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Seven New INCEPTION Posters Worth 7000 Words

The science-fiction heist film Inception is clouded in secrecy, but the new one sheet character posters for his film Inception are chock full of information if you interpret the titles. So, what do the posters tell us about the film? Let's find out.
  • The Extractor (Leonardo DiCaprio) - Chances are he's not going to play a tool to loosen screws. It's probably a fancy name for a thief who steals thoughts from dreams. In this film though he becomes an implanter of memories.

  • The Forger (Tom Hardy) - This is a heist movie which means there's always someone who forges documents, papers or duplicates the item being stolen. What that means in this context is a good question.
  • The Point Man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - The muscle. He brings the big guns and the fists of fury. Nice job Tommy.

  • The Mark (Cillian Murphy) - The target of the break-in. 

Ok, here's where it gets interesting...
  • The Tourist (Ken Wanatabe) - He's probably in the dream world for more than a tan. Japanese trailers have shown him as the black-mailer who forces him to commit the heist.
  • The Shade (Marion Cotillard) - Wikipedia describes a "shade" as a disembodied spirit or a ghost of a dead person. Is this going to be Ghostbusters III? Probably not. She's probably his wife trapped in the dream world and the source of the blackmail.

  • The Architect (Talulah Riley)- This one's tricky because she could be one of two people: either the planner of the heist or the creator of the dream world technology. Chances are she's the latter and the film is about bringing down the dream world itself.

What do you think? Do these words describe the film Inception?
[Image source: Moviefone]
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