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10 Best Life-Size Star Wars Replicas

Do you love Star Wars? It's Jedi Junkies week and you'll get your Star Wars fix right here. So come back every day for posts that will make you laugh, think and enjoy the movie you love.
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Today, in honor of the awesome life-sized Millennium Falcon from the movie Jedi Junkies, here's a list of the top ten best life-size Star Wars replicas.

10. Life-Size Imperial Speeder Bike and Bike Scout - First up on the list is an enterprising fellow who created a full-scale version of the Imperial speeder bike and Imperial scout from Return of the Jedi. The sad part is that the guy did it for the money. He posted it on eBay, and got zero takers, so he just put it up for sale. Where it remains. So if you've got $6,999.99 lying around that you don't know what to do with...put this guy out of his misery. And remember, geeks, do it for the love of the game. [ greatwhitesnark]
9. Life-Size Jabba the Hutt Puppet - Next up is Jabba the Hutt. While there is a full-size Jabba the Hutt statue that makes the rounds at comic conventions, I chose to skip that one for this version, a homemade puppet. What makes this one cool is that they actually give instructions on how to build your own version. So far, no one else has shown that much time, dedication, and money, but it's the thought that counts. [starwarscrafts]

8. Life-Size Star Wars Action Figure Package - I couldn't find much info on this one, but apparently, at a sci-fi convention, Hasbro had life-size action figure packaging that you could stand in and have your picture taken. That's right, you become a Star wars action figure. That's a photo op of a lifetime. And if I did it dressed as Mace Windu...how cool would that be? [galacticbinder]

7. Life-Size Senator Palpatine Home Theater - The home theater has evolved until it can be almost anything if you have enough cash. That's why I think the home theater modeled after Senator Palpatine's office (a.k.a. the Emperor) strikes me as a bold step in geekiness. It's not technically a perfect reproduction of Senator Palpatine's office, but it has the right feel. And you can watch Star Wars in it. There's also an Imperial Star Destroyer-themed home theater at the same site, but I think lacks the plush feel. What could be better than overlooking Coruscant while watching Revenge of the Sith? [electronichouse]

6. Life-Size Yoda Birthday Cake - Next on the list is a life-size reproduction of Yoda made almost entirely edible. This isn't really the best-looking life-size Yoda out there. It's not even the best Yoda cake out there. But the fact that this life-size Yoda birthday cake was created by a father whose only real experience in sculpted cakes was from watching Cake Boss? That's what makes it the best. [taglishus]

5. Life-Size Darth Vader Statue with Removable Helmet - Yeah, yeah, life-size Darth Vader statues are a dime-a-dozen. But how many of them have a life-sized version of Anakin Skywalker's scarred and bald head when you take off the helmet? Only one. It was created entirely by Adventure Visuals, and the mold was destroyed so it could never be recreated. The geek is strong in this one... [adventurevisuals]

4. Life-Size X-Wing Fighter - Next, we have an authentic, full version of the Death Star Destroyer. That's right, it's a life-sized X-Wing Fighter, complete with R2-D2 in the rear of the cockpit. As if this baby wasn't cool enough, it also flies. Yes. They packed real solid-booster rockets into this hulk, lit the match, and ran for it. Well, not literally, but close. While the actual flight was a disappointment, it's the thought that counts. [gizmodo]

3. Life-Size Landspeeder - One of the most iconic vehicles in Star Wars is Luke's landspeeder. Daniel Deutsch loved the landspeeder so much that he and his friends created a replica so authentic that it even has pre-made damage. Plus, it is actually driveable. Obviously, it doesn't hover, but it uses the twenty-first century equivalent to hover-jets; wheels. It runs about 25 miles an hour...but probably isn't street legal. [neatorama]

2. Life-Sized Millennium Falcon - Maybe it's redundant, but I couldn't find anything better than this...again, a full-sized version of the Millenium Falcon. Dennis Ward of Mental Ward Films created it in his backyard for a short film called Stuck on Star Wars. The film never really took off, but the legend remained. Or at least until a rainstorm destroyed it. [mentalwardfilms]

1. Life-Size Death Star - Back in 1982, Sheik Abdul Hussein started this project to build a life-size version of the Death Star. It wasn't completed until 2007. It cost sixteen billion dollars, and it's constructed of cloth, chicken wire, and aluminum foil. The great thing about this replica is that most people don't even realize it exists. It's actually on the other side of the Sun directly opposite Earth. They plan to move it into orbit around Earth for the 35th Anniversary of the original Star Wars. [justkidding]

If you love Star Wars, then you'll love the fan documentary Jedi Junkies. It's filled with stories about extreme fans of Star Wars that will make you laugh, think and fall in love with the movie all over again. Buy or rent it from Amazon or iTunes today! Plus, come back on Monday (August 2, 2010) for a major contest where you can win one of two copies of the film!

What's your favorite life-sized Star Wars Replica?


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