that geeks love. This week, we're profiling the guy who put Doctor Who in glasses: David Tennant.

David Tennant (real name David John McDonald) was born in West Lothian, Scotland. Ever since he was three years old, he wanted to be Doctor Who. His acting career started when he was sixteen, and thrived with roles on stage with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and television in dramas such as Blackpool and Casanova. In 2005, his dream came true as he took on the role of the Doctor. He starred in Doctor Who for five years until 2010, when he left the show, but has continued to garner acclaim for his acting in movies and theater.

What do you think of David Tennant?
[Image Source: dt-sexy-off.livejournal.com/, hotgeeks, http://bbc.co.uk]

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  1. I loved him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He made that movie for me. :-)


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