What if you could travel the galaxy with anyone? Who would you choose for your spaceship "Dream Team?"

The best starship crew isn't from the "Enterprise."

The best starship crew isn't from the "Millennium Falcon."

The best starship crew is from all of the above.

For the next seven weeks, we'll be choosing the best of the best for our starship "Dream Team."

Here are the positions to be filled
  • UPDATE - Captain (Commander)  Han Solo
  • UPDATE - First Officer (Second-in-Command) Mr. Spock
  • Mechanic (Engineer)
  • Tactical (Security Officer)
  • UPDATE - Pilot (Navigation Officer) "Rommie"
  • Doctor (Medical Officer)
  • Communications officer
Together we're going to make the ultimate starship crew. Join in the fun and vote today!

Who would make up your ultimate spaceship crew?

UPDATE: Updated with poll results for Captain and First Officer


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