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5 Questions 'Eureka' Has to Answer Before It's Cancelled [Television]

When Eureka gets cancelled next year here are five questions we need answered in the last season.

Syfy (The-Channel-Formerly-Known-As-Scifi) has announced that the science-fiction television show Eureka is being cancelled in it's fifth season. Presumably, so they could make room for more shows about people pretending to be scared of fake ghosts.

It's getting a good send-off. SyFy ordered six episodes for the season and a special final episode which is supposed to wrap everything up.
Eureka co-creator and showrunner Jamie Paglia tweeted the news earlier:
Thrilled that our network and studio are giving us another episode to make a #Eureka series finale. The fans and show deserve it. Thank you.
So, what's left? No doubt they'll answer questions about Deputy Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) and Zane (Niall Matter) getting married and Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) going back to normal and adopting Sheriff Jack Carter's (Colin Ferguson) daughter. They'll probably wrap up that whole alternate timeline caused by the trip to 1947 in "Founder's Day."

But, here are five questions from the first two seasons that never got answered.

1. What Was the Deal with the "Artifact?"
A major plot point of the first and second season was the origin of an enormous energy source called simply "The Artifact." It was excavated and transported to Section 5 of "Global Dynamics." Most of the characters had some kind of interaction with it including Stark. He was obsessed with it. They established it was "terrestrial." It gave of massive amounts of radiation. It was destroyed by Kim Anderson. Had a connection with Allison's son Kevin, and then, it was never mentioned again. So, who made it? How did it get into Eureka's hands? What was the point of it? Never answered.

2. What was with Allison's Son's Brain?
In the first season Allison Blake's son Kevin (Meshach Peters\Trevor Jackson) was autistic, but a brilliant mathematician. He often was able to solve complex equations, but couldn't talk. This gave the character a tragic, yet hopeful outlook. When the time reboot happened he wasn't autistic anymore and, not as smart. What was his connection with the Artifact? Where did his intelligence come from? Where did it go?

3. Why was Henry an Auto Mechanic?
The first season of Eureka was all about hidden surprises. From the outside it looked like an ordinary small Midwest town, but when you looked below the surface you saw extraordinary things. So, when it turned out the town mechanic, Henry Deacon (Joe Morton) was a mechanical genius it was a nice surprise. Since then, they never explained why he bothered to pretend to be an auto mechanic in the first place. He didn't repair cars often. Plus, he spends most of his time experimenting in the lab. He started working for GD again and was briefly a mayor. But, they never explained why he became a woefully under-appreciated auto mechanic.

4. Will Jo Lupo Become Sheriff?
In the first season, it was established that Jo was angry with Sheriff Carter because she was passed over as sheriff. The character changed a lot. She and Carter became friends and eventually became head of security for "Global Dynamics." Does she still have ambition to become sheriff of Eureka? Why was it so important to her anyway?
5. What was the deal with Lowjack?
In the first and second season Jim Taggert (Matt Frewer) the town dog-catcher was obsessed with catching a hyper-intelligent dog called "Lowjack." He called it "evil incarnate" and felt that Lowjack isn't "really a dog." In the two episodes he appeared in Taggert appeared to be right since the dog has an IQ of 130 and seemed highly intelligent. I always suspected one of the hapless residents of Eureka accidentally turned himself into a dog. Where did he come from? What happened to him?

So, that's it. For a show running five season there are surprisingly few questions left.
What about you? Which of these questions would you like to see answered? Do you have any unanswered questions for Eureka?


  1. The initial six episode season six was cancelled and is now not happening. The fifth season is already filmed [13 episodes] and they're only getting *one* more episode now (for a total of 14) since announcing the cancellation. They need to wrap it all up in 40 minutes so I can see very little of those plot lines being resolved!

  2. I know its not likely, but a fan can dream...

  3. In the pilot doesn't henry say that he used to be a mechanic...for spaceships?

  4. You're right Gina. I guess the Jupiter mission storyline kind of dealt with that, but not completely.

  5. What about Henry hating jack? When did he forgive jack for what he did to kim


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