The Internet is full of funny pictures of cats and funny Star Wars pictures. Mod Cat Love has collected them into a Galactic Empire of funny. So, this is the pic of the week.
Actually, it's more like 28 pics of the week. They're all hilarious. This one is my favorite.
the empurr strikes back
Which is your favorite picture?


For the next two months, we'll be creating the ultimate starship crew from the greatest sci-fi characters of movie and TV. You can help create the Spaceship Dream Team by voting in the sidebar.

Last week, we asked who you would cast as the first officer. And the winner is: Spock! With fifty-two percent of the votes, Spock is the new first officer of the Spaceship Dream Team. His wisdom and emotionless calculations will make a perfect compliment to Captain Han Solo.

Next, we'll be choosing the pilot of the Spaceship Dream Team. Vote now in the sidebar.



The winner of our spaceship "Dream Team" captain poll is: Han Solo!
Everyone's favorite Star Wars smuggler will guide our spaceship across the galaxy.

The results of the poll was surprising. As of last week, it looked like Captain Kirk would be the winner. In a last burst of voting, Han Solo took the lead.

He's a good choice. Solo's used to working with all types of people. While his personality can be abrasive, it guarantees that the crew will get in line or get off the ship.  A man like Solo won't shrink from danger, but he won't stick his neck out if he doesn't have to.

You can see the results of the poll here.

Next week, we'll have the results of our next poll: Who Is First Officer of Your Spaceship "Dream Team?

UPDATE: Some of you have pointed out the choices for First Officer were a little screwy, and Zoe was misidentified as coming from Farscape. We accidentally duplicated the poll for the captain. We've updated the poll with the correct choices, and fixed the error on Zoe. In order to update it, we needed to delete the existing votes. Apologies to all who voted...feel free to vote again. Happy voting.

Is Captain Han Solo the perfect choice for your spaceship "Dream Team?"


Here's this week's geeky television you'll want to watch...

Monday, February 14, 2011
"Chuck Versus the Cat Squad"
Season 4, Episode 15
Synopsis: Chuck orchestrates Sarah's reunion with her former spy team, the C.A.T. Squad. The feline-quick team then try to take down their thuggish nemesis (Lou Diamond Phillips)---but simmering resentments and past secrets soon surface. Meanwhile, a C.A.T. member makes lusty moves on Morgan. Mini Anden and Mekenna Melvin guest star.
Guest Cast Lou Diamond Phillips: Augusto Gaez Mini Anden: Carina

The Cape
"The Lich, Part 1"
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Part 1 of 2. Orphaned since birth, Conrad Chandler (guest starring Glenn Fitzgerald), the heir of one of Palm City's founders, exacts revenge on the public and threatens to paralyze and control the city. The Cape (David Lyons) and Max (Keith David) alert Marty (Dorian Missick) of the impending danger to the city, which backfires on The Cape. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Prisons, Patrick Portman (guest star Richard Schiff), aids Orwell (Summer Glau) in her search for the lone heir. Orwell locates Conrad through Netta (guest star Illeana Douglas), his mysterious caretaker, but soon discovers his deeply disturbing past and finds herself in danger. Elsewhere, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her new social life.
Guest Cast Illeana Douglas: Netta Glenn Fitzgerald: Conrad Chandler Richard Schiff: Patrick Portman

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Season 2, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Anna, enraged at the increasing audacity of the Fifth Column attacks, enlists Ryan in an attempt to wipe out the Fifth Column in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, Father Travis, following Vatican orders, asks Jack to leave the church, and Lisa meets Diana, her grandmother — who Anna said was dead — for the first time
Guest stars include Jane Badler as Diana, Oded Fehr as Eli Cohn, Jay Karnes as Chris Bolling, Nicholas Lea as Joe Evans, Scott Hylands as Father Travis, Roark Critchlow as A.D. Paul Kendrick, Christopher Shyer as Marcus.

