This month we have three new additions and one sad deletion. Unfortunately, the Nerdlogue blog shut down. The saddest part is that the last post was explaining how he was late posting for medical reasons. Here's hoping everything is working out OK.

We've added links for our own blogs. Don't ask me why they were never added before. Call it modesty if you like.

We'd like to welcome this month's additions to the Blog Roll:

Alex J. Cavanaugh
Description: I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and work in web design and graphics. I'm experienced in technical editing and worked with an adult literacy program for several years. A fan of all things science fiction, my interests range from books and movies to music and games. Those passions are reflected here on my blog! My first book, CassaStar, comes out this fall. Currently I live in the Carolinas with my wife.
Why? He's has one of my favorite blogs and is has 200 followers for a reason. He's honest, open and does a great job reviewing movies. Plus, he's a great science-fiction writer. Did you know he's hosting a contest where he's giving away a copy of his new science-fiction novel Cassastar? This is the best time to start reading his site. Head other there today!
Favorite Post: Interview with author David J Williams

Monkey Migraine Mountain
Description: Giving monkeys migraines since 1892

Why? Besides being my twin brother, he's hysterically funny. If you like his writing on this blog, you'll love his other blog which isn't constrained by topics like science-fiction and superheros. He blogs about his life, experiences as a father, a geek and whatever other stuff comes into his mind.
Favorite Post: Michael Jackson: Good Riddance

Flick Sketchr
Description: Every great science-fiction film has a great script and great visuals. The artists that help create the visuals for movies use concept art and storyboards to bring them to life. This site is dedicated to the great images for great flicks.
Why? It's one of my other blogs. You love science-fiction and you love movies. Why not see what comes before the film hits the theaters? It features concept art by the greatest illustrators in the business.
Favorite Post: Dawn Brown's The Last Airbender Concept Art


If you haven't seen the Comic-Con trailer for the superhero film Thor (2010), here are a bunch of screencaps we've made of the trailer. It's been on and off the Internet for days as the studio shuts them down. If you can find it, then watch it since it's incredible. Thanks to Hollywood Spy for finding it.

This film will be epic to say the least.

The full list of images can be found here and there's a slideshow below. ComicBookMovie has the full audio from the trailer.
All week we've been talking about the hilarious and moving Star Wars documentary Jedi Junkies and we got the chance to talk with the creator and director of the film Mark Editz. Read on to find out why they didn't want to make fun of the fans, what's behind the Slave Leia bikini and why you may never see the film in the theaters.

Plus, come back on Monday (August 2, 2010) for a major contest where you can win one of two copies of the film!


Do you love Star Wars? It's Jedi Junkies week and you'll get your Star Wars fix right here. So come back every day for posts that will make you laugh, think and enjoy the movie you love.
Part 6 of 7

There's no doubt that Princess Leia's harem outfit when she became a slave to Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi (most commonly described as Slave Leia) is the most popular geek fantasy out there. That was honored in the movie Jedi Junkies when they interviewed the belly-dancing Slave Leia. What could be better than a beautiful woman dressed in a metal bikini? I'll tell you what; beautiful women dressed in metal bikinis. That's why we present the top six group Slave Leia appearances.

6. Deal or No Deal's Slave Leia Models - In 2008, Deal or No Deal did a Star Wars-themed episode. They had Darth Vader as the banker, a Stormtrooper bring out the briefcase, all the usual. Of course, when you have a show that features twenty-six beautiful women, the Star Wars theme only means one thing. Which brings us to our first entry. I think the whole point of it was to dress the models as Slave Leia, and I have no problem with that. Twenty-six beautiful women in Slave Leia outfits. Genius. [via collider]

Do you love Star Wars? Its Jedi Junkies week, and you'll get your Star Wars fix right here. Come come back every day for posts that will make you laugh, think and enjoy the movie you love.
Part 5 of 

Luke Skywalker had it easy. First, he got a lightsaber from his Dad, then had help putting it together from a Jedi master. The rest of us have it harder. But, now, the lightsaber can be yours for less than the price of a tank of gas. Here are five fun options to make a lightsaber yourself and stand out from the crowd.


The four new posters of the superhero movie Green Lantern feature a solemn vow that the new movie will be awe-inspiring. Whether in bright L.A. sunshine or darkened theaters, no evil movie producers will escape the watchful sight of the director.

I get the warm fuzzies knowing this film will be amazing. The new Green Lantern movie stars Ryan Reynolds as the hero Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Blake Lively as his love interest Carol Ferris, Mark Strong as the evil Sinestro, and Peter Sarsgaard as the monstrous Hector Hammond. The story follows a man who joins an intergalactic peace-keeping force that use rings that can create any object they can imagine.

