They say "Money Doesn't Buy Happiness" and this is true of movies as well. With the recent slew of big budget films that are being panned by critics we now present the definitive list of 25 science-fiction films that cost a lot, but brought in very little love.

These are rated by the following criteria: Budget (or cost to make the movie) and the current score from the rating aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

Some movies didn't get in because they didn't fit the criteria. For example, the Ed Wood film Plan 9 from Outer Space is arguably horrible, but only cost $60,000. Spider-Man 3 was expensive at $240,000,000, but got a 67% meaning it wasn't considered that bad.
There's a hi-definition version of this graphic here.

What do you think? Does a bigger budget mean a movie is better? Are there any movies we're missing from the list?

UPDATE: Changed infographic. As numerous people have pointed out. The world GDP is in the trillions not the millions....I am, indeed, a retard. :P


AlexJCavanaugh said...

Little harsh with a couple of them there! But as long as Wild Wild West and Waterworld are on the list, I'm all right with that.

TheyCallMeVarmit said...

Some of them surprised me a little (money-wise).
Howard the Duck deserves the high ranking (what a load of money for such a low-budget-type film!)but it's sort of cult-ish now (like The Evil Dead series, which I *heart*). I thought it was cool, as a kid, but...I don't know how I'd feel about it now, as an adult. Hmmm...*goes to add to Netflix que*

Scott Suehle said...

How did Battlefield Earth not make this list?

Gimbok said...

I like this chart but must also point out a pretty glaring mistake: the World GDP is 62 trillion (million million) dollars, much higher than the average cost a sci-fi movie.

Anonymous said...

You left six zeros off the world's GDP, you retard.
How could anybody think that statement was even remotely true? The a movie costs more than the GDP of the WORLD. That's mathematically impossible.

Michael Interbartolo III said...

watch Avatar in 2D, Standard Def and it will earn a place on this list. Once you get past the eye candy you will find a boring long drawn out plot, cardboard cutout villains and wish you had your 2+hrs back.

Jewie said...

Batman & Robin is Sci-Fi? All this time I thought it was gay porn. 

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Raises lots of questions. In the case of Speed Racer, Pluto Nash and a few of the others, here's my question: what exactly did they spend the money on?

This is also why I am crazy about films like Moon, Monsters and Hunter Prey: further proof that the amount you spend on a film is not what makes it a success.


Ivanna Hermoso said...

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Nevil patel said...

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