No Ordinary Family
"No Ordinary Powell"
Season 1, Episode 15
Episode Synopsis: Dr. King tasks the shape-shifting Victoria Morrow with getting inside the Powell household and eliminating one of its members. Meanwhile, JJ tries to piece together the unsolved murder of Natalie's mother.
Guest Cast Katelyn Tarver: Natalie Poston Josh Stewart: Joshua/The Watcher Laurie Fortier: Melissa Rainey Jason Brooks: Kyle Rainey Rebecca Mader: Victoria Morrow John Kapelos: Derek

Thursday, February 17, 2011
The Big Bang Theory
"The Cohabitation Formulation"
Season 4, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: Wolowitz contemplates taking things with Bernadette to the next level, while Leonard rekindles his relationship with Raj's sister - leading Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) self-declared BFF Amy (Mayim Bialik) to offer unsolicited emotional support.

Season 1, Episode 15
Episode Synopsis: Alex is double-crossed during a mission by an old friend, who delivers her to a Russian mobster. Nikita must work with Michael to mount a rescue.

Friday February 18, 2011
Season 10, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Oliver and Chloe are kidnapped while investigating a rash of murders carried out by Desaad, who then attempts to sicken Chloe with the darkness. Meanwhile, Lois advises Clark to get a disguise to protect his identity.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
"The Citadel"
Season 3, Episode 17
Episode Synopsis: Obi-Wan and Anakin lead a mission to free a Jedi general from a Separatist prison

Season 4, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Danny appears from the Rift Valley, and he comes with a warning for the team.

Check zap2it for your local listings.

What you gonna watch this week?

Television listing information taken from tvguide.com.
[Image source: daemonstv.com]


Pic of the Week: Fresh Ground Jar-Jar
1. Ender's Game Ready to Begin?
Producer Robert Orci, recently talked about the the highly anticipated movie of the Orson Scott Card novel Ender's Game he said, "We're finally in the year when an audience is sophisticated enough." He added, "...they crave original stuff, and that is why we decided right now to take it out, and hopefully we'll have good partners."
Q: Are audiences sophisticated enough for "Enders Game?"

I don't think so. In fact audiences are craving simpler films. A movie with this level of sophistication would go over their heads. Look at Starship Troopers.
Monkey Migraine
I don't know. The idea of children playing war-games is topical. And the meditation on war is timely. I think a faithful adaptation would be great.

2. Now You Can Eat Han Solo
Someone made a candy bar out of chocolate, peanut butter and bacon shaped like Han Solo trapped in carbonite.
Over\Under: Answer this question in the comments: I could eat more/less than five chocobaconite bars.
Source: http://starwarsblog.starwars.com/index.php/2011/02/07/han-solo-in-chocobaconite/

3. Catwoman and Bane are the villains in The Dark Knight Rises

It was officially announced by Warner Bros. that Tom Hardy (Inception) will be playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Anne Hathaway (Alice in Wonderland) was confirmed as playing Selena Kyle, more popularly known in the comics as Catwoman.

I actually like this a lot. The other rumored villains like the Riddler and Black Mask sounded like scraping the bottom of the Rogues' Gallery barrel. Of all the crimes commited by Hollywood against Batman, turning Bane into a brainless thug in Batman Forever was one of the biggest. He desperately needed a do-over. I'm actually excited to see how Chris Nolan handles him. Here's hoping that they handle Bane as the worthy adversary he was meant to be. Big question, though, is will they keep the Mexican wrestler outfit? As for Catwoman, not as excited, since she was never a favorite character of mine. Still interested in Nolan's revisionist take on her versus the dominatrix she was portrayed as in Batman Returns. Perhaps as a cat-burglar who just happened to have an affection for cats, rather than the full-on cat ears and claws? As for Anne Hathaway, good call. She does have a feline look to her.