For those who don't know, here is the whole Green Lantern oath: In brightest day/ In blackest night/ No evil shall escape my sight/ Let all who worship evils might/ Beware the power/ Green lantern light!

This movie looks amazing. I feel better already.

Do you believe the vow that the film will be awesome?


It's all fun and games at Comic-Con till someone puts an eye out. The annual International Comic Convention (Comic-Con) is an event like no other with 100,000 people united by a love of comic books and science-fiction.

That is, until a scuffle over seats left one man with a Bic pen jammed in the eye.

Here's how San Diego police described the incident:
"Two males in their mid 20s attending Comic-Con in room H at the San Diego Convention Center got into a verbal argument. The room was very crowded and the males argued over one male sitting too close to the other.
The males got into a physical altercation and one male struck the other male near the eye with a pen. The male that was struck was taken to a local hospital with a minor cut on or near his eyelid. The suspect was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon. Central Division is handling the investigation."
So, what have we learned from this?
  1. Don't sit too close to other dudes at Comic-Con.
  2. Do a preemptive eye poke on anyone in your immediate vicinity.
  3. Always carry a Star Trek Klingon knife in plain view as a deterrent.
  4. Watch out for pocket protectors. They may be loaded with eye pokers.
  5. If someone is wearing a "blood spattered" t-shirt, offer them your seat. On the flip-side, wearing a blood-stained t-shirt will get you great seats at Comic-Con.
  6. Wear your Nick Fury costume with its handy protective eye patch.
  7. If Convention Room H looks crowded, do the math. Count how many seats there are and how many guys are in the room. If there's one chair for every 100 guys, skip it or plan on standing.
  8. Don't sit too close to other dudes at Comic-Con.
Follow these guidelines and your eyes will be safe to ogle all the women in the Princess Leia Slave costumes. They're better in 3-D anyway.

Any other tips to keep from getting attacked at Comic-Con?
[Image source: Comicbookresources]
Do you love Star Wars? It's Jedi Junkies week and you'll get your Star Wars fix right here. Come come back every day for posts that will make you laugh, think and enjoy the movie you love.
Part 3 of  7

Are you looking to get fit and wield a lightsaber at the same time? Then, check out the "Jedi Workout."

It's been featured on the Today Show and G4. It was started in New York by a Star Wars fan with the nickname "Master Flynn", 38. The workout started in 2005 after he staged a fight with lightsabers at a Halloween parade in New York's Greenwich Village. It started there and spread like wildfire.

Size Matters Not
Flynn says that about one-third of the participants in New York groups are women. "I've seen people lose anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds," he says.

Joe Shumaker, 23, lost 60 pounds since he joined "New York Jedi." "I feel a tremendous difference - I'm physically stronger, I can run without getting winded," he said. "I started going to the class for fun and for a great atmosphere, I definitely didn't expect this kind of weight loss."

"I was never into 'Star Wars,' but I grew to appreciate through what I was doing in the class," she said. "I'm more confident now, and I feel like I stand taller and straighter," she said. "I have more definition in my arms and legs, and the fact that I look good makes me feel good."

You can learn more about it after the jump.

The Matrix was one of the most mind-bending movie experiences ever. Inception takes that and triples the experience.

Director Christopher Nolan had the idea for Inception for ten years, but decided to wait till the characters were well defined before writing the script. Sure, the concept of traveling through dreams is fun, but great characters make great movies. The characters in Inception will blow you away.

In the world of the film people can share dreams. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a forlorn master theif who breaks into people's minds through their dreams and steals ideas. Japanese industrialist Saito (Ken Watanabe) enlists Dom to implant an idea in the mind of smarmy millionaire heir Robert Fischer Jr. (Cillian Murphy). Cobb's team consists of two-fisted Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), elfin architect Ariadne (Ellen Page), the master of disguise Eames (Tom Hardy) and comical Yusuf (Dileep Rao).

In many ensemble films, one or more characters feel thrown in, but here every character is memorable. The cast has six Oscar-nominated actors and two Golden Globe nominees and the acting quality shows with every scene.

The job takes them to the deepest, darkest places of the mind as the team is haunted by the mysterious Mal (Marion Cotillard) who continually appears to ruin their plans. There are complex rules to the dream world and Nolan manages to make and break them in stylistic fashion.

The action in the film is gripping and intense. It never feels forced or padded, but always moves the story. One particularly exciting scene has Joseph Gordon-Leavitt fighting in a hallway that loses gravity and continually moves from along the floor to the walls and ceiling.

