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Would You Watch 'Keeping Up With The Cardassians?' [Image]

George Takei posted a fan image "Keeping Up With the Cardassians" based on the reality series "Keeping Up With Kardashian's". I wish I knew enough about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or the Kardassians to know who they're supposed to be. Maybe you could share your thoughts in the comments.

To Trek fans this is a real knee-slapper, while others would ask the valid question, "What the heck is a Cardassian?" I'd watch it. Would you?

Would you watch Keeping Up With the Cardassians? Can you think of another scifi reality mash-up you'd watch?

Via Huffington Post
[Image Source: George Takei Facebook]

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  1. Now that's funny! Yes, every time I've heard Kim's name I've thought of the race of Cardassians from DS9. That would be a much better show!


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