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What Would Your Car Look Like If You Worked For Darth Vader?

We got the following email from a member of the awesome Star Wars charity group "501st Legion."
In the Star Wars movies, the Imperial stormtrooper always travels in huge troop carriers. But there's gotta be times when a stormtrooper wants to kick back and cruise around with his buddies on a beer run. What kind of car would the stormtrooper drive? That's the question answered by Chris Feehan, the Charity and Event Coordinator for the legendary 501st Legion's Empire City garrison.

Here's how he described "stormtroopifying" his car with custom-made labels:

'I have been a member of the 501st Legion / Empire City Garrison for just over two years. Around the same time I joined, I bought the white Dodge Stratus, and I have wanted to Stormtrooperfy it since I bought it.

I looked into custom painting it, getting it skinned, but all the options I looked into cost more then the actual car. After getting some vinyl 501st stickers for the back, I started thinking about using that sort of material to do it.

I bought some vinyl self stick sheets, used for detailing cars, a product called RapidTac, and a squeegee. I designed and cut some shapes myself to resemble the decals on a Stormtrooper helmet to fit my car. I used a wet application using the Rapidtac, which lets you easily position the decals, and eliminate bubbles and creased using a squeegee. The materials and tools only cost around $50, and with some precision measuring, cutting, and applying, I now have the Stormtrooperfyed car I had wanted.

I am the Long Island Event Coordinator and Charity Liaison for the Empire City Garrison (local 501st chapter), and we have over 50 members in NYC and Long Island.'
Only Stormtroopers could make a Dodge Stratus this cool. Check out more pictures of the car before and after after the jump:



Check out the custom labels on the back.

Only Stormtroopers are this precise. It looks awesome.

What do you think? Would you carpool to Tatooine in this car?
[Image Source: curemode.com]


  1. TB2400 designed the graphics for a tour bus. Notice the "grille" on the front... http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4078/4861243392_4be10eb067_z.jpg

  2. Hmm, I'm not seeing the correlation myself.

  3. Okay, that's a lot of awesomeness in one car. All it needs is a Darth Vader car to lead the squad and that car. Or more Stormtrooper cars, heh heh! Seriously, big thumbs up to the guys who thought of this!

  4. Leisa, that would be epic. Of course you'd have to have an Emporer car skulking in the back.

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  6. Interesting article. Good to see the pictures.
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