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Darth Vader Portrait Made From The Original Star Wars Script [Image]

An enterprising geek, named David Johns, took the fourth draft of the Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope script and colored the words to make a black and red portrait of the evil man himself: Darth Vader.

The smaller image doesn't do it justice, so here is the enormous hi-resolution version from his site.
It's a beautiful image, and it only gets better when you zoom in to read the text. For example, zoom into Vader's left eye and you get this.

Head over to his site for the full Darth Vader image, plus several other sizes and a limited edition A1 framed print.

What do you think of the image?
Via Geekologie


  1. That is massively impressive! Think of the time it took to do that.

  2. Alex, I hate to think how much time was lost. Looks great though.


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