Happy trails 2011! Here are the 35 things we'll remember most about you.

1. Filming of the Dark Knight Rises
When a picture of the Batmobile being delivered to the set on a flatbed truck makes front page news, you know you've got your marketing is working.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/08/unimpressive-first-looks-dark-knight.html

2. Fisher and Shatner Argue About Star Wars vs. Star Trek
Geeks have been debating about which is better for decades, but William Shatner and Carrie Fisher took to YouTube to settle it once and for all. It turned into an ugly war of words insulting each others bodies, or lack of it. Neither won, but George Takei once again became the voice of reason. No matter what we love we can all agree we hate Twilight.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/12/infographic-captain-william-shatner-vs.html

3. Rise Of the Planet of the Apes, The Best Movie of the Year
Based on our informal poll, Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) is the best movie of the year. After watching it a few times, I'm inclined to agree.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/12/which-was-best-sci-fi-or-action-movie.html

4. Cowboys and Aliens Doesn't Cowboy Up
Director Jon Favreau helped propel Iron Man and ultimately the Avengers into movie history, but his adaptation of the comic book about cowboys fighting aliens didn't live up to the excitement the title suggested.

5. Smallville Canceled
After almost a decade of following Clark Kent, the boy wonder, through his hometown the show ended. In the end, he finally did wear the tights and had the flights. Thanks for the memories and frustration.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2010/05/ten-super-reasons-to-watch-smallvilles.html

6. Caprica Kills BSG
The prequel to Battlestar Galactica, named after one of the doomed colony planets, was supposed to introduce the world and the history of the Cylons. In the end, the show sank amid complaints of a boring show with very few Cylons. Not only did it kill the show, but the second spin-off show "Blood and Chrome" was demoted to a web serial after the poor performance.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/09/alphas-back-for-season-two-five-stages.html

7. Lie to Me Disappears
While not strictly a sci-fi show I was surprised this series about a living lie detector didn't last. The worst part is there was no uproar over its cancellation.

8. Human Target Can't Survive
The show everyone was sorry to see go was Human Target. It only lasted two seasons but that was enough to endear us to Christopher Chance.
Read MOre: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/12/which-genre-american-tv-show-were-you.html

9. The Cape NOT the greatest superhero show ever
I could have sworn the superhero show The Cape was going to be amazing. Boy, was I wrong. The worst part about the show was it made being a superhero look boring. Plus, he wasn't very super or heroic.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/02/tv-review-cape-2011.html

10. The Year of the Fairy Tales (Grimm, Once Upon a Time)
This season saw not one, but two shows based about real-life fairy tales. Grimm (NBC) and Once Upon A Time (CBS). I' ve never seen Once, but Grimm is winning in the ratings.

11. Stargate Universe Fades Out
From the uproar over a chesty actress to complaints about it being dull, the spin-off of the long-running sci-fi show Stargate SG-1 about a crowd trapped on an alien ship just couldn't make it past one season.

12. Star Wars Blu-ray Angers Fans
Darth Vader wasn't the only one yelling "Noooooo!" when we heard there would be even more changes to our favorite sci-fi franchise. Of course, that outcry didn't stop people from buying the discs by the gazillions. Well played Lucas.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/09/star-wars-timeline-of-changes.html

13. Star Wars Fans fight for Baby Princess Leah
In one of the most heart-warming stories of the year, a Star Wars fan Zev Esquenazi named his daughter "Princess Leah". After she began suffering from tremors and a host of other problems they reached out for help. Star Wars fans, including Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew and creator George Lucas rallied together to raise thousand of dollars to support her medical care. The poor little girl is still very sick, but it's always nice to see the good that Star Wars fans can do when they work together. Learn more at http://www.princessleahdiaries.blogspot.com.

14. Star Wars Flash Mob in Times Square
A flash mob is when a bunch of strangers coordinate over social media (usually twitter) to do something cool. One of the most elaborate flash mobs ever was the one in New York's Times Square when Jedi and Sith lords faced off with light sabers in a mock battle. Dvice suggested it was probably staged by LucasFilm for the release of the game "Knights of the Old Republic". Well played Lucas.

