This infographic shows the timeline of major changes and revisions of the Star Wars films since the beginning.

Many fans are upset about the changes to the Blu-Ray release of Star Wars (Episodes I-VI), but may not realize that changes are nothing new. Changes to the release of the films have been happening since the beginning.

These are motivated by creator George Lucas' goal to make the original films closer to his vision.

Here is a timeline of revisions to the Star Wars films since the first release in 1977. You can read a list of the changes here.
A Hi-Res version is available as jpg and png.

The chart has been translated into Spanish thanks to Cinefiloz!

What do you think of the changes to the Star Wars films over the years? Good or bad?
Update: Changed links to images and corrected typos in images


Colin "Fitz" Biggs said...

If only unencumbered versions were available. I miss my old VHS tapes.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Colin, the original theatrical versions will never be seen again. Its sad. The 2006 VCR tapes are close.
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Cristian said...

Sorry guys you got a typo in the poster. It says "Emporer" near the end.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Thanks Christian! Fixed

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Mord said...

There is a noticeable change in the 1994 VHS: many shoot out scenes were recut and censored, just check the Prision block fight on the bonus dvd and the new ones to see!


Maurice Mitchell said...

Good one. I'll check it out.

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Kassidy Kearey said...

Two quick observations.
- When referring to the actress originally portraying the Emperor, you use the word "actoress".
- There isn't a mention of the change of music in the ending of RotJ from the "yub nub" song to Victory Celebration in the Special Edition. While there are a great deal of other changes, this one was always a major one for me, so was surprised not to see it there.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Thanks for that Kathy. I'll check the spelling again.

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