I think it will be liberating to see what they do with Bane, because it can only get better. What's interesting about Anne Hathaway is that they said she's playing Selena Kyle, not Catwoman.
Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/blogs/heat-vision/anne-hathaway-cast-catwoman-dark-73418

Happy Trails
On February 11th in 1986, Frank Herbert died. He was the creator and writer of the original six Dune novels. Since its publishing in 1965, Frank Herbert's Dune has sold over 12 million copies worldwide. The Sci-Fi Channel called it "the best-selling science fiction novel of all time."
The story, set in the far future chronicling events over a millenia, touches on themes of politics, ecology, psychology, religion and power. His attention to detail was legendary and he included glossaries, quotes, documents, and timelines to help readers explore the world he created.
He lived long enough to see it made into the cult classic film by David Lynch before he died. A sign of Dune's enduring appeal: it's been adapted into three card games, a role-playing game, five video games, and Paramount is working on a reboot film to reintroduce the series.
Happy trails, Mr. Herbert. You taught us we must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

What's your favorite Dune moment?


Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast was a veritable geek marathon with a slew of commercials for upcoming sci-fi movies and TV shows. I think it's a great sign that entertainment normally dismissed as just for nerds is now being targeted to the mainstream public. And you don't get more mainstream than the Super Bowl. For those geeks who were too busy watching Dr. Who on DVD to catch the Super Bowl, you can still get in on the excitement. Check out the top five geek Super Bowl commercials below.


The "ultimate-ultimate" Alien disk pack comes in a nifty Alien egg box with a whole bunch of disks. There are a couple of Doctor Who DVDs also out this week. One is Doctor Who: The Movie (1995) and the other is Doctor Who: The Mutants  starring the third Doctor John Pertwee. Both are considered kind of suspect by purists, but Doctor Who fans love them all. Blu-Ray continues to expand its catalogue of classic sci-fi films with Close Encounters of the Third Kind and The Right Stuff. A couple of DVDs for the geek kids are out or just buy them for the kid in you.

What if you could travel the galaxy with anyone? Who would you choose for your spaceship "Dream Team?"

The best starship crew isn't from the "Enterprise."

The best starship crew isn't from the "Millennium Falcon."

The best starship crew is from all of the above.

For the next seven weeks, we'll be choosing the best of the best for our starship "Dream Team."

Here are the positions to be filled
  • UPDATE - Captain (Commander)  Han Solo
  • UPDATE - First Officer (Second-in-Command) Mr. Spock
  • Mechanic (Engineer)
  • Tactical (Security Officer)
  • UPDATE - Pilot (Navigation Officer) "Rommie"
  • Doctor (Medical Officer)
  • Communications officer
Together we're going to make the ultimate starship crew. Join in the fun and vote today!

Who would make up your ultimate spaceship crew?

UPDATE: Updated with poll results for Captain and First Officer


Recently, we were tipped off to the online scifi series, Overturn. Along the way, we've discovered a whole community of filmmakers who are creating and releasing their own sci-fi, featured at a website called Scifinal. Another upcoming series that caught our attention is Pieces. It's described as a sci-fi/mystery/drama about Jacob Clarke, a man who suffers a freak accident that lands him in the hospital. There, Jacob is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, but shortly begins hearing a mysterious voice in his mind. Is it madness? A side effect of his brain tumor? Or something more? Jacob's life gets turned upside down as he begins following the commands of the Voice, and ends up on the run from police and a major crime syndicate.

It also seems like the series won't play out in the conventional sense, but will include a montage of seemingly random images, fragments, and details at the start of the season. Viewers will be able to analyze the montage and figure out how they figure into the larger story. In essence, inviting the kind of deeper levels and analysis that caused LOST to thrive. No firm release date as yet, but we'll be following it closely. You can too at the official website: Pieces: the Series.


As part of the "Top Ten Horror/Science Fiction Movie Quotes Blogfest" hosted by Ellie Garratt and iZombielover, we now present the Top Ten Science-Fiction Movie Quotes.

1. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. And the one." - Spock (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

2. "I aim to misbehave." - Capt. Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds (Serenity)

3. "E.T. phone home." - E.T. (E.T. The Extraterrestrial)

4. "Use the Force, Luke." - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars IV: A New Hope)

5. "You're waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter. How can it not matter to you where that train will take you?" - Mal Cobb (Inception)

6. "Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda (Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back)

7. "There is no spoon." - "Neo" Anderson (The Matrix)

8. "Kneel before Zod!" - General Zod (Superman II)

9. "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." - HAL 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey)

10. "Soylent green is made out of people!" - Detective Robert Thorn (Soylent Green)

What's your favorite science-fiction quote?