If The Matrix leaves you walking out of the theater asking, "How do I know I'm not in a virtual world?" Inception leaves you wondering, "How do I know I'm awake?" If you're looking for a fun action-packed thrill ride that makes you think, then go see Inception.

It gets a 93% on the Geek-Out-Meter since I haven't stopped thinking about it a week later.


Do you love Star Wars? It's Jedi Junkies week and you'll get your Star Wars fix right here. So come back every day for posts that will make you laugh, think and enjoy the movie you love.
Part 2 of 7

Today, in honor of the awesome life-sized Millennium Falcon from the movie Jedi Junkies, here's a list of the top ten best life-size Star Wars replicas.

10. Life-Size Imperial Speeder Bike and Bike Scout - First up on the list is an enterprising fellow who created a full-scale version of the Imperial speeder bike and Imperial scout from Return of the Jedi. The sad part is that the guy did it for the money. He posted it on eBay, and got zero takers, so he just put it up for sale. Where it remains. So if you've got $6,999.99 lying around that you don't know what to do with...put this guy out of his misery. And remember, geeks, do it for the love of the game. [ greatwhitesnark]
It's official. Marvel Studios makes the best films. We asked you which comic company makes better movies and you responded. The winner is: Marvel!

Thanks to everyone who voted. This was kind of a close call actually. The difference between the two was only 12%.Considering the DC film The Dark Knight is the biggest superhero of all time this says a lot about Marvel's star power.

You can see the results here. This week's poll is "Who is your favorite Star Wars villain?"

Agree or disagree with the results? Let us know in the comments!


Olivia Munn
Do you love Star Wars? It's Jedi Junkies week and you'll get your Star Wars fix right here. So come back every day for posts that will make you laugh, think and enjoy the movie you love.
Part 1 of 7

Olivia Munn was never really my type until I saw her interview in Jedi Junkies.

Yes, she showed up at a convention dressed as Slave Leia, but does that mean she actually likes Star Wars? Sure, she's the co-host of the popular geek show Attack of the Show, but that doesn't mean she actually plays video games does it? Then, I saw the interview of her in Jedi Junkies and realized this is a woman who truly gets it.

Its not just about the lightsabers and spaceships, its about an almost mythical world where anything is possible. How many hot women actually understand science-fiction without being condescending? Plus, she's pretty funny and cute. Oh, yeah. And she wore a Slave Leia costume.

Look at the pictures below and you decide. Plus, check her out in the awesome Star Wars documentary Jedi Junkies and find out how far she'd go for the guy who built a Millennium Falcon in his backyard.

The Olivia Munn gallery is after the jump.


With all the over-hyped CGI of films like Transformers II, its nice to see it put to its intended use: creating aliens to chase someone around their house. If you have fond memories of 80's films like Gremlins or Critters, then you'll like the short film Furfangs.

The story is a simple one. A guy is home relaxing when a bunch of fuzzy aliens invade his home. We had a moment to interview the director, writer and star of the film, Italian comic book creator and artist Andrea Ricca.

Where did the idea for this film come from?
In my shorts I try to reproduce the kind of cinema I love best, that’s to say science fiction, fantasy and adventure. “The Guardian” was a tribute to the films with stop-motion special effects by Ray Harryhausen.
“Ufo Race” dealt with the U.F.O. topic, which many people love.
“The Furfangs” means to be a tribute to the science fiction films of the eighties, which were full of irony.
You can see the shorts and the international reviews on the following site: http://www.andrearicca.com/

There's a strong influence of the 80s horror sci-fi movie "Critters." Was this intentional?
Really, the subject of “The Furfangs” is inspired by “Critters” a low budget but very amusing film.
For my part, in “The Furfangs” I tried to remove the second-rate elements like blood or weapons, and for this it is more similar to “Gremlins”, also for the domestic battles.

The movie has no dialogue and all the messages in the film are through body language.Was there another reason for this?
The movie was purposely with no dialogues becouse it was thought to be understood by everyone in the world on the web.

Was it hard for the lead actor to emote?
The acting was not difficult for the irony of the short, more hard it was to calculate the spaces where to insert the virtual creatures.