15. Real Steel
A huge surprise hit film about fighting robots by Hugh Jackman took everyone by surprise.

16. Wolverine Still Hasn't Been Filmed
The Hugh Jackman film Wolverine still hasn't been filmed after going through two directors. I still say it will never be made.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/05/why-wolverine-sequel-will-never.html

17. Transformers 3actually was good
After Transformers 2 everyone thought the sequel was going to be garbage. We were all surprised that the third film was actually...good. Not great, but good.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/07/dark-of-moon-twice-action-twice-robots.html

18. Star Wars Timeline of Changes
Ever wanted to know what changes were made to Star Wars? To date our most popular infographic.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/09/star-wars-timeline-of-changes.html

19. Wonder Woman TV pilot
There was a great deal of excitement and controversy over the production of the new pilot for wonder woman. Ultimately, it was kind of anti-climatic that the show never aired, and the pilot hasn't even been released.

20. Sarah Jane Smith Dies
The greatest companion of Doctor Who, played by Elisabeth Sladen, died and the universe shed a tear.
Read More: http://geektwins.blogspot.com/2011/04/s-remembering-sarah-jane-smith.html

21. Spider-Man: The Musical
From falling actors to budget issues, the biggest stories about the musical came before anyone ever saw the show. After it was released it was universally panned and faded away into obscurity.

22. Marty M
This week's Friends Friday Saturday has Batman, Doctor Who and Superman. So, go check out our friend's blogs!
  • Alex J. Cavanaugh has a list of January Movies!  Frankly, this is going to be a slow month for movies. The Grey could be good though.
  • Superheroes-R-Us has a good description of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer , "The shot of the White House where the Cobra banners drop looks creepy, the mountain-side ninja battle looks cinematically awesome and who doesn’t like Bruce Willis or the Rock."
  • Steve Goble has a touching tribute to Sarah Jane from Doctor Who called: Tears Sarah Jane? No, Not Really. He starts out saying, "For though I've never met her, Elisabeth Sladen has always been just there."
  • Captain Future has a short tribute to Jackie Cooper, who played Perry White in the Christopher Reeve Superman films at Soul of Star Trek
  • Planet Gallifrey says Bye Ponds! as Moffat confirms the latest companion of Doctor Who is leaving next season.
What do you think of this week's links?


I was working on a couple of blog posts and my blogging client "ScribeFire" blew up. I don't know where they are or if they were saved. So, this means I have to postpone this week's "link love" and 2011 send off till tomorrow since i have to rewrite them.



If you're in the Phoenix area on January 7th you've got to check out the screening of the hilarious web-series Voyage Trekkers. Here's a press release we got.


PHOENIX, AZ - DECEMBER 21, 2011 – Squishy Studios and Inside Creative Minds Media announce a special screening of their acclaimed local comedy web series Voyage Trekkers to raise money for a second season of the show. The event takes place on Saturday, January 7th at FilmBar in Phoenix with two showings at 8PM and 9PM. Admission is $7. According to writer and director Nathan Blackwell, “It’s like an old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movie, where we’re ‘putting on a show to save the show.’” Guests are invited to join the cast and crew to watch all ten episodes of the sci-fi comedy web series on the big screen.

Voyage Trekkers is a sci-fi comedy web series about the worst crew in the galaxy. Created by local Phoenix filmmakers, the first episode debuted on July 18th, of 2011, with the ten episode season concluding on October 3rd. Each episode runs between two and five minutes in length, with the exception of the longer ‘video choose-your-own-adventure’ season finale where audiences can interactively choose the path that the story takes.

