Our favorite science fiction show is coming to Ovation! Starting on January 3, the cable station Ovation will air a week-long prime-time marathon of Joss Whedon's sci-fi/western series, Firefly. In case you missed it, the show is set in the future where a rowdy crew of mercenaries explore a solar system that operates much like the Old West. It was really a groundbreaking series that starred then relatively-unknown actors like Nathan Fillion (ABC's Castle) and Summer Glau (FOX's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Firefly's unique look and special effects even ended up being imitated by Battlestar Galactica. Each night, Ovation will air three full episodes, beginning at 8.00 PM ET. An encore presentation will air at 11.00 PM ET. On Saturday (January 8), Ovation will run episodes of Firefly all day.

Ovation airs on cable, DirecTV, and Dish Network nationally, so check your local listings. If you don't get Ovation, call your TV provider to complain, then check their website to watch episodes on demand in standard and high definition. To get you started, check out the behind-the-scenes interview with the creator Joss Whedon.
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Maurice Mitchell said...

Thanks for the feedback Dezmond. There have been a lot of benefits to using Disqus, but if readers prefer the old system we'll consider switching back. :)

Maurice Mitchell said...

Its odd Fillian isn't used more indeed. He has a classic leading man face, but his grasp of comedy is priceless. His TV show CASTLE is great though.

DEZMOND said...

Oh, I do miss FIREFLY, but I'm also happy that most of its stars have found new jobs and are still working more or less successfully, I just don't understand why Nathan Fillion hasn't been used more in Hollywood films.

DEZMOND said...

PS must admit this commenting gadget you use is quite annoying :) Most people have returned to Bloggers normal commenting fields since these other ones turn readers and possible commenters off! It takes too much time.

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