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Female Cosplayer Miss Kitty Scratches the Secrets Off Her Amazing Costumes [Interview]

Female Cosplayer "Miss Kitty J" talks about being Harley Quinn, dealing with pushy guys and the hardest costume she ever made!

We've talked about a lot of superfans here on "Geek Twins" and thought we'd ask a few cosplayers to share their unique perspective. Here's the first in our series featuring the one and only "Miss Kitty J!"

1.When someone asks you "what's cosplay" what do you say?
The term stands for costumed play. Basically I get to run around in costumes from my favorite comic books, cartoons, and movies! Generally this is done at a comic book convention.

2. How did you get started in cosplay?
My best friend (Tallest Silver) was doing it and one year the stars aligned and I was able to go to San Diego Comic Con with her.

I had always enjoyed these nerdy things, and I've always enjoyed making costumes, so cosplay was just a natural fit once she dragged me along to SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con)!

3.What characters have you dressed up as?
Oh wow there's a long list, I'll leave out some of the more 'for fun' costumes, but here they are in order of when I wore them:
  • Sailor Mars
  • Snow White
  • The Cheshire Cat
  • Harley Quinn
  • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
  • Wolverina
  • Black Widow
  • Wonder Woman
  • Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn
  • The Corpse Bride
  • Lana Kane
  • Siren from Tron Legacy
  • Superma'am
  • Black Cat
4. Is there a favorite character that you dress as? What drew you to the character?
That's really tough to pick! I would have to say Harley Quinn.

She's just fun! She's a girl who is just out for a few laughs and wants to enjoy her self. And that's really great to be at at con.

I also really connected to the supportive nature of Harley Quinn. I've always been the type to want to help the people I care about.

Harley love her Joker and she would do anything for him; I'm the same way with my friends so I really relate to Harley's need to make the ones she love happy.

5. How do you respond to criticism that cosplay girls are sexist?
I actually have never heard that one. I would actually ask the person who told me that to explain further.

I'm not sure how showing your nerd pride and love of a character through costume is sexist. Especially since both guys and girls cosplay...

6.Where did you get your costume?
I make them all! Some are more from scratch then others, but I make all of my costumes at home, sometimes with a box of scraps.

The Costumes vary in difficulty from Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn was made near 100% from scratch from boots to belt, and took me 90 hours. To Black Cat, which was a body suit I purchased long ago and I sewed some fur scraps on in the car on the way to the con.

7. Did someone introduce you to cosplay or did you discover it on your own?
That would be Tallest Silver, she had been going to SDCC for a few years before I was able to go. She dragged me into the scene and I've been a happy little camper ever since.

8.When you're in costume, do you adjust your behavior or personality to emulate the character? If so, how?
Yeah I do, it's hard not to! When I have Harley Quinn on, I'm a lot goofier and I use her voice.

When I'm Dr. Mrs. The Monarch I tend to be (or at least look) a little more annoyed by everything.

With Snow White I turn into a total princess who has odd little conversations with all the kids at the con.

It's a lot of fun to get to play up the characters. You get to interact with the convention in a whole different way that really makes it more entertaining!

9.Did you play dress-up as a little girl? If so, who?
Oh yeah, I was a poofy dress type of little girl. I loved dress up and all the things that came with it. Every little girl should have a trunk full of random old clothes! I wouldn't say I ever dressed up as anyone in specific unless we're talking Halloween in which case it was Power Rangers and princesses all the way baby!

10. Do you get propositioned in costume? If so, how do you handle it?
Yeah it does happen, but no more then in regular life. The costume just gives them an opportunity to use some bad pick up line.

I'm trying to think back to all the weird times I've had someone hit on me, and I've actually always had a guy around for me to go oh hey see this guy...yeah...BOYFRIEND!!!

When I first started with conventions I used the excuse sorry I'm not 18! They would give me a funny look (didn't believe me) but would generally get them to go away. Then I got older and people really stopped believing me, but still, under 21, sorry!

Most guys aren't that aggressive so it's no big.

11. Is there a costume you would like to wear but can't because of time and resources?
Oh man that list is as long as the list of costumes I already have! And it's always time and money that are the issue. I tell ya, the costumes I would make if I just had money falling from the sky and never had to work. Some top choices at the moment are Lady Sif, Belle's ball gown, and a couple of characters from Reboot.

12. Do you find the attention you get from men a distraction from the experience or a benefit?
Eh, I don't really think about it. I'm not in costume for attention, I'm in costume to show my nerd love for the character and the comic or show I'm representing.

I make the costumes to show the creators how much I appreciate their work. I mean sure life is always better without creepers and sometimes they can be a pain, but I'm not so bombarded with them at a con that it really detracts from my experience.

I can say I wouldn't call it a benefit, I have no idea what could be gaining by having random guys hit on you/give you attention in costume. (but you're also taking to me in the sort of off time, talk to me right after a con I may have a different opinion on how much I hate the attention)

13.Is there a cause or charity that you support that you'd like to promote?
Not currently, wish you would have talked to me a few months ago when I was doing a lot with the Japan relief effort!

14. Where can we see you next?
The next con I'll be at is Anime Expo the fist weekend of July, followed by San Diego Comic Con towards the end of the month, and Dragon Con first weekend in September!

Thanks to Miss Kitty for the interview. Be sure to check out all her cool costumes, including the Tron Siren and the Corpse Bride at http://miss-kitty-j.deviantart.com.

What do you think of Miss Kitty's costumes?  Are there any you'd wear if you could?


  1. Ciara, I've never done cosplay myself. Next year's Arizona Comic-Con will be my first. I saw quite a few women wearing Kaylee outfits. That's pretty easy. Inara had some amazing clothes if you have the time. Jayne Cobb would be fun if you don't mind the goatie and gender-bending. Let me know what you decide and thanks for following!

  2. I'm going to Dragon Con for the first time. (I hope) Any costume suggestions. I'm not as creative as you, but would love to dress up. I'm a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan. Oh, and Firefly is one of my faves. I also love Steampunk. :)
    I'm a new follower. 

  3. Comicconmom, I've never met her but she sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    -----Original message-----

  4. I have run into Kit and she is awesome.


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