"If you enjoy the movie Galaxy Quest, you'll love this hilarious Voyage Trekkers web series." -The Official Twitter for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update (@SNLUpdate)
Squishy Studios

Voyage Trekkers Links
Official Site – http://www.voyagetrekkers.com/
Voyage Trekkers on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/Squishyshark
Squishy Studios Blog - http://squishystudios.wordpress.com/

About Squishy StudiosSquishy Studios is a Phoenix-based movie production company created by Nathan Blackwell whose stories are populated by such characters as space lizard men, gentleman super spies, ninjas, face-melting nazis, suburban mad scientists, melodramatic role-playing nerds, magiccasting teenagers, and, of course, zombies.http://www.squishystudios.com/

About Inside Creative Minds MediaInside Creative Minds is dedicated to promoting and showcasing the work, knowledge, passion and talent of the people engaged in a broad range of creative endeavors throughout the Valley.http://www.phoenixartspace.com/icm/

About FilmBarFilmBar is Phoenix's true independent arthouse cinema/beer & wine bar, offering independent, foreign, cult, classic, documentary, and repertory films.
Located in Downtown Phoenix at 815 N. 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85004.
(602) 595-9187http://thefilmbarphx.com/Phoenix-Film/

Check back soon for more information.

Couple of announcements: We're changing our URL to thegeektwins.com over the January 7th weekend. Don't forget to change your bookmarks!

Tomorrow is our big end of the year countdown!

Will you be heading out to watch Voyage Trekkers on January 7th?

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Plot: A cocky pilot named Hal Jordan finds himself thrust into a hero when a dying alien gives him a ring that brings his thoughts to life. Donning the uniform of the galactic law enforcement organization, the Green Lantern Corps, Jordan must battle his own insecurities, as well as a monstrous alien force descending on Earth.

I decided to review Green Lantern in two ways: as a movie reviewer and as a geek. The reviewer in me saw the film as an interesting, but ultimately flawed attempt to bring the classic superhero to the screen. The geek in me was thrilled by some of the nods towards the original comics, but also outraged by some pretty significant changes made to the Green Lantern mythology. Those of you who want to avoid the geek rant can skip that part.

The Reviewer Says:
In many ways, Green Lantern almost reaches greatness, but just doesn't live up to the hype. That's what makes the movie's weaknesses even more frustrating. With a little more thought and polish, Green Lantern could have taken the hero into the realm of Marvel's biggest successes like Iron Man. But even up against some of Marvel's duds like The Fantastic Four, I think Green Lantern falls short.

Let's start with the story. It doesn't work. Many reviewers have criticized the inconsistent tone of the movie, and I would agree. It's like the creators couldn't decide if they wanted Green Lantern to be a wacky slapstick comedy or a serious and dark vision, so they tried to do both, and it fails on both counts. It's not easy to go from laughing at Jordan falling on his face to watching people having their skeletons ripped out of their bodies.

The story pairs Green Lantern up against two villains from the comics, Hector Hammond and Parallax. Parallax is a monstrous creature powered by fear who consumes whole worlds, and is headed for Earth. Hammond is an old rival infected and guided by Parallax who gains super-mental powers that allow him to read minds, move objects, and generally be a bad guy. The problem is that neither villain is particularly strong. Hammond is more pathetic than scary, and Parallax doesn't show up until the end of the movie.

I think the biggest mistake the movie makes is its portrayal of Hal Jordan. Jordan in the movie is a brash, womanizing, egotistical hotshot. It's established that he's always avoided responsibility in his life, and much of the film is about Jordan resisting the great power and responsibility that the ring has given him. I figure the idea was to give him a fatal flaw, how he's held back from greatness by his own fears. That's not what happens. Instead, Hal Jordan came across as weak and cowardly. His cocky attitude came across as arrogance. Perhaps this is the fault of Ryan Reynolds, instead of the script. Robert Downey Jr. was able to get away with a lot as Tony Stark, because he carried himself with a sense of tragedy. No matter how arrogant he was on the outside, you knew deep down, Stark was covering up an inner pain. With Reynolds, there was no depth. It all felt like surface.