The special effects in this film are impressive. Tell us about the development of these effects.
In my two previous short movies I made the 3D effects by myself. For “The Furfangs” I relied upon the graphic Gennaro Acanfora (http://www.genaca.com) who modelled the virtual creatures upon my preliminary sketches. He has animated and put them in the real life scenes by the software Lightwave.
Here some backstages of the short: http://video.tiscali.it/canali/Tecnologia/3D_Short_Movies/

Your film has won quite a few accolades. They're all brilliant, but which one was most memorable and why?
I think that all the reviews are important for a home-made and zero budget product.
They give you authoritativeness and the appreciation of the public lay the foundation for being accepted by the critics.

The feel of the short is both menacing and whimsical, was it hard to strike a balance between the two?
Actually it was not easy to keep the balance. I have limited the scenes with direct violence and have inserted some ironic moments, without exceeding.

So, what's next? Do you have any other projects planned?
In this period I am planning a new short based on the subjects of a volcanic eruption, for I would like to try new special effects like lava, fire, smoke etc. And I am looking for cooperators for 3D works.
Thank you and bye!

Thanks Andrea. If anyone wants to know more go to http://www.andrearicca.com/.

What do you think about the film Furfangs?
Update: Fixed typo


The force was with a man dressed as Darth Vader who held up a New York bank.

A guy wearing a Star Wars Darth Vader mask, black gloves, shirt and cape, but wearing camouflage pants, went into a Long Island bank demanding cash.

One customer thought it was a joke and tried playing along, but Vader proved he was the Master. "The customer thought it might have been a joke, and not a serious attempt at a robbery," said Suffolk County police Detective Sgt. William Lamb. The Sith Lord shoved him to the ground yelling "This is not a joke!" No word on if he used Force Choke. Using a semi-automatic pistol, he made the tellers fill up bags with money.

The police are still looking for him after he sped away on a motorbike. They say other than his considerable height of 6ft, they have nothing else to go on. He never took off his mask, and they don't know the power of his Dark Side.

What do you think?

[Image Source: CNN]


This is the way Patrick Stewart should have been knighted by the Queen. jIH DaH ja' SoH Sir Patrick Stewart! Qapla! Other news...

Ray Arifianto, a Microsoft game developer, was given a custom-made wedding ring designed to look like a USB drive by his wife. The ring was created by Foxfire Jewelers, known for their unique creations, and has "for a lifetime of memories" inscribed inside of it. Some people are calling his wife the best wife ever.

Monkey Migraine: I disagree. The best wife ever would have given him a working USB wedding ring.
Maurice: Did it at least have a diamond? It would be cool if the ring had pictures on the couple on it. Awwwwwww...

Over the weekend, Hitfix broke the story that Marvel has dropped Edward Norton from the upcoming The Avengers movie. He was originally supposed to be reprising his role as Bruce Banner from The Incredible Hulk. Instead, Marvel will hire an unknown actor. The story drew outrage from fans. Marvel claims it's a decision based on Norton's lack of commitment to the character, Norton's camp says it was a decision based on money. There's been outrage from the geek community over the change, but Norton himself expressed his disappointment gracefully and wistfully on Facebook.

Monkey Migraine: I'm disappointed that Norton won't be coming back, but not surprised. I always felt the roster of big-name stars was the Achilles heel of "The Avengers" movie. Talent costs money. By the time you get Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel Jackson on the cast list, you don't have much money for anyone else. Let's just hope Norton is the only casualty.
Maurice: It makes me sad in a way, since he had such a unique take on the character. He really captured the sense of isolation and tension that Bruce Banner would feel in this situation. Plus, he was integral in bringing some key aspects of the Marvel universe into the film. Edward Norton has never been a team player though, so this will finally take the mystery out of the role.

Harvey Pekar, author of the long-running autobiographical comic book American Splendor, died on July 12. The series began when Pekar met underground comic artist Robert Crumb and discovered that comics could be about more than superheroes. Crumb began illustrating the stories about Pekar's life as a grumpy filing clerk in 1976, and a movie was produced in 2003.

Also this week brought the death of Robert Galambos, a neuroscientist and giant in auditory research. In 1940, he proved that bats navigate using echolocation, something that was unknown at the time.

Whats your take on the week's news?


Lindsay Lohan reports for prison to serve a 90 day sentence today. For all of her complaints of cruel and unusual punishment there are prisons worse than where she's going.

1. Princess Leia's Star Destroyer Prison Cell

In Star Wars (A New Hope) Princess Leia is captured and taken aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. There, she is held in a dark metal prison cell and tortured for information. It doesn't get much worse when you have institutional torture droids working you over. Maybe they could find out if Lohan had a nose job while she's in there.

2. The Matrix

In the film, The Matrix, humans are kept in a mental prison by tyrannical robots to live out boring lives and go to techno night clubs. Not too bad if you don't mind living in a dream world and floating in an organic soup of dissolved people flesh. It's Peeeeople!

