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7 Smartest Fictional Apes [List]

While human beings are clearly the most intelligent species on the planet, the idea of another species as smart or even smarter than us has always had an appeal.

At the same time, apes are so close to us in appearance that it's only natural to imagine them copying our intellect.

Here are seven of the smartest fictional apes in movies, television, and comic books.

7. Ape (George of the Jungle)

In the cartoon as well as the movie, tree-swinging hero George is assisted by an ape vastly smarter than him, known only as Ape. It's played for comedy, but the truth is that Ape is shown appreciating classical music, books, and fine art, so he's clearly mastered the equivalent of college-level training.

6. Caesar - (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

Genetic engineering turns a chimp into an intelligent animal enraged at his treatment by the human race. He single-handedly leads a revolution of fellow primates to overthrow Mankind. As a primate Malcolm X, Caesar is tough, smart, and ultimately succeeds at one thing where many  humans have failed; world conquest.

5. Cornelius (Planet of the Apes, 1968)

He's an archaeologist and a historian, schooled in all the history of his race. That alone probably would put him at the top of mental food chain under normal circumstances. He also not only survived the initial discovery of human civilization, but then arranged an escape from an apocalypse that wiped out his planet. Add the fact that he's a chimpanzee, and it's even more impressive.

4. General Thade (Planet of the Apes, 2001)

As the ruthless leader of the Ape army, Thade had already proven himself a brilliant strategist. With the appearance of human astronaut, Thade used fear of humans to manipulate the Ape Senate into giving him absolute power. Domination of all apes would no doubt have been his next objective.

3. Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls

A freak accident created the super-powered team, the Powerpuff Girls. It also created the ruthless criminal mastermind, Mojo Jojo. Mojo is gifted with a brain so large that it doesn't fit in his skull anymore. He causes endless trouble for the girls with his plots to commit crimes and dominate humanity.

2. Ape-X (Squadron Supreme)

Another in a long line of super-intelligent primates, Ape-X is the only female on this list. Not only is she a technological genius, but she rides around in a motorized wheelchair of her own design. In the Squadron Supreme mini-series, she starts out as a villain, but is transformed into a benevolent heroine through mind control.

1. Gorilla Grodd (Justice League, DC Comics)

Grodd is number one, and we'll tell you why. He's a gorilla transformed by an alien spacecraft into a hyper-intelligent technical genius. As if that wasn't enough, Grodd has telepathic and telekinetic powers. He rules a city of gorillas in Africa, and plots to rule the world. In the comics, he's been a far more powerful opponent of the Flash than he's been portrayed in any of the TV shows.

Any other smart apes you can add to the list? Were you surprised by the choices?
[Image Source: movievillains, thegeekfiles ijustrealized.com  comicvine, members.shaw.ca]

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