That said, some of the visuals are incredible, and when Parallax finally arrives, he's a truly menacing threat. It's also fun to vicariously experience the awe and wonder of entering the world of the Green Lantern Corps.

The Geek Says:
Hollywood, I think it's time to move away from the satires of superheroes. The days when superhero movies had to pander to the audiences that rolled their eyes at comic books ended with Batman Begins. I'm using Green Lantern as Exhibit A. The movie has some great moments poking fun at superhero conventions, like his girlfriend immediately recognizing him with the line, "I've seen you naked! You think I wouldn't recognize you because you covered your cheekbones?" That said, I found the satirical tone more annoying than enjoyable.

Another problem is that the Hal Jordan of the comics is nothing like the Hal Jordan of the movie. Admittedly, Jordan leans more towards the Clark Kent hero with the heart of gold that audiences may not identify with, but I thought they took him too far in the opposite direction. Surely we can have a flawed Jordan who's a heroic figure, too?

Most of the movie was about how Jordan becomes the Green Lantern, which makes sense, since it's his origin. The problem is that a lot of the origin story felt padded out with a lot of unnecessary scenes and slapstick. It's simple - alien lands on Earth, gives Jordan ring, Jordan becomes Green Lantern. How that ended up taking over an hour to get through is beyond me. But oddly enough, the part that I thought should have taken up the bulk of the story, where Jordan is trained to become a Green Lantern, ended up being the shortest. It's literally just a few minutes of the Lanterns beating on him with their constructs.

As to one of the most controversial decisions, I'm still on the fence as to whether Green Lantern's CGI costume is a good or a bad thing. Certainly it's visually more impressive than spandex, with its shimmering lines and three-dimensional symbol that seems to be glowing from inside Jordan's chest. But at the same time, it never looks completely real, giving it a cartoonish feel. You can never truly take him seriously.

The best part of the movie is clearly the constructs that Jordan makes, which is what all of us Green Lantern fans came to see in all their glory. Yet there's where I had the biggest beef. Every Green Lantern fan knows that the Lanterns can only create simple constructs. They can't make machines. Otherwise, Hal would just make an automatic villain-catching machine. Yet in the movie, he makes a race car, a machine gun, and jet planes. This leads to some truly bizarre constructs. At one point, Kilowog creates a miniature sun, complete with gravitational pull. In another scene, Hal has to stop a crashing helicopter. The real Green Lantern would have just made a giant hand to catch it. In the movie, Green Lantern puts wheels and a motor on the helicopter, creates a suspended racetrack over everyone's heads, and drives the helicopter-racecar around for a few minutes. For no reason.

Another nitpick. At one point, Hal charges his ring just by tapping it on his lantern. No oath. No ceremony. For the comic fans, that's like Superman putting on his costume by taking off his pants first. It's just wrong.

But the geek in me actually liked the movie more than the movie reviewer in me. I got to see Sinestro and Kilowog, hear the Green Lantern oath, and watch a giant green fist punch people. Like it or not, this is the Green Lantern on the big screen. Here's hoping they make the rumored sequel and get it right this time.

RATING: Three out of Five Stars

What did you think of Green Lantern?
[Image Source: inadawords]

This infographic shows the history of actors who have played Batman in movies or television from Adam West to Christian Bale.

Bob Kane's comic book hero Batman was first introduced in Detective Comics #27 back in 1939. With Christian Bale retiring from playing Batman next year he follows a long line of actors who have put on the cape and cowl.

There are probably some we missed, but these are the most significant. Also, I'm not including voice actors even though Kevin Conroy was amazing.

Who played Bruce Wayne first? Who played him the longest?

Who's your favorite Batman actor?


With the end of the space shuttle program also came a long tradition of Star Trek moments aboard the shuttle. Many in the space program have openly stated how Star Trek inspired them to pursue space travel as a career. In memory of this, we hereby present the five biggest Star Trek moments.