One of the most imitated images in movie history is seeing Harrison Ford (Han Solo) frozen in a block of Carbonite from the science-fiction film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He's on everything from soap to furniture. You could probably decorate your house with Solo if you wanted to. Here's why:

1. We Love Han Solo
Han Solo was the quintessential bad boy. He's handsome, bold, lives by his own rules and has a vaguely criminal job. It was at the high point in his transformation from self-centered jerk to a bold, selfless hero that he was frozen in Carbonite.
Note: Part of the reason the scene exists is that Harrison Ford asked George Lucas to kill off his character and hadn't signed on for the third film. He felt his character had outlived its usefulness. George Lucas disagreed.


You may not know the name Dave Dorman, but if you've seen any of the Star Wars media like comic books, novels, or even the original Star Wars game Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, then you've seen his work. Dorman is an artist most well-known for his photo-realistic work in science fiction illustration, such as the covers for Star Wars media, but he's done a whole lot more.

Illustrating covers for comic books such as Indiana Jones, designing toys for Alien: Resurrection, creating his own original property with a steampunk adventure series called The Wasted Lands...the list goes on and on.

He'll be a featured guest at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con on July 24 and 25, and we got the opportunity to conduct our own Q&A with Dorman by email.

We could finally ask some of the burning questions about his new book Rolling Thunder: The Art of Dave Dorman, his work designing the first Predalien, and who would win the fight between Batman and Darth Vader.
We asked you who was your favorite actor\actress appearing in the science-fiction film Inception was.

The winner is: Leonardo DiCaprio!

Thanks to everyone who voted.

This isn't a huge surprise considering his following and acting prowess. What was surprising is that Joseph Gordon-Leavitt came in second (22%). Up until this film, I'd always seen him as a washed up child actor. The truth is far from that.

You can see the results here.
Do you feel Leonardo deserves to win this week's poll?


My brother and I are huge fans of director Christopher Nolan. Besides his Batman films, his mind-blowing film The Prestige convinced us that smart science-fiction still exists. The science-fiction film Inception, about a group of thieves stealing from dreams, opens nation-wide July 16th. Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing daily posts on the development of the film.

PART 11 of 12

Ken Wanatabe, 50, plays Saito, also known as "The Tourist" in promotional material. He blackmails Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) to implant a memory in a dream.

Wanatabe is a hugely popular actor in Japan, but first worked with director Christopher Nolan as "Ras Al Ghol" in Batman Begins. He told BlackBookMag a surprising fact. "There wasn't even a green screen when we were shooting, so we were always surprised on set." He said, "Every day, we were like, wow. He wants to make the experience as realistic as possible for his actors. He built a regular set and then requested a rotating one to simulate zero gravity."

After seeing the trailers of the hugely complex scenes, and seeing the incredibly complex scenes, it's amazing to realize its all done on-screen.

Are you looking forward to Inception? Do you feel Nolan's approach to less CGI makes a film more realistic?
[Image source: io9]


Last week, our post on David Prowse, the man behind the Darth Vader mask, went viral. We got over 80,000 visitors to the post and its been linked and tweeted all over the Internet. The story itself picked up steam and now, even without our post, the whole blogosphere knows what was once a sidenote.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why LucasFilms asked companies not to invite David Prowse to appear at their events. These have ranged from Prowse calling Lucas a racist for using an African-American voice and appealing to a "black audience." Some have said it's because he gave George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, problems on and off the set by leaking details and getting mad at having his voice replaced. Some have said Prowse is a jerk or egotistical, while others say he's a wonderful man. I've never met Mr. Prowse or Mr. Lucas, so I can't say one way or the other.

I've tried reaching out to some of the people that might know something about the situation. As far as I can tell, LucasFilm Ltd only allows you to contact them by the snail mail post office. I've emailed C2 Ventures, the company that told him he's been uninvited, and got back a pleasant email saying they'd see if they could give me any contact information. I got no response, so presumably the answer is no.

I've emailed the charitable Stormtrooper costuming group "501st Legion", of which David Prowse is an honorary chairman, and they kindly let me know that they take no sides on the issue and are focused on their non-profit efforts. I can respect that. Knowing its a long-shot, I emailed David Prowse asking for an interview and got no response. He may not even check his email.

So, what have we learned a week after all this has gotten exposure? First, people love Star Wars. No matter what side or position you take on this, the fact remains that the topic stirs a lot of emotion. Second, David Prowse is a beloved , but lesser-known, actor from the film. His face wasn't on screen, which leads some to dismiss his contribution, but most recognize him as a great actor and humanitarian. Third, we'll probably never fully understand what's happened. None of the people who know the inside story have come forward to speak.

