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Happy Trails: The Top 35 Geeky Moments of 2011 [List]

Happy trails 2011! Here are the 35 things we'll remember most about you.

1. Filming of the Dark Knight Rises
When a picture of the Batmobile being delivered to the set on a flatbed truck makes front page news, you know you've got your marketing is working.
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2. Fisher and Shatner Argue About Star Wars vs. Star Trek
Geeks have been debating about which is better for decades, but William Shatner and Carrie Fisher took to YouTube to settle it once and for all. It turned into an ugly war of words insulting each others bodies, or lack of it. Neither won, but George Takei once again became the voice of reason. No matter what we love we can all agree we hate Twilight.
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3. Rise Of the Planet of the Apes, The Best Movie of the Year
Based on our informal poll, Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) is the best movie of the year. After watching it a few times, I'm inclined to agree.
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4. Cowboys and Aliens Doesn't Cowboy Up
Director Jon Favreau helped propel Iron Man and ultimately the Avengers into movie history, but his adaptation of the comic book about cowboys fighting aliens didn't live up to the excitement the title suggested.

5. Smallville Canceled
After almost a decade of following Clark Kent, the boy wonder, through his hometown the show ended. In the end, he finally did wear the tights and had the flights. Thanks for the memories and frustration.
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6. Caprica Kills BSG
The prequel to Battlestar Galactica, named after one of the doomed colony planets, was supposed to introduce the world and the history of the Cylons. In the end, the show sank amid complaints of a boring show with very few Cylons. Not only did it kill the show, but the second spin-off show "Blood and Chrome" was demoted to a web serial after the poor performance.
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7. Lie to Me Disappears
While not strictly a sci-fi show I was surprised this series about a living lie detector didn't last. The worst part is there was no uproar over its cancellation.

8. Human Target Can't Survive
The show everyone was sorry to see go was Human Target. It only lasted two seasons but that was enough to endear us to Christopher Chance.
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9. The Cape NOT the greatest superhero show ever
I could have sworn the superhero show The Cape was going to be amazing. Boy, was I wrong. The worst part about the show was it made being a superhero look boring. Plus, he wasn't very super or heroic.
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10. The Year of the Fairy Tales (Grimm, Once Upon a Time)
This season saw not one, but two shows based about real-life fairy tales. Grimm (NBC) and Once Upon A Time (CBS). I' ve never seen Once, but Grimm is winning in the ratings.

11. Stargate Universe Fades Out
From the uproar over a chesty actress to complaints about it being dull, the spin-off of the long-running sci-fi show Stargate SG-1 about a crowd trapped on an alien ship just couldn't make it past one season.

12. Star Wars Blu-ray Angers Fans
Darth Vader wasn't the only one yelling "Noooooo!" when we heard there would be even more changes to our favorite sci-fi franchise. Of course, that outcry didn't stop people from buying the discs by the gazillions. Well played Lucas.
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13. Star Wars Fans fight for Baby Princess Leah
In one of the most heart-warming stories of the year, a Star Wars fan Zev Esquenazi named his daughter "Princess Leah". After she began suffering from tremors and a host of other problems they reached out for help. Star Wars fans, including Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew and creator George Lucas rallied together to raise thousand of dollars to support her medical care. The poor little girl is still very sick, but it's always nice to see the good that Star Wars fans can do when they work together. Learn more at http://www.princessleahdiaries.blogspot.com.

14. Star Wars Flash Mob in Times Square
A flash mob is when a bunch of strangers coordinate over social media (usually twitter) to do something cool. One of the most elaborate flash mobs ever was the one in New York's Times Square when Jedi and Sith lords faced off with light sabers in a mock battle. Dvice suggested it was probably staged by LucasFilm for the release of the game "Knights of the Old Republic". Well played Lucas.

15. Real Steel
A huge surprise hit film about fighting robots by Hugh Jackman took everyone by surprise.

16. Wolverine Still Hasn't Been Filmed
The Hugh Jackman film Wolverine still hasn't been filmed after going through two directors. I still say it will never be made.
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17. Transformers 3actually was good
After Transformers 2 everyone thought the sequel was going to be garbage. We were all surprised that the third film was actually...good. Not great, but good.
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18. Star Wars Timeline of Changes
Ever wanted to know what changes were made to Star Wars? To date our most popular infographic.
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19. Wonder Woman TV pilot
There was a great deal of excitement and controversy over the production of the new pilot for wonder woman. Ultimately, it was kind of anti-climatic that the show never aired, and the pilot hasn't even been released.

20. Sarah Jane Smith Dies
The greatest companion of Doctor Who, played by Elisabeth Sladen, died and the universe shed a tear.
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21. Spider-Man: The Musical
From falling actors to budget issues, the biggest stories about the musical came before anyone ever saw the show. After it was released it was universally panned and faded away into obscurity.

22. Marty M


  1. I think you covered it all! Hey, I was glad when they cancelled Universe - it almost ruined the whole franchise. But Human Target and Lie to Me were both good shows. Surprised that Terra Nova is coming back. Tried watching it. Just didn't care for the characters and for the budget, the special effects should've been much better.
    Happy New Year, Maurice!

  2. Agreed Alex, Terra Nova was interesting, but didn't engage me.


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