OUR EXPLANATION: In his search for a legendary artifact called the Crystal Clock, Indiana Jones is caught in a nuclear explosion. By hiding in a lead-lined fridge with the mystical clock, Indiana survives the explosion, but is thrown forward in time, and ends up aboard the Death Star. Indiana knocks out a stormtrooper and puts on the armor as a disguise, becoming INDIANA STORMTROOPER. 
Full pic after the jump...

What do you think of Indiana Stormtrooper?

Super Mario + Darth Vader = Darth Mario
Iron Man + The Punisher = Iron Punisher
Batman + Darth Vader = The Darth Knight

[Via fashionablygeek]
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AlexJCavanaugh said...

Well, looks like he needs an exercise program for one.
Must be a Lucas die hard fan.

Mr Spacerguy said...

What an unusual looking Star Wars geek, LOL.


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