This kind of thing may be happening in the industry all the time and most probably figured no one would notice. LucasFilms is a powerful corporation and a lot of people depend on it for a lot of things. Maybe, in the end, the trials of one 75-year-old actor is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. That doesn't mean we don't care.

Mr. Lucas tear down that wall. Please work out whatever it is that's happened between you and Mr. Prowse and give us back whatever little time we have left to meet a film legend. Yes, he's still makingappearances around the world, but the big ones are owned by LucasFilms Ltd and you know that.

If you're interested in signing our petition to bring Prowse back go here.


My brother and I are huge fans of director Christopher Nolan. Besides his Batman films, his mind-blowing film The Prestige convinced us that smart science-fiction still exists. The science-fiction film Inception, about a group of thieves stealing from dreams, opens nation-wide July 16th. Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing daily posts on the development of the film.

PART 10 of 12

Tom Hardy plays Eames, known as "The Forger," in the science-fiction film Inception. he's most famous for playing the title role in the controversial film Bronson, Hardy is no stranger to controversy. He also says controversial things. When asked if the fact that he and director share a common nationality he said the following:

"You're absolutely right. The thing about Chris is that he's British and I'm British." He told ComingSoon. "We're from a very similar neighborhood. I was quite fortunate to be able to tap into my one on one relationship with Chris Nolan. That was my port of call. So the process of dispatching information and recording a response was very simple.

"What do you need? Who is this guy? What do you want?

"He wanted a little bit of John Hurt. A little bit of Bond-ness. A little bit of the Royal Shakespeare company. A bit of Farley Granger. He gave me a book to read about forgery about the fake masterpieces by the Dutch artist. He used to forge. Colin Firth played him... He gave me very images and ideas to collect to put into this character.

"He liked what I did in RocknRolla and wanted to keep it as close to me as possible in many ways. And he didn't want to try too hard."

I never thought Christopher Nolan's lineage influenced in his films, but, apparently I was wrong.  Let's hope they don't all do the "silly walk."

Are you looking forward to Inception? Do you feel his nationality affects his movies?
[Image source: io9]


As if riding a motorcycle wasn't cool enough, Universal Designs Ltd. is making it that much cooler with leather suits designed to make you look like a superhero. They've already been selling a suit to make you look like Wolverine (X-Men II) or boots to make you look like Batman (The Dark Knight). Now, they have a suit that will make you look like Iron Man. They call it the IRON MAN™ Mark V Motorcycle Suit. Here's how they describe it.
Devised from the latest advances in armor deployment technology, Tony Stark’s Mark V Armor is vastly more portable than his traditional Iron Man hardware… and now Universal Designs is bringing the Mark V to life as an officially licensed, ‘wearable’ form molded leather motorcycle suit.
This incredibly detailed, visually stunning ‘movie replica’ Motorcycle Suit takes this same armor concept one step further as a fully functional, ready-to-wear Screen Accurate Motorcycle Suit.
Make no mistake, this is not a costume. As a ‘replica’ of what IRON MAN™ ‘wears’ this motorcycle suit has been brought to life with real world function and use…all the while paying tribute to the IRON MAN™ suit as seen on the big screen in all it’s glory.
You can order the full suit for $1,900 or you can order just the pants, boots or gloves. Although, I can't imagine what you would wear with a pair of Iron Man boots. Maybe a sash? They go on sale from July 1st - Sept 15th 2010.

If you order one, do yourself a favor and buy a custom Iron Man helmet to go with the suit. We want you in one piece when you roll up at the comic conventions.

Would you wear one of these custom outfits? If so, which one and where?
Source: BusinessWire

[Image Source: UDReplicas]
LA Times Hero Complex is reporting that the superhero movies Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22, 2011) and Thor (May 6, 2011) will be shown in glorious 3-D.

Knowing that audiences have scoffed at post-production 3-D in the past, Marvel is working to convince the fans. At the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios will present their case to fans that three dimensions is the way to go.

"We came to feel that in our case 3-D could be the very good friend of story and character for a different kind of experience," Kenneth Branagh, the director of Thor, said. He used the example of the mythical Norse Citadels of Asgard and the rainbow bridge at its gate as examples of perfect opportunities for three dimensions.