The best thing about having an Android phone is being able to use apps, and the best thing about being a Trekker is that you love technology. For those in that elite group that combines the two, we've compiled this list of the ten best apps for Star Trek fans. These apps will either customize your phone to be more Trekky or feed your love of Star Trek and space travel. And they're all free. If you have an Android phone and you're a Trekker, these are the must-have apps. To get the apps, you can go to the Android Market on your phone and type in the name. Or you can click on the link to go to AppBrain, and either download it directly to your phone if you have an AppBrain account or click on "QR code" and use a barcode scanner on your phone to scan the code.

  1. Star Trek Sounds And Ringtones - The first thing any real Trekker will want to do is set up the sounds.With Star Trek Sounds and Ringtones, you can customize your ringtones and notifications with seventy different sounds from the Star Trek series.
  2. Star Trek Wallpapers - So now you've got your cool sounds. What's next? Wallpapers, of course.This app includes a wide variety of photos and artwork from all the Trek series that you can scroll through and set as your wallpaper.
  3. ST: Red Alert Wallpaper Free - If you prefer a live wallpaper, there's the ST: Red Alert Wallpaper app. It's a live wallpaper that displays the alert symbols. At a touch, you can change your phone's status from Green Alert to Yellow Alert or Red Alert, complete with authentic sounds and flashing lights. The full version will even connect the alert status to your battery level or incoming text messages.
  4. Star Trek Communicator - The next thing you'll want to Trek up your phone is the Star Trek Communicator app. It turns your Android phone into an old-school communicator from the classic series. Flip your phone, and it flips open the comm to reveal an authentic display and greeting chirp. You can even use it to actually make phone calls. 
  5. Star Trek Combadge - If you're more of a fan of the new series, you're covered,  too. Combadge creates a widget on your home screen like the badges worn on Next Generation. Tap the combadge to get the chirp, and you can customize it to dial a specific number or open your contacts. But the real Trekker will set it to open voice commands so you can tell the phone out loud "call" and then the name of the contact. Then you're really living the dream. 
  6. Virtual Phaser - If you've ever wanted to work a phaser, Virtual Phaser could be your dream app. It's simple - an image of a phaser, and some buttons to push. The phaser fires a beam with an authentic phaser sound. You can even set it to overload. Not much more than that, but it's still cool.
  7. Tricorder - One of the coolest apps on the Android Market is Tricorder. It's an actual working tricorder. Sort of. It won't scan alien lifeforms or tell you if a red shirt is dead, but it will scan acoustics, magnetic fields, solar activity, and provide geographic information. For real, not pretend. Even if you have no idea what to do with the information, it's still awesome. 
  8. Star Traders RPG - If you want to play Captain Kirk and command your own starship, I recommend Star Traders RPG. It's an open-ended game similar to classic games like Elite and Freelancer. You decide if you want to be a trader, a pirate, a smuggler, or a bounty hunter in a unique and immersive galaxy.
  9. Google Sky Map - If you love Star Trek, then chances are good that you love astronomy. If you are, then Google Sky Map is indispensable. All you have to do is hold up the phone to the sky, and it will give you a real-time view of what constellations you're looking at. Not only is it an awesome astronomy app, it's also a very cool app to show off to your friends who don't have an Android phone.
  10. Galaxy Wire - To get updates on our real-world space travel, GalaxyWire gives you one touch access to all the latest news in astronomy and space exploration. There are tabs dedicated to the International Space Station, the US space shuttle program, and the news feeds for NASA, Space.com, and more.


    I've been holding back on reviewing the new NBC drama, The Cape. I thought the pilot was so good that they might not maintain it, and the next few episodes wouldn't be as good. After four episodes, I'm still not sure The Cape will be a hit, but I do think it's a very good show. Certainly it is the best superhero TV show I've seen in years, and could be the best superhero show of all time.

