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10 Titles Better and Worse Than THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

We'll be honest...not fans of the title for the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. While it's easy to criticize, the question is: can you do better? Maybe. Here are some alternates:
  1. Knightfall
  2. The Caped Crusader
  3. The Fall of Bruce Wayne
  4. The World's Greatest Detective
  5. Legend of the Dark Knight
  6. Shadow of the Bat
  7. Revenge of the Dark Knight
  8. Bruce Wayne
  9. Batman Lives
  10. Darkness Falls on Gotham City
And just for clarity, here are some titles that we could have been stuck with:
  1. Fear of a Bat Planet
  2. The Pointy-Eared Guy
  3. Batman 3: The Rise of Bookworm
  4. Batman: The Superhero Who Punched Me
  5. Dark Knight: The Musical
  6. The Violent Fascist Sociopath
  7. Jane Austen's Batman
  8. Dark Knight III: The Rise of Alfred
  9. Batman Goes Bananas
  10. Batman 3: The Dark Knight 2
Do you have any other suggestions: better or worse?

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