“I think it tends to be overused and can be a little bit gimmicky,” Johnston, the director of Captain America, told the LA Times. “A lot of people are using 3-D now because they feel have they have to … that will come and go and the pictures that deserve to be in 3-D will continue to be. When it’s done bad, it can make you carsick.”

So, why not just shoot using 3-D equipment instead of doing a conversion? Johnston reported that it was a "nightmare" doing a one-day test shooting with a bulky 3-D bulky gear, calibration issues and restricted film-making options. However, the special effects will be shot in 3-D, which they say should make it easier. They're stressing that this is not a rush job and, unlike with Clash of the Titans, is beginning during principal photography.

"In being able to think in 3-D from the start -- and having every bit of our special effects rendered in true 3-D -- we have the opportunity to do it right," Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said. "When you're working with a director like Ken Branagh or Joe Johnston, they're not going to settle for less than perfect image. They're not going to settle for something that isn't up to the artistry of everything else they've done on the film ... they're not going to put on some overlay in the last 10 to 12 weeks of post-production for a fiscal reason."

Do you think 3-D will help or hurt the movies?
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As much as I love Star Wars, when George Lucas announced a planned live-action television show I was wary. They've been talking about a show like that since the original trilogy and, as a kid, I thought there couldn't be anything better. Then, Lucas released the new trilogy and I realized its possible to ruin a good thing.

In 2007, Lucas announced Lucas Arts is developing a show set in the universe between the trilogies. At a special screening, Lucas told why its been years since the announcement and there's still no series.

"The live action TV show is kind of on hold because we have scripts, but we don't know how to do 'em," related Lucas. "Because, they literally are Star Wars, only we're going to have to try to do them [at] a tenth [of] the cost. And, it's a huge challenge... [it's a] lot bigger than what we thought it was gonna be."

If they can pull this off, it could be epic. If they have to cut corners, it could be Knight Rider (2008)

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In May, Sci Fi Wire reached one million unique visitors. In June, Sci Fi Wire topped it with 1.4 million unique visitors. That's impressive.

Beginning today, one of our favorite science-fiction blogs "Sci Fi Wire" is rebranding and changing the name to Blastr.com. They're promising a "daily curated smorgasbord of news, features, images, popular science, videos and guest bloggers."

I'll miss the old name, just like I miss the name Sci-Fi. "SciFi Wire" told you everything you needed to know about the blog. Of course, with all their great content they could call it PimpleBuster.com and we'd still go read it every day.

You can find out more here.

Does the rebranding mean you're more or less likely to visit Blastr.com?


Creative fashions fans made using the Warner Bros. bags

io9 asked an interesting question about the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con International 2010: Could there be a "nerd" riot? They said no. But, what if fans hear about free giveaways in limited quantities featuring their favorite geeky television shows?

Let's do the math: Attendance usually tops 120,000. There will be 125,000 giveaway bags. This sounds good until you realize that there are 11 different bags to collect. While not everyone will be shanking one other for a "Scooby-Doo" bag, there might be a scramble for the sexy totes with Maggie Q (Nikita) and Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory).

You may want to bring a can of mace.
Check 'em out:

Here's the official press release:
My brother and I are huge fans of director Christopher Nolan. Besides his Batman films, his mind-blowing film The Prestige convinced us that smart science-fiction still exists. Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing daily posts on the development of the film. This summer, your mind is the scene of the crime.

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Academy Award winner Hans Zimmerman (The Dark Knight,The Lion King, Gladiator) is a German film composer and executive score producer on dozens of films. Most recently, Christopher Nolan hired him to work on The Dark Knight and he's hired him to write the score for Inception.

"For Inception, I started off going, 'Chris, I think this is an incredibly nostalgic, romantic movie." Hans told ARTISTdirect. "I think this is a great love story. Let me go write it as a love story...' People keep talking about the movie [as] if it's about dreams. I think this movie is about time and our perception of time. I think it's a great time travel movie, actually [Laughs]."

Zimmerman believes that music opens doors for the audience, and allows the viewer be a participant in the movie. This is true of many films over the years and Inception is no exception.

Speaking of music, a key element of the film is the haunting song by Edith Piaf called "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien (No, I regret nothing)". You can listen to a recording of it here.

What do you think of Inception? Does music really have the power to draw you into the film's world?
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Star Wars wouldn't be the same without Darth Vader. Darth Vader IS David Prowse. We know that David Prowse has been "uninvited" from Star Wars Convention V (C5) and you may be asking yourself: What can I do?

Corporations own the name and licenses, but Star Wars exists because of the fans. Fans promote Star Wars. Fans buy the products. Fans can correct this travesty of justice and bring David Prowse back to Star Wars.

