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Less Dorky TRANSFORMERS 3, Ryan Says Let Go of the Phantom and Batman Really is Forever : This Week in Geek

I thought today's pic of the week (from inquisitr) was hilarious, until I found out "Pride & Predator" was a real film in development and a published novel. Now, it's just scary.  There was a lot of big news this past week, but here are some stories you might have missed.

  • Bay Promises Transformers 3 Will Be Less "Dorky"
    Transformers 2
    was the biggest movie of 2009, but even the director Michael Bay agrees it was horrid. While the producer blames the writers strike for the flaws, they promise the third installment will make up for it.

    Here are the proposed changes: Less "dorky" comedy like the twins (Skids and Mudflap). A better villain with Soundwave. A new love interest with Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Michael Bay has finally relented to make it in 3-D. Characters will die and stay dead unlike Megatron and Optimus Prime and a "killer ending" to the trilogy.

    Which of these changes do you feel will save Transformers 3?

    Maurice: I agree to all the changes except the idea of making a final trilogy. The idea behind the films are great and I'd hate to see it end. Plus, it's guaranteed to make money and the studio's going to do a pointless reboot, or worse, a prequel.

    Monkey Migraine: Less urine and leg humping would be good. But I don't think any of those changes would help. The biggest change needs to be the director. Bay is a terrible director who hides behind special effects. As long as he's in charge we'll never get a good Transformers movie. I actually hope he does "end" the series because they'll just do another movie without him. It's too profitable not to.

  • SyFy's Phantom Says Costume is Rad Asks Fans to Let GoThe Phantom movie is airing on the "Channel-Formerly-Known-As-Sci-Fi" this Sunday (June 20th) and Crave had an interview with the star Ryan Carnes. He attributes all the mountains of criticism to people being unable to let go of the original Phantom. "Many of the things are the same, but we really were going out trying to re-imagine a story and tell it in a slightly different way and take some risks," he said. "...I would challenge them to just watch it with an open mind and just see if they don’t enjoy it." 

    Maurice: This shows how brainless Ryan is shows how brainless he is. We should keep an open mind on the film, but only as far as to think it might be "good-bad" instead of "bad-bad." I'm already looking up words that mean awful so I don't run out. My favorite so far is "Cruddy."

    Monkey Migraine: Let go? How many people even remember the original?
  • Happy Anniversary Batman Forever
    This week, on June 16, 1995 the superhero film directed by Joel Schumacher opened in theaters. The film was the first of the Tim Burton era sequels that were produced, but not directed by Tim Burton. Featuring a lighter tone and more product placement, it was a commercial success and paved the way for the horrendous sequel Batman and Robin commonly known as the worst superhero film ever made. The next Batman film was The Dark Knight regarded as the best superhero film ever made.


  1. Hey, nice, I like the way this is set up. As far as Pride and Predator, I'm surprised that book/movie hasn't been sued by the people who own the rights to the Predator franchise. And "Batman Forever" was a horrible movie, profits notwithstanding. I actually thought the sequel "Batman and Robin" had a better story. Go figure.

  2. Um, slight error in research. The "Pride and Predator" novel is not, in fact, what the movie is based on. The novel is actually a real traditional gothic mystery novel. The movie is based on an original screenplay about aliens, etc.

  3. Pride and Predator sounds like another "rediscovered classic" like Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters, Android Karenina and so on. Personally I think Shakespeare's forgotten rock'n'roll musical Return To The Forbidden Planet has a lot to answer for.

    Perhaps Mike Leigh could direct the Transformers threequel - I'd like to see those robots improvising a bit more and really getting to the heart of their characters.

  4. I hadn't heard of "Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters." LOL The musical "Return to Forbidden Planet" is a must-watch. Especially its inevitable sequel "Forbidden Planet III: Rise of Robby the Robot." Good call on Mike Leigh.


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