1. Space Shuttle Enterprise (1976) - From the very beginning of the space program, Star Trek was there. It began when the first prototype of the space shuttle was commissioned. The shuttle was originally going to be called the Constitution, but a massive write-in campaign to President Gerald Ford led NASA to re-name it the Enterprise. At its unveiling on September 17, 1976, Leonard Nimoy, Gene Roddenberry, and other cast and crew from the original Star Trek series were there to mark the occasion.

2. Gene Roddenberry's Ashes (1992) - Gene Roddenberry was the creator of the Star Trek series, but  never actually traveled into space. One of his final wishes was to have his ashes carried into space. That's why, after his death, some of Roddenberry's ashes were sent to an astronaut named Jim Weatherbee. Weatherbee carried a small container of the ashes with him aboard his 1992 flight on the space shuttle Columbia. In that way, Roddenberry did manage to achieve his dream.

3. Endeavor: The Motion Picture (2009) - There's a tradition among space shuttle launches to create a poster based on a popular movie. On the final voyage of the space shuttle Endeavor, the crew re-created the movie poster for the rebooted Star Trek movie. It was sort of like acknowledging the new beginning for Star Trek as well as the end of the shuttle program.

4. Star Trek Morning (2011) - Every morning aboard the space shuttle, a song is played to wake up the crew. Typically, the song is chosen by the astronauts and their families. But on March 7, 2011, a public poll led to the crew of the space shuttle Discovery's awakening by the theme song from the original series, and the voice of William Shatner as James T. Kirk. In a recording created just for the event, Shatner said, "These have been the voyages of the space shuttle Discovery. Her 30-year mission: to seek out new science, to build new outposts, to bring nations together in the final frontier, to boldly go and do what no spacecraft has done before."

5. Atlantis Returns to Voyager (2011) - On July 21, 2011, the space shuttle Atlantis touching down was a tremendous moment. Not only was it the final voyage for the Atlantis, but it was the final space shuttle mission as the program was being shut down. As the Atlantis was towed home for the last time, NASA played the theme to Star Trek: Voyager. It was a fitting end, completing the arc created by the Enterprise.

What are your favorite moments of Star Trek and the Space Shuttle program?
[Image Source: Foxnews]

SyFy channel's hilarious trend of creating a movie based on a title and casting washed up has-beens continues with Arachnoquake.

The film, to air on the channel in 2012, has Tracey Gold fighting giant albino spiders that are released by a series of earthquakes in New Orleans. Do they even have earthquakes in New Orleans?

Tracey Gold is best known for playing, Carol Seavers on the eighties TV series Growing Pains.

The best part is it also stars Edward Furlong! He played the whiny John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Its a two-for-one!

I found a description of one scene...
At a poultry farm just outside New Orleans, something has been stealing chickens, and a dim-witted Cajun farmer named Roux thinks a fox is to blame. His fellow farmhands make jokes about Roux’s ragged appearance; he looks even dumber than usual. Roux claims he was bitten by something in the night, and his back is itching badly. The source of the itch is a massive boil, but he’s afraid to tell the others about it for fear of further ridicule. Farm overseer jean Jacques, crusty but fair, comes to his defense and tells the other men to load up the delivery truck with eggs for its weekly run into the city. He sends Roux home to get some rest, but Roux’s got a better idea. He grabs his shotgun and heads out on his tractor looking for the fox.

Roux comes across a small fissure in the ground that’s emitting four-smelling gas. As he gets off his tractor to investigate, his boil starts to throb. Suddenly it bursts open and a blind albino spider emerges like a botfly. It squeals a high-pitched call, and as if in response, the earth begins to shake. The quake opens up an even larger crevice in the ground, and Roux hears a bone-chilling chittering sound: something much, much larger has answered the baby spider’s summons. Whatever made the sound yanks Roux and his tractor underground.

Back at the farmhouse, a baby spider slips into an egg carton moments before it’s loaded onto the delivery truck. The truck, packed with eggs, sets out for the city…

This might just be the Megashark vs Giant Octopus of next year.