If the fans decide they want to see David Prowse at a convention, then he will have to be there no matter what LucasFilm says.

So, what can you do?
1. Sign the Petition
The "Protest of David Prowse's Removal From LucasFilm Ltd Events" petition is now live online. Join the petition to get David Prowse back on the guest list. http://www.PetitionOnline.com/DProwse1/petition.html

2. Contact People
Contact ReedPop (the convention promoters), LucasFilm Ltd and anyone else you think may be able to help.

3. Support David Prowse Go to his website (http://www.darthvader-starwars.com/) and buy an item or send him something to sign. Send him an email showing your support.

Do you want to see David Prowse at C5? Do you think we can bring him back to Star Wars?
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One thing that I have found most annoying about the movie Avatar is the chorus of praise for its "scientific accuracy." I don't know of any movie short of Star Trek that has tried so hard to convince its fans that it's based on real science, and fallen so short. So I thought it would be useful to just make an archive showing that the movie is not science-fiction; it's science mixed with fantasy. This week, we'll look at another odd biological design, chest nostrils.

Many of the creatures on Pandora like the Direhorse and the Mountain Banshee have nostrils on their chests instead of their heads. These holes are officially called "spiracles" in the Avatar universe. Air is driven through the front holes and blown out of gills in the back. One article suggested this was a good idea, since having the lungs and the stomach connected by the throat can cause choking. I disagree entirely. No animals on Earth have a breathing system anything like the Pandoran system, and there's a good reason for it.

The elongated throat serves as a barrier to protect the lungs. Nothing can get to the lungs without going through the nostrils and throat, and the throat is long enough to serve as a protection. If the organism breathes in cold and dry air, then the throat warms and moisturizes it. If the organism breathes in hot and moist air, then the throat cools and slightly dehydrates it. If debris is inhaled, then it will most likely get caught and trapped in the throat before it reaches the lungs. If germs or bacteria are inhaled, they'll more likely than not to get trapped in the lining of the throat to prevent them from reaching the lungs. There's another good reason why we have our nostrils on our heads. Having the nostrils that high on the body also minimizes the risk of drowning.

Now let's look at the "spiracles." With the lungs right behind the nostrils in the chest, that means there's a shorter distance between the lungs and the outside world. Any mud or dirt thrown up by the running Direhorse could fly directly into the lungs. If the Direhouse ran through a deep puddle, it could choke. If the Direhorse went into water even chest-deep, it could drown. The only way to prevent this would be to close up the spiracles, which would mean the animal wouldn't be able to breathe when it was in water or a dusty area. Even without those extreme scenarios, the risk of infection is also increased since any germs or bacteria would right into the lungs. The lungs could also dry out easily since there's no throat to warm or moisturize the air.

Ultimately, it goes down to whether there's any real benefit to putting nostrils on the chest. I don't really see a point to it. Apparently, the real reason for the spiracles was that James Cameron wanted the animals modeled after race cars. The spiracles are supposed to mimic car's intake vents. Once again, Cameron threw logic out the window to create something "cool." Which is, of course, flawed science.

What do you think of Avatar's spiracles?
My brother and I are huge fans of director Christopher Nolan. Besides his Batman films, his mind-blowing film The Prestige convinced us that smart science-fiction still exists. Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing daily posts on the development of the film. This summer, your mind is the scene of the crime.
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Ellen Page was nominated for playing a underage pregnant girl in Juno. Now, she plays Ariadne, an architecture student in Paris who is recruited by Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) for his corporate espionage team, which breaks into the dreams of billionaires using advanced technology. Her job is to use her knowledge and skills to build rooms and cityscapes in the shared world of dreams for them.

"I've often found myself sleepwalking and waking up in halls of hotels," she told Britain's Sunday Times. "If someone saw me, they would think I was awake, but I am seeing something else and I am communicating with it, whether it is a person or where I see something as obscure as a bird's nest or bugs." She didn't go so far as to connect this with her film role, but the obvious connection is there. She did say how much she enjoyed working on the film though.

"It was a very intimate experience as an actor and very fulfilling." She told LATimes, "It's this blockbuster monster but when you're working with Chris he does everything possible to make every single moment completely honest. And I've worked on a lot of independent movies where I wasn't working with a director that wanted and needed every moment to be completely honest."

At first, when I heard that Ellen and Joseph had joined the cast I thought it was because their up-and-coming young actors. Now I realize its because they give Nolan's movie the feel of a young independent film.

Are you looking forward to Inception? Do you think Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt will bring a fresh feel to this film?
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