    In The Cape, a cop named Vince Faraday investigating a mysterious super-villain named Chess gets framed for being Chess himself. Faraday is left for dead, but survives and joins a circus of criminals. Along the way, Faraday gets a mysterious cape that is not only retractable and bullet-proof, but can also stretch and grab stuff like a whip. Faraday takes on the persona of his son's favorite comic-book superhero, the Cape, and dedicates himself to fighting crime, defeating Chess, and returning to his family who thinks he's dead.

    If that sounds weird, trust me. It works a lot better in context.

    (Side note: The funniest thing to me about NBC's new show The Cape is that the cape has become one of the most maligned and ridiculed pieces of the prototypical superhero costume. The argument is that it's useless at best, dangerous at worst. Alan Moore parodied the cape in his graphic novelWatchmen by having a superhero (Dollar Bill) get killed when his cape gets tangled in a revolving door. Later, The Tick had a character coincidentally called the Cape who was played for laughs with an armor-plated cape that gave him lower back problems. The Incredibles devotes a few minutes to a montage about superheroes getting injured (possibly killed) because of their capes. Now we have a hero whose very power is his cape. Bold move.)

    The thing that struck me most about The Cape is that it is unapologetic about its portrayal of the traditional comic book superhero. Most recent superhero properties have been trying to court the mainstream viewer. They either try to distance themselves from their comic book source (like X-Men with its "not-too-distant future" intro and no-spandex rules) or try to make fun of itself (as in The Fantastic Four's slapstick approach). The Cape does not. The main character wears a costume, has a secret hideout, and hangs out with a carnival troupe called the Circus of Crime. The super-villain Chess has an obsession with chessboards and has eyes that turn yellow when he's being bad. There's even a gangster named Scales who has scaly skin like a lizard. It's not afraid to go over the top and risk looking silly. And for the most part, it works.

    The best part about the show is the emotional subplots woven between the action. At its heart, the show is about a father who was once his son's hero, and has become his son's literal superhero so he can continue to guide and influence his life. But the drama comes from the loss of his old life. Will his wife stay faithful to Faraday, even though she thinks he's dead and her new co-worker is courting her? Will his son hold onto the belief that his father is innocent? Will Faraday clear his name so he can return to his normal life?

    I also am not too crazy about the directions the show has gone. The third episode was devoted to him finding out that his cape is actually a deadly weapon that's been passed down for decades among an elite group of assassins. While I appreciate and admire their portrayal of the cape as having a dark history, adding an irony to the fact that he's now using the cape to dispense justice and save lives, it came off a little silly. I can't imagine a group of assassins choosing to make their weapon of choice a cape. A regular rope or piano wire would probably do the job just as well.

    In that sense, The Cape's strength might be its weakness. I'm not sure if the average TV viewer will appreciate the show if they don't have a real love of superheroes and comic books. Then again, maybe we don't need the average TV viewer. Maybe we can make the show a hit all on our own, and let the rest of them follow us. Watch The Cape, geeks. This is your show.


    ]This fanmade short is incredibly short and needs a better story, but it's the best TMNT fan movie ever made. I love the shell.


    It's been a popular month in the new year and we've covered some incredible stories. In case you missed them, here are the most popular posts of last month revelaed.

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    4. 10 Best Life-Size Star Wars Replicas
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    5. EXCLUSIVE: Jar Jar Binks Explains Why He Sucked
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    6. Darth Vader Actor Banned From STAR WARS Convention
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    7. We Know You Want Pics of IRON MAN 2's Ten Sexiest Babes
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    9. Six Cheap STAR WARS Lightsabers You Can Build In Less Than An Hour
    From dollar store cast-offs to pool noodles, we showed you how you can get your saber on fast.

    10. Top Ten Bald Babes of Science-Fiction
    Some women look great in long flowing hair, but, some women look great in a chrome dome.

    Which is your favorite post?


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