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Star Wars Blu-Ray Scene: Jabba Likes Big Butts [Video]

While the Star Wars Blu-Ray DVD has many infamous changes, this one is well worth it. Ooola did have a Badonk-a-donk.
A quote from George Lucas: "This was always my vision for Jabba's Palace, but I didn't have the technology for Sir Mix-A-Lot back in the early 80's. Here's the scene as I always intended."
Seems weird, but whatever. - Duggan Films

What do you think of the video Lucas added? Does Jabba like big butts?
[Image Source: DugganFilms]


  1. George is making all kinds of changes to match his ever changing mind. Just think of what Star Wars will be like once dementia sets in. He'll still have license to make all the changes he wants. We'll probably see flying dogs put into the versions of the film

  2. Lucas has lost it...

  3. I love it when big butts falls through the trap door. 

  4. Michael. Flying monkeys more like it.

  5. Indeed. I just imagine him in a basement somewhere obsessively watching his movies over and over again making notes about every little thing that's wrong. This video was pretty funny though.


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