Via The Huffington Post

Are you looking forward to the movie next year?


For those of you who had a little trouble understanding Bane in the Dark Knight Rises trailer, you're not alone.

Considering some people complained about Batman's voice in The Dark Knight, this means we could be facing a new battle: not Batman versus Bane, but Batman's voice versus Bane's voice.

Which would go something like this...

Could you understand the voices in The Dark Knight Rises?
[Image Source: The Mary Sue]
As we mentioned last week in our Sci-fi Feuds post, David Prowse played the on-screen "body" of Darth Vader, and always resented having his voice replaced by James Earl Jones. For those of you wondering why George Lucas replaced Prowse's voice with Jones', we present the following video. It's from the documentary Empire of Dreams, and shows clips from the original movie where Prowse spoke his lines on set, before it was dubbed. As you'll hear, Prowse has what's known as a West Country British accent. The crew reportedly nicknamed him "Darth Farmer" because of it.

[Via YouTube]

How do you think Darth Vader would have been received if Lucas had kept Prowse's voice?

Battlestar Galactica was cool in a lot of ways, but one of the best things was its realistic portrayal of technology. This image says it all.


Here's this week's Friends Friday link love!

Alex J. Cavanaugh has a hilarious Sharktopus: A Play-by-Play.

Arlee Bird has a review on Tossing It Out called My Wife Fell Asleep and I Wish I Had. Whatever you think of the movie Transformers 3 I can't think of a more succinct review.

Back at the Man-Cave there's a funny video showing what would happen if the schlocky Silent Night Deadly Night were an 8-bit video game?
You all can stop making Dr. Who cakes now. It's been done to perfection. Behold the world's greatest TARDIS cake. It has realistic molding and coloration. It's a duplicate right down to the signage. It has working lights. It has windows you can look through to see the detailed interior that (thanks to creative use of mirrors and optical illusions) appears larger than its exterior. And it's entirely edible (except for the wiring and mirrors, of course).

Check out how it was created at Do It Myself.

[IDoItMyself Via Between the Pages]


This week, we're featuring the Queen of Geek, Felicia Day. Felicia Day (born June 28, 1979 in Huntsville, Alabama) was first noticed on the geek scene when she played a potential slayer named Vi on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From there, she played the love interest Penny on the Internet musical, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. However, Day's biggest success has been as the creator, writer, and star of her original web series The Guild. The Guild is about a dysfunctional group of gamers, loosely based on her own life as a gamer. She recently has appeared in a new webseries, Dragon Age: Redemption.

We'd be remiss in not featuring her role as a sexy warrior in the Do You Wanna Date My Avatar music video.

I don't know about you, but I fell for Felicia Day when someone asked her an extremely rude question at a convention. Her reaction is adorable and hilarious (NSFW).

UPDATE: No less than Felicia Day herself has said this is not her. I guess she would know, but come on. The hair, the eyes, the nose...seems spot on.

What do you think of Felicia Day? Who should be the next woman geeks love? Let us know in the comments.

[Image Source: scifimafia, digitalbusstop, fastcompany]



This poll is part of our end-of-year countdown.
Once upon a time, in 1927, Philo Farnsworth made the world's first working television system. Since then, television has exploded to over 70 channels. There are literally hundreds of shows beginning and ending every year.
It's hard to keep track of all the shows on the air, but is there one show that ended you had a special place in your heart for?

Of all the shows that fit the genre of science-fiction ended in 2011, which is the one you were sorriest to see go?

If you liked htis poll, why not take our best movie poll?

Which show will you miss the most?

How often have you watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and thought, "Man, I love the sound of that engine."

Me, neither. But someone nicknamed crisknife007 did, and he extracted a sample to turn it into a video that plays the Enterprise's ambient engine noise for a full twenty-four hours.

After listening to it, I have to agree it's kind of soothing. I bet Picard and Worf slept like babies with that in the background.

The video is embedded below,  but I doubt you'll want to listen to the whole 24 hours here.

[YouTube via TrekWeb]


The recent YouTube war between William Shatner and Carrie Fisher isn't the first time that celebrities have fought. Let's take a look back at some of the most famous feuds between science fiction stars.

1. Harlan Ellison vs. Star Trek - It started with Ellison's script for "The City on the Edge of Forever." Even though the episode is widely believed to be the greatest episode of the original series, Ellison was furious that Roddenberry and his writing staff dared to change his script. He demanded that they change the writing credit to his pseudonym Cordwainer Bird, but Roddenberry refused. On his part, Roddenberry claimed the original script was too long, too expensive, and not dramatic enough, and his re-writes made it great. Ellison fired off against Star Trek in the intro to Doctor Who. The grudge is still white-hot. As recently as March 2009, Ellison sued for unpaid residuals for all videos, books, and media based on his script. 

2. George Lucas vs. David Prowse - David Prowse is best known for playing the "body" of Darth Vader, the man in the suit for most of the original trilogy. That's where the problem started, in the first movie. Prowse thought they would be using his voice, and was upset about having his voice dubbed over by James Earl Jones. Then Lucas blamed Prowse for leaking that Vader was Luke's father in Empire Strikes Back. Prowse claimed he was promised that his real face and voice would be revealed in the end of Return of the Jedi. Instead, Lucas cast Sebastian Shaw to be the face under Vader's mask. Prowse also said he was never compensated for his work. This conflict came to a head in 2010 when LucasArts announced that Prowse was no longer invited to Star Wars events, because he "burned too many bridges."

3. William Shatner vs. Trekkers - On December 20, 1986, Shatner said six words that would rock the Star Trek community: "Get a life, will you, people?" It was during a skit while hosting Saturday Night Live, but everyone who saw it knew that it reflected his real feelings towards Trekkers. This led to a backlash against Shatner where he was no longer invited to conventions and received piles of hate mail. Shatner apologized, insisting that the lines were written for him, not his true feelings. But later, Shatner admitted he every word he said was true. Trekkers forgave him, anyway.

4. William Shatner vs. Leonard Nimoy - When Shatner was hired to play Captain Kirk on Star Trek, it seemed obvious to him that he was the star. After all, he was the captain. But a funny thing happened when the fan mail started rolling in - Spock got more mail than Kirk. Spock was mobbed at appearances. Not only did this make Shatner extremely jealous, but over time, Nimoy began to feel like he was the real star of the show. The two clashed over scripts, media appearances, and publicity, fighting over who would be the focus of the show. The hostility between the two never really went away until they began attending conventions together.

5. William Shatner vs. George Takei - It's not a coincidence that Shatner has three entries on this list. He's a prickly fellow. Specifically, his co-stars on Trek have said that Shatner was a jerk to them during filming. Many of them like Nichols and Doohan have made up. Takei hasn't - in fact, it's gotten worse. Most recently, the two clashed over Takei's wedding. Takei accused Shatner of snubbing him by not showing up at his wedding, but Shatner says he was snubbed because he didn't get an invitation.

6. Richard Donner vs. The Salkinds - In 1972, director Richard Donner was hired by producers Alexander and Ilya Salkind to direct Superman I & II, at the same time. The shoot was difficult with the two sides fighting over everything from the budget to the shooting schedule to the overall tone of the movie. The feud became so heated that they had to have a go-between, because the two sides refused to speak to each other. When Superman became a success, he was replaced as the director of Superman II with Richard Lester.

7. Battlestar Galactica vs. Richard Hatch - The conflict actually started before the Battlestar Galactica reboot. In the 1990s, Richard Hatch, who played the original Apollo, started his own campaign to revive Galactica. His idea was to pick up where the original left off. He wrote five novels based on and continuing the original series, and Hatch even created his own trailer for a new series. When the studio decided to reboot the series, Hatch was furious and led a revolution against it. At one point, he had to keep his supporters from throwing popcorn at the producer when he showed up at a convention. The feud finally ended when the new series gave him a role, and Hatch came to accept the new vision.

Which of these do you think is the biggest feud? Is there a bigger one? Let us know in the comments.

If you've seen the new Dark Knight trailer you know it's awesome, but did you know you missed something? Things like Wayne walking with a cane and a Frank Miller reference. Also, an explanation of what those guys are chanting. Read on to see five things you probably missed along with some hi-res screencaps.

Official Synopsis: Every hero has a journey. Every journey has an end. Christopher Nolan returns to complete the epic Gotham trilogy that launched with Batman Begins and reached the stratosphere with the billion-dollar blockbuster The Dark Knight. Inception’s Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levett join the cast regulars along with Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle and Tom Hardy as the powerful villain Bane, while Oscar winner Christian Bale prowls the night as the Caped Crusader, fighting crime and corruption with the help of Michael Cane, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman.

Now that the official trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises has been released we get a closer look than the blurry cell phone video I shared last week

Things like...

1. Bruce Wayne Walking With A Cane

In one scene we see a serving tray with a man walking towards it using a cane. In the reflection we see the man is Bruce Wayne.

In the comics Bane broke Batman's back in a famous battle. Could this be what happened to Wayne in the movie?

There's a shot of Bane fighting Batman and punching him in the back. It seems likely.

2. The Football Jersey Is 86 The Year Of The Dark Knight Graphic Novel

The graphic novel that changed everything is Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
was published in February 1986. The football player running down field has the number 86 on his jersey.

The name of the football player is Hines Ward, which sounds a lot like Burt Ward who played Robin in the 1960s batman television show starring Adam West. Hines Ward is a real-life NFL Pittsburg Steelers football player and appears in the film as a member of the "Gotham Rogues", the fictional team of Gotham City.

4. The Tumbler Has A Gun

Officially released photos of Anne Hathaway, who plays Catwoman in the film, riding the Bat-Pod led people to think she stole the Bat-Mobile. It's possible, but notice that the trailer shows a camouflage painted Tumbler doing very un-batman-like things. Shooting banks and being chased by a hovering Bat-Wing.

It's more likely that she stole the prototype the Bat-Mobile was based on called "The Tumbler".

4. The Chant

A chant starts halfway through the trailer that sounds like gibberish. This chant was on the TheDarkKnightRises.com viral website for a long time. People following their twitter site led people to a mosaic of Tom Hardy as Bane. A few people have translated the words as "The Fire Rises" which is the tag line of the movie. But, they're wrong.

"The Fire Rises" would be translated roughly as "El fuego se levanta".  That doesn't sound anything like the chant.

A clue is given when Wayne asks an unknown man what they're saying. The man says, "Rise". The chant is "Bane. Bane. Levanta." Which translates to "Bane. Rises [Lifts]." You can watch a video of just the chant from Batman-News.com and use Google Translate to hear what it sounds like in Spanish.

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard

Nolan worked with several cast members on Inception that appear in Dark Knight Rises. Besides Tom Hardy, who plays Bane, there's Marion Cotillard who is a 'Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father's philanthropic endeavors for Gotham."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays John Blake, "a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon."
You can watch the new trailer below.

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Back in October, Debra Fowlkes of Yorktown did something that blew me away - she turned her house into her own private Star Wars convention. In the Daily Press, there was a brief article about how Fowlkes threw a party for her fortieth birthday with a Star Wars theme. She called it Deb*Con 40. Here's some excerpts from the original article:


You've seen Transformers in 2-D. You've seen Transformers in 3-D. Now see Transformers in a whole new dimension...1-D.

[Via YouTube]


It seems like they're willing to turn anything into a children's cartoon. Rambo, Robocop...all R-rated, extremely violent movies that were adapted into kid's cartoons. So it doesn't take too much to imagine what it would be like if they turned Watchmen into a Saturday morning cartoon. It would go something...like this...

[YouTube via The